Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 6 Issue 11, 2007)

Intracerebroventricular Injection of Glutathione Suppresses Food Intake of Neonatal Chicks

H. Yamane , S. Tomonaga , R. Suenaga , D.M. Denbow and M. Furuse

The Effects of Self-Sucking on Daily Milk Product, Udder Health and the Form of the Teats of Dairy Cows

Servet Bademkiran , Romedi Celik , Simten Yesilmen , Berna E. Kanay and Mehmet Kilinc

Intracerebroventricular Injection of L-Proline Modifies Food Intake in Neonatal Chicks

T. Haraguchi , S. Tomonaga , I. Kurauchi , K. Hamasu , H. Sato , D.M. Denbow and M. Furuse

The Effect of Replacement Feeding of Some Protein Sources with Pollen on Honey Bee Population and Colony Performance

Mohammad Reza Dastouri , Naser Maheri-Sis , Abolfazl Aghajanzadeh-Golshani and Yahya Ebrahim-Nezhad

Performance of Weaner Rabbits Fed Growers Mash Supplemented with Graded Levels of Hatchery Waste Meal

L.J. Isaac , A.C. Okonkwo , G.D. Eyoh , A.E. Ekpenyong and O.R. Akata

Seroprevalence of Leptospirosis in Beef Cattle of Nuevo Leon, Mexico

J.A. Salinas-Melendez , C. Narvaez-Arce , V. Riojas-Valdes , A. Cantu-Covarrubias , R. Avalos-Ramirez and J.C. Segura-Correa

First Attempt to Study Carob Pulp Utilization in Rabbits Feeding

Aziza Gasmi-Boubaker , R. Bergaoui , A. Khaldi , M.R. Mosquera-Losada and A. Ketata

Morphometric Studies on the Kidneys of the African Giant Rat (Cricetomys Gambianus Waterhouse)

B.I. Onyeanusi , A.A. Adeniyi , J.O. Ayo and J.O. Nzalak

Carcass Yield, Gut Weight and Reproductive Status of Creole Goats Destined to Produce Barbacoa in Guerrero State, Mexico

Ru ben D. Martinez , Lorenzo Reyna , Jose L. Figueroa and Angel A. Mastache

Nutritive Value of Urea Molasses Block Containing Acacia Erubescens or Dichrostachys cineria as Natural Protein Sources

A.A. Aganga and C.B. Motshewa

A Note on the Associations Between the Prevalence of Stable Flies (Stomoxys calcitrans) and the Behaviour of Dairy Cows under Semi-Arid Conditions

M.I. Vitela , C. Cruz-Vazquez , J.J. Solano and A. Orihuela

The Anatomy and Histology of Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) of Male Iranian Helical Horn Goat (Capra persica)

Hamid Karimi , Ghaffar Ardalani , Mohsen Abbasi , Shahram Darzi Larijani and Faramarz Shirmohammadi

The Study of Important Factor on Reproduction of Azerbaijan Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Hamid Karimi , Hasan Ali Mahpeakar , Ahmad Neamattollahi , Reza Anvari , Abbas Fard Moradnia and Kamal Niksan

Associations Between GHRH/HaeIII Restriction Polymorphism and Milk Production Traits in a Herd of Dairy Cattle

Marek Kmie , Inga Kowalewska- uczak , Hanna Kulig , Arkadiusz Terman , Heliodor Wierzbicki and Adam Lepczy ski

Effect of Dietary Fat Sources on Blood and Tissue Biochemical Factors of Broiler

H. Aghdam Shahriar , A. Rezaei , A. Lak and A. Ahmadzadeh

Effects of Different Levels of Direct Fed Microbial (Primalac) on Growth Performance and Humoral Immune Response in Broiler Chickens

Mehdi Nayebpor , Parviz Farhomand and Ali Hashemi

The Possible Sources of Toxocara (Neoascaris) vitullorum Infection in Neonatal Zebu Calves in Northern Nigeria

A. K. B. Sackey , T.A. Ojongmboh , J.S. Neils and U. Sale

Influence of Soybean Oil on Growth Performance, Carcass Properties, Abdominal Fat Deposition and Humoral Immune Response in Male Broiler Chickens

Mehdi Nayebpor , Ali Hashemi and Parviz Farhomand

The Influence of Heat-Treated Sheep Droppings on the Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Economics of Production of Starter Broilers

P.N. Onu

The Efficacy of a Reduced Dose of Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone on the Time and Incidence of Ovulation in Holstein Cows

A. Ahmadzadeh , R. Manzo , C.B. Sellars and J.C. Dalton

Meiotic Competence of Porcine Oocytes after Percoll Sedimentation Treatment for Oocyte Selection

Morteza Yavari , Akiko Fujii , Ryohei Shimizu , Aya Ito , Yukine Kaedei , Yasuhiro Morita , Fuminori Tanihara and Takeshige Otoi

Effect of Extender and Thawing Methods on Post Thawing Preservation

Ali Hashemi , Parviz Farhoomand , Rasul Pirmohammadi , Mehdi Nayebpor and Sarain Razzaghzadeh

Effect of Extender on Sperm Motility and Acrosomal Integrity of Frozen Buffalo Sperm

Ali Hashemi , Parviz Farhoomand , Rasul Pirmohammadi , Sarain Razzaghzadeh and Mehdi Nayebpor

Supplementing Corn or Soybean Hulls to Cattle Fed Bermudagrass Hay I: Intake, Apparent Digestion and Utilization

A.I. Orr , V.T. Nguyen , A. Webb , D.G. St. Louis and B.J. Rude