The Social Sciences

Year: 2019
Volume: 14
Issue: 4
Page No. 212 - 216

Utilizing Drama as an Exploration of Knowledge and Learning

Authors : Deri Sis Nanda, Susanto and Malik

Abstract: We conducted a study on utilizing drama as an exploration of knowledge and learning for primary schools in teaching English as a Foreign language. The exploration aimed at understanding the student’s interests, abilities and motivations. Then, we observed the teacher’s perceptions in the classrooms during the implementation of the drama for the students. In the study, we find that students show their good engagement and comprehension abilities. However, the perceptions of the teachers varied on the several aspects of the student’s preparation and performance. Further, their perceptions reflect the pedagogical context offering possibilities for cultural production in language learning. The research results underline how the drama can be used to construct the abilities for early language learners, especially, for social engagement and language comprehension.

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Deri Sis Nanda, Susanto and Malik , 2019. Utilizing Drama as an Exploration of Knowledge and Learning. The Social Sciences, 14: 212-216.

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