Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 8, 2012)

The Effects of Various Levels of Boron Supplementation on the Performance and Some Plasma Mineral and Metabolites of Wethers

Varol Kurtoglu, Firuze Kurtoglu , Esat Sami Polat and Emel Gurbuz

Molecular Cloning, mRNA Expression and Characterization of a Novel FAIM1 Gene from Chinese Banna Mini-Pig Inbred Line (BMI)

Jinlong Huo, Pei Wang , Yue Zhao , Hailong Huo , Lixian Liu , Rui Wang , Heng Xiao and Yangzhi Zeng

Effects of a Short Co-Incubation Time for Spermatozoa-Oocytes Using Commercial Liquid Stored Boar Semen on Porcine in vitro Fertilization Efficiency

Seong-Sung Kwak and Sang-Hwan Hyun

Influence and Strategies of Economic Crisis on China’s Livestock Farming

Jian-Ying Wang, Zou-Ran Lan , Fu-Lin Tia and Xiu-Mei Zhang

Effect of EGF and AREG Treatment During Porcine in vitro Maturation on in vitro Developmental Potential of Preimplantation Embryos

Se-Heon Jeung, Yu-Byeol Jeon , Dibyendu Biswas , Kyung-Chul Choi , Eui-Bae Jeung and Sang-Hwan Hyun

Plasmid Mediated Streptomycin and Sulfonamide Resistance in Haemophilus parasuis

Pin Chen, Yingyu Liu , Yang Wang , Wentao Li , Dingren Bi and Qigai He

Polymorphism of BMP2 Gene Associated with Growth Traits in Guizhou Semi-Fine Wool Sheep

Li Juan Li, Yong Jun Li , Wen Ting Li , Xin Wang and Xiao Yun Shen

Effects of Biotin and Rumen-Protected Choline Supplementation on Milk Production, Milk Composition, Live Weight Change and Blood Parameters in Lactating Dairy Cows

W. Suksombat, J. Homkao and P. Klangnork

The Pathogenesis of H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus in Beagle Dogs

Fu-Rong Zhao, Dong-Hui Zhou , Ya-Qiong Ye , Dun-Wei Zhang , Zhen Huang , Hai-Tao Qi , Nan Cao , Li Wang , Shou-Jun Li and Gui-Hong Zhang

Cloning and Expression of Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 of Guanzhong Dairy Goat and its Effect on Proliferation of Goat Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)

C.C. Shang, Y.Q. Zhao , D.Y. Cao , Y.L. Yao , D.K. Chen and J. Luo

The Proximate Composition and Growth of Spirulina platensis Biomass (Arthrospira platensis) at Different Temperatures

Hilal Kargin Yilmaz

The Effects of Spot Lighting on Broiler Performance and Welfare

H. Bayraktar, A. Altan and C. Seremet

Pharmacokinetics of Amikacin after Intravenous Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Administration in German Shepherd Dog

Zhenqing Dai, Yuanqing Lin , Yanying Yu , Dongping Zeng and Yongxue Sun

Remarks on the Mating Behavior and Success of Blue Swimming Crab, Portunus pelagicus (Linnaeus, 1766) Through the Induction of Limb Autotomy Technique

W.N. Nadiah, M. Ikhwanuddin and A.B. Abol-Munafi

Association Analysis of Polymorphism in Intron-10 of Porcine HK2 Gene with Meat Quality and Carcass Traits

Wang Jun, Deng Chang-Yan , Xiong Yuan-Zhu and Zuo Bo

Influence of Longdan Xiegan Decoction on Body Weights and Immune Organ Indexes in Ducklings Intoxicated with Aflatoxin B1

S.N. Guo, S.Q. Liao , R.S. Su , R.Q. Lin , Y.Z Chen , Z.X. Tang , H. Wu and D.Y. Shi

Establishment of Two Types of Mammary Epithelial Cell Lines from Chinese Holstein Dairy Cow

Chunyan Lu, Runjun Yang , Boyang Liu , Zezhong Li , Binglei Shen , Shouqing Yan , Yonghong Zhang , Liying Zhang and Zhihui Zhao

MSTN Gene Polymorphism and its Relationships with Growth Performance in Ma Shen Porcine

Xueming Guan, Yanfang Liu , Fenglian Bian , Wenjing Zhu and Hongbing Han

L-Arginine and L-Glutamine as Immunonutrients and Modulating Agents for Erysipelothrix rusiopathiae Infection

Shaolian Wang, Mingqi Qiao , Dailin Wei , Chunhong Song , Haijun Wang and Xiaohong Shi

Molecullar Typing, Prevalence of netB and Antimicrobial Susceptibility among Clinical Isolates of Clostridium perfringens from Chickens in Southern China

Caiyan Wu, Shenquan Liao , Nanshan Qi , Xinyu Peng, Minna Lv and Mingfei Sun

Effects of Tramadol on Liver and Renal Biochemistry and Histopathology in Dogs Undergoing Surgery under Pentobarbitone Anesthesia

S. Buhari, H. Kalthum , Y.M. Goh , M.M. Noordin , H.C. Chen and S.H. Gan

Effects of Fermentation Astragalus Polysaccharides on Experimental Hepatic Fibrosis

Zhe Qin, Jianxi Li , Zhiqiang Yang , Kai Zhang , Jinyan Zhang , Jiaren Meng , Long Wang and Lei Wang

The Effect of Floor Differences in Cages on the Incubation Results and Live Weight of Japanese Quails

Sergul Aytac and Ali Karabayir

Construction of RNAi Expressing Vector Targeting the Goat Prion Protein Gene (PRNP)

Yongjun Li, Wenting Li , Taikun Li , Guangjing Zhang , Jiahui Zhang and Dejun Ji

Detection of Aquatic Pollution in Meric River by a Measure of Developmental Instability, Fluctuating Asymmetry in the Fish, Common Carp, Cyprinus carpio L., 1758

E.D. Ozsoy, B. Erkmen , S.C. Ozeren and D. Kolankaya

Genetic Diversity of Farmed Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis) Evaluated from Microsatellite Analysis

Limin Zhu, Zhongquan Li , Jiale Li , Xiaoyu Feng and Nan Xie

Effects of Glucose on Differentiation and Fat Metabolism of Chicken Preadipocytes

Qi Renli, Sun Chao , Yan Jun , Yang Haili , Zhao Taotao and Zhao Xia

Identification, mRNA Expression and Characterization of a Novel CENPP Gene from Chinese Banna Mini-Pig Inbred Line (BMI)

Liu Lixian, Wang Pei , Huo Jinlong , Huo Hailong , Zhao Yue , Wang Rui and Zeng Yangzhi

Porcine RPL28 Gene, Differentially Expressed in the Backfat Tissue Between Meishan, Large White Pigs and Their F1 Hybrids

Z.Q. Ren, Y.Z. Xiong , W.J. Wu , C.Y. Deng and S.W. Jiang

Characterization and Isolation of Ovine Spermatogonial Stem Cells

Uyunbilig Borjigin, Ting Yun , Muren Herrid and Shorgan Bou

Effect of Individual Selection System of Parental Pure Lines on Productive Traits of Six Hybrids of Silkworm

Hossein Hojatpour, Abolghasem Lavvaf , Alireza Seidavi , Ehsan Hajian and Tarlan Farahvash

Anticoccidial Activity of Eupatorium adenophorum Extracts Against Chicken Coccidian Oocysts

J.F. Yang, R.Q. Wang , R.Q. Lv , D.H. Zhou , G. Duan and F.C. Zou

Liver Cells of GFP Transgenic Male Mice Transplantation to Reconstruct Hematopoietic Function in Female Mice

Guang-Ping Ruan, Jin-Xiang Wang , Rong-Qing Pang , Xiang Yao , Yong-Li Deng , Qiang Wang , Li-Hua Ma and Xing-Hua Pan

Investigation of Pollen Preferences of Honeybee

Metin Deveci and Ahmet Kuvanci

Activities of Aspartate Aminotransferase, Alanine Aminotransferase, Gamma-Glutamyltransferase, Alkaline Phosphatase in Plasma of Postpartum Holstein Cows

Ping Liu, BaoXiang He , XianLing Yang , XiaoLu Hou , HaiYang Zhao , YinHua Han , Pei Nie , HuiFang Deng and Long Cheng

Effect of Inner Environmental Conditions of Poultry House on Harmful Gases and Dust

Bahar Kocaman, Recep Yanik and Aycan Mutlu Yaganoglu

Prevalence and Major Pathogen Causes of Dairy Cows Subclinical Mastitis in Northeast China

Yuan-Yuan Chen, Zheng-TaoYang , Wen-Bo Liu , Qiao-Cheng Chang , Li-Guo Wang and Nai-Sheng Zhang