Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 7, 2012)

Prevalence Investigation of Dermatophytes in Rabbits in Qingdao Region, China

Li Dai-Jun, Zhou Yu-Fa, Liu Jing-Bo, Zhang Mingliang, Cai Yu-Mei and Miao Zeng-Min

Efficacy of a Whole Cell Lactococcus garvieae Vaccine in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

T. Tansel Tanrikul

The Utilization of Organic Copper and Zinc in the Feeding of Sheep During the Pre and Post-Partum Period

Vadullah Eren, Ozay Gules, Ulker Eren and Resat Nuri Asti

Effects of Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Shelf Life Extention of Minced Meat Chemical and Microbiological Changes

Nurcan Degirmencioglu, Ozlem Kizilirmak Esmer, Reyhan Irkin and Ali Degirmencioglu

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninum in Tarim Red Deer (Cervus elaphus yarkandensis) from Xinjiang Province, Northwest China

Q.L. Meng, J. Qiao, W.S. Wang, C.F. Chen, Z.C. Zhang, K.J. Cai, X.P. Cai, G.F. Tian, Z.Z. Tian and L.H. Yang

Polymorphism Analysis on the Second Intron of the GH Gene in Chinese Donkeys

Wenjin Zhu, Yongmei Su, Yanhua Ma, Jing Ni, Xuemin Guan and Jianhua Wu

Energy and Nitrogen Provided by Native Herbage to Sheep Grazing in Alpine Grasslands of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Xiao Jinyu, Zhang Changji, Lu Yuexiang, Wang Qin and An Yufeng

The Serological Investigation of Equine Viral Arteritis Infection in Central Anatolia of Turkey

Oya Bulut, Sibel Yavru, Orhan Yapici, Mehmet Kale and Oguzhan Avci

Haematological Indicators Affected by the Subacute Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Cows

Vangjel Ceroni, Luigj Turmalaj, Erinda Lika and Sokol Duro

Rapid Detection of Sacbrood Virus (SBV) by One-Step RT-PCR Assay

Ke-Fei Shen, Lan- Cao and Jin-Long Yang

AGPBSim: Gene Pyramiding Breeding in Animals from Perspective of Synthetic Biology

Lingyang Xu, Fuping Zhao, Hangxing Ren, Jian Lu, Li Zhang, Caihong Wei and Lixin Du

Tachyplesin I Induce Drug Resistance in Bacteria in vitro

J. Hong, J.G. Dai, W.T. Guan, G. Jin, Zh.L. Huang, L.J. Zhang, J. Zh. Dang and Y. Zhang

Correction of Angular Deformities with Ilizarov External Fixator in Dogs

Zihni Mutlu, Kemal Altunatmaz, Dilek Olgun Erdikmen, Yalcin Devecioglu and Ozlem Guzel

Effect of a Single Dose of Lactobacillus salivarius on Prevention of Salmonella enteritidis Infection in Young Broilers

Panya Waewdee, Peerapol Sukon, Prapansak Chaveerach, Preeyaporn Surachon and Chaiyaporn Soikum

Observation on Possibility to Identify by the Stud Dogs the Signs of the Fertile Period in Bitches

Michal Dzieciol, Wojciech Nizanski, Malgorzata Ochota, Roland Kozdrowski and Ewa Stanczyk

Changes of Lactic and Benzoic Acid Concentrations in Milk During Post-Collection Period

Theera Rukkwamsuk, Kitsada Bumrungkit and Natthana Thitichayaphong

Comparison of the Plasma Insulin and Adiponectin Concentrations as Metabolic Markers in Clinically Healthy Dogs with Ageing

Nobuko Mori, Koh Kawasumi and Toshiro Arai

Meat Quality of Thai Indigenous Chickens Raised Indoors or with Outdoor Access

Paphapin Puttaraksa, Wittawat Molee and Sutisa Khempaka

Brucellosis Seroprevalance on Goats, Sheep, Cows and Man who are under Risk in Diyarbakir Region

N.B. Arserim, T. Ozekinci, A. Ceylan, O.Y. Tel, O. Keskin and A. Vural

The Effects of Drinking Water Carbonation on Performance and Blood Gases and pH in Heat-Stressed Male Broilers

H. Bayraktar and C. Seremet

Effects of Grain Larvae Extracts on Hepatotoxicity and Blood Lipid in Obese Rats

Park Byung-Sung and Park Sang-Oh

Effects of Different Transport Temperatures on in vitro Development of Queen Oocytes

Ozen Banu Ozdas, Alper Baran, Asiye Izem Sandal, Gul Bakirer, Cagatay Tek, Sinem Ozlem Enginler, Mehmet Can Gunduz, Guven Kasikci and Kemal Ak

Bioinformatics Analysis of Melanocortin-1 Receptor Gene for Silver Fox and Other Species

Zheng-Zhu Liu, Yuan-Fang Gong, Min-Shan Feng, Wen-Jin Zhu, Ling-Xin Duan, Mu-Xiang Ge, Yong-Mei Su and Jun-Sheng Zhao

Biochemical Differentiation between Bombina bombina bombina (Linneaus, 1761) and B. b. arifiyensis (Ozeti and Yilmaz, 1987) as Revealed by the Skeletal Muscle Protein Bands

Ufuk Bulbul, Sara Altinkaynak Eroglu, Ali Ihsan Eroglu and Zeynep Mutanoglu Kaya

Residue Depletion of Florfenicol and its Metabolite Florfenicol Amine in Eggs

Kaizhou Xie, Huisheng Guo, Longfei Jia, Yuping Huang, Xing Xie, Yilin Yao, Dong Xu, Xuesheng Chen, Guojun Dai, Xiaojie Zhang, Yingying Sun, Jinyu Wang and Zongping Liu

Molecular Cloning and Tissue Expression of Cell Division Cycle 42 in Buffalo Tissue

Yongchang Hao, Xiaoru Zhang, Donglin Zhang, Ying Cheng, Li Du, Wenhua Kuang, Ming Lei, Hanwei Jiao, Chao Qi and Fengyang Wang

Determination of Kappa Casein Gene Polymorphisms and Their Effects on Milk Composition in Some Native Cattle Breeds of Turkey

Murad Gurses and Huseyin Yuce

Establishment and Characterization of a Yak Mammary Myoepithelial Cell Line (YMM)

Mingchao Hao, Ben Liu, Jiangfeng Fan, Mingliang Wang, Peng Chen, Xudong Gao, Hua Zhang and Sijiu Yu

Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex by Histopathology and PCR in White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Tamaulipas, Mexico

H.B. Barrios-Garcia, J.A. Guizarnotegui-Blanco, C.C. Zapata-Campos, C. Almazan-Garcia, P. Gonzalez-Alanis, R. Villareal-Pena, A. Hernandez-Jarguin, D.U. Miranda-Hernandez and J. Martinez-Burnes

Product Fat-1 Transgenic Simmental Crossbred Cattle Endogenously Synthesizing Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Using OSM

Wei Wang, Xiao-Mao Guo, Jian Wang and Song-Jia Lai

Prokaryotic Expression and Sequence Analysis of Porcine BCL10 Gene

Zhicai Zuo, Shan Liao, Xinqiao Qi, Yue Yi, Zhiwen Xu, Ling Zhu, Wanzhu Guo and Hengmin Cui

Influence of Selenium on Hepatic Antioxidant Capacity in Ducklings Intoxicated with Afatoxin B1

D.Y. Shi, S.Q. Liao, R.S. Su, R.Q. Lin, Y.C. Lin, Z.X. Tang and S.N. Guo

Phylogenetic Analysis of Complete rRNA Gene Sequence of Endoreticulatus sp. Shengzhou from the Silkworm, Bombyx mori in Zhejiang of China

Haihong Qiu, Xingmeng Lu, Mingqian Li, Xinyi He and Xiangkang He

Endothelin-1 Detection in Bronchial Biopsy of Horses

Laus Fulvio, Paggi Emanuele, Mariotti Francesca, Cerquetella Matteo and Tesei Beniamino

Growth and Digestibility in Four Saudi Camel Breeds

S. Basmaeil, A.M. El-Waziry and A.N. Al-Owaimer