Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 10, 2011)

Estimation of Genetic and Environmental Parameters Affected Pre-Weaning Traits of Arabi Lambs

H. Roshanfekr, M. Mamouei, K. Mohammadi and E. Rahmatnejad

Columna Vertebralis in a Dolphin (Globicephala meleana)

Erdal Ozmen

Study on Normal Fractional Shortening of Dare Shuri Racehorse

Aboozar Dehghan, Ali Rezakhani, Siavash Sharifi and Mehdi Zarifi Kalyani

Effect of Prebiotic Immunogen on Reproductive Performance in Female Swordtail Xiphophorus helleri

Hajibeglou Abasali and Sudagar Mohamad

Determination of Phenolics and Flavonoid Contents, Antioxidant Capacity and Major Flavonoids Structure in Teucrium perscicum Boiss

Abdolhossein Miri, Hamid Reza Monsef-Esfahani, Mohsen Amini, Yaghoub Amanzadeh, Abbas Hadjiakhoondi and Reza Hajiaghaee

Polymorphism of Booroola FecB Gene in Prolific Individuals from Najdi and Naeimi Sheep Breeds of Saudi Arabia

M.A. Abouheif, A.N. Al-Owaimer, T.M. Shafey, M.A. AlShaikh and R.S. Aljumaah

Impacts of Gender and Age on Behavioral Frequencies of Captive Musk Deer During Lactation

Guang Ma, Baocao Gong and Xiuxiang Meng

Prevalence of Mastitis Resulted from Bacteria of Enterobacteriaceae Group (Coli Forms) and Determining Their Antibiotic Sensitivity in Traditional Farms of Sarab City, Iran

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Mahdi Yeganehzad and Behnaz Nadery

Erythrocyte Membrane Stability after Transportation Stress in the Domestic Chicken as Modulated by Pretreatment with Vitamins C and E

O.I. Azeez, A.A. Oyagbemi and J.O. Oyewale

Estimation of Standardized Ileal Digestible Lysine Requirement of Starting Broiler Chicks Fed Soybean-and Cottonseed Meal-Based Diets

Gholam-Reza Zaboli, Ghasem Jalilvand, Ali-Akbar Davarpanah and Mehran Mehri

Serological Evaluation of Sheep Border Disease in Sarab City, Iran

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, Mahdi Yeganehzad, Farid Sarkarati and Behnaz Nadery

Effect of Dietary Tallow Level on Broiler Breeder Performance and Hatching Egg Characteristics

Z. Ansari Pirsaraei, A.A. Saki, M. Kazemi Fard and H. Saleh

Effect of p38 MAPK Inhibitor on Adhesion Molecule Expression and Microvascular Permeability of Renal Injury in a Rat Model of Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis

Liu Hong-Shan, Pan Chen`En, Xue Huanzhou, Li Deyu, Wang Liancai, Qin Xinlei and Yu Haibo

Comparison of Response to Selection in Three Commercial Pure Lines of Silkworm in Spring and Autumn Seasons

Ehsan Hajian, Alireza Seidavi and Abolghasem Lavvaf

Oxidative Status in Rabbit Supplemented with Dietary False Flax Seed (Camelina sativa)

Liviana Prola, Pier Paolo Mussa, Giuseppe Strazzullo, Antonio Mimosi, Elisabetta Radice and Giorgia Meineri

Quality and Sensory Evaluation for Goat Meat Using Generalized Procrustes Analysis

Askin Kor and Siddik Keskin

Effects of Dietary Phytase and Different Levels of Non-Phytate Phosphorus on Some Serum Minerals and Biochemical Parameters in Broiler Chickens

Amjad Farzinpour, Ahmad Karimi and Ardashir Sheikh Ahmadi

First Study Prevalence of Brucellosis in Stray and Herding Dogs South of Iran

M. Bigdeli, M.M. Namavari, F. Moazeni-Jula, S. Sadeghzadeh and A. Mirzaei

Glycohistochemical Study on the Denizli Cock Testis

Nazan Keskin and Pinar Ili

Effects of Different Levels of Zinc on the Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Rearedunder Heat Stress Condition

F. Salabi, M. Boujarpoor, J. Fayazi, S. Salari and M. Nazari

Influence of Inuloprebiotic Supplementation of the Diets of Broiler Chickens on Shelf-Life and Quality Characteristics of Meat

Park Sang-Oh and Park Byung-Sung

Effect of Dietary Microencapsulated-Inulin on Carcass Characteristics and Growth Performance in Broiler Chickens

Park Sang-Oh and Park Byung-Sung

Fattening Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Meat Quality Traits in Hair Goat (Anatolian Black) Male Kids

Okan Atay, Ozdal Gokdal, Semra Kayaardi and Vadullah Eren

Pathogenicity of Salmonella enteritidis Phage Type 1 Isolate of Malaysia in 21 Day Old Specific-Pathogen Free Chickens

S. Ahmad, M. Hair-Bejo, Z. Zunita and S. Khairani-Bejo

The Effect of Using Monensin on Haptoglobin Serum Level in Dairy Cattle

A. Hassanpour, M. Gholipour and A. Rezaie