The Social Sciences

Year: 2021
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Page No. 9 - 14

Abstract: This research aims to develop agriculture in the area of Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok Province with innovation and agricultural technology. It is a mixed methodology research between qualitative research and quantitative research. The survey was distributed to 237 farmers, interviewing 579 farmers, creating a community forum, group discussions with farmers, community leaders and agricultural scholars, also observation of agricultural areas. In addition to bring the quantitative statistics were analyzed by frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation. The qualitative data were analyzed by inductive interpretation and logical analysis and presented the results of the data analysis, description the results of the research were as: problems of farming for farmers in Ban Na Sub-District, Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok Province consisted of high cost of production, water resource problem, problems with soil resource, degradation chemical use problems. Nawatwithi Agricultural Learning Center, Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok Province, suitable and practical. It was found that the Nawatwithi Agricultural Learning Center was designed to have special characteristics that differ from the general learning center, namely, it is a living learning center that uses 2 characteristics: learning center by gathering knowledge to create 3D models, documents, slides and video clips and learning base by using the area that has gathered knowledge. It is a living learning base all the time. As it belongs to farmers who use to carry out activities every day, so there is no need to hire and look after and those interested in three cars request to visit and study at any time. Quality of life of farmers in Ban Na Sub district, overall before the development of the philosophy of the sufficiency economy New Theory agriculture, integrated agriculture and organic agriculture were at high level ( x̄ = 3.65) and after development at high level ( x̄ = 3.99). Farmers life quality Farmers have changed the quality of life in 4 areas: Psychological aspects, farmers have a great attitude towards farming, proud and adheres to the principle of traveling in the middle of the concept of the sufficiency economy philosophy and have a feeling of generosity to the community groups, also praying to the Buddha for more peace of mind. Farmers are cherishing of the plan and want their children to come back to inherit their farming practices. Farmer society has an exchange and knowledge together, know and cherish local resources. They are determined and want to conserve and disseminate knowledge to the community to be known. There are more activities to exchange knowledge and produce together. There is cooperation in community development. In terms of economy, farmers are educated to develop agricultural products. There are many types of agricultural cultivation and raising many kinds of animals in order to bring their produce to eat and to distribute which can circulate the product sales throughout the year. Products can also be privatized and sold as additional income, continuously generate additional income. In terms of health, farmers are healthier and happier. There is an exercise from agriculture and find ways of modern farming to combine happy minds, resulting in a healthy body. There are growing more organic plants, causing continued physical health care.

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Wacharin Intaprom, Wanida Siriworasakul, Panlayamon Sinnang, Patcharee Klommeung, Shanasuek Wisetchai, Metee Subprasopchock, Rawikarn Amnuay, Wachirawit Wichasawat and Natta Kertsup, 2021. Farmer Development in Thailand 4.0. The Social Sciences, 16: 9-14.

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