Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 7 Issue 9, 2008)

Histopathological Study of Vitamins A and C Effects on the Reduction of Gentamycin Nephrotoxicity in Rats

N. Hadjipour , S.M. Naghib and M. Davanian

Changes in Chemical Composition and In vitro DM Digestibility of Urea and Molasses Treated Whole Crop Canola Silage

A. Balakhial , A.A. Naserian , A. Heravi Moussavi , F. Eftekhar Shahrodi and R. Vali Zadeh

Crotalic Venom Fraction as Promoter of the Transfection Mechanism of a Genic Vaccine (Naked DNA) Against Rabies

Arcelia Alvarado Islas , Angel Horacio Sandoval Trujillo , Victor R. Tenorio Gutierrez , Rogelio Alonso Morales , Octavio de Paz Villafan and Alvaro Aguilar

Estimation of Adjustment Factors for Standardizing Lactations to Mature Age and 305 Day of Milk Yield of Holstein Cattle Reared at Polatli State Farm in Turkey

Suleyman Cilek

Effects of Maturity Stage on Chemical Composition and in situ Ruminal Degradation Kinetics of Meadow Hay in Awassi Sheep

L. Turgut , M. Yanar , N. Tuzemen , M. Tan and B. Comakli

Effects of Milk Feeding Frequency on Growth of Holstein Calves

Feyzi Ugur , Ali Karabayir , Habibe Bagci and Iskender Cagras

The Nutritive and Anti-Nutritive Compositions of Calabash (Crescentia cujete) Fruit Pulp

Marc Nwosu Ogbuagu

The Influence of Scale on the Profitability of Culture-Cross Breed Dairy Cattle Farms in Western Part of Turkey

Ibrahim Yildirim , Mustafa Terin and Kenan Ciftci

Prevalence of Anisakid Larvae in Maricultured Sea Fish Sold in Guangzhou, China

Q. Chen , H. Zhang , H.Q. Song , H.Q. Yu , R.Q. Lin and X.Q. Zhu

The Macroanatomical Evaluation of N. splanchnicus Major, Minor and Imus in Donkeys (Equus asinus L.)

O. Ozgel , N. Dursun and A. Duzler

Effect of Taurolidine on Thickness of SCAR Tissue in Rabbits

A. Hayat , F. Temamogullari and F. Baba

Comparative Morphometric Studies of the Cerebellum and Forebrain of the African Giant Rat (AGR) (Cricetomys gambianus-waterhouse) and That of Grasscutter (Thryonomys swinderianus)

J.O. Nzalak , O. Byanet , S.O. Salami , A.D. Umosen , S.M. Maidawa , M.N. Ali and J. Imam

Synchronization of Estrus Using FGA and CIDR Intravaginal Pessaries during the Transition Period in Awassi Ewes

A.K. Zonturlu , F. Aral , N. Ozyurtlu and U. Yavuzer

Comparison of Antibacterial Activities of Natural Urmia Honey and Penicillin Derivatives: An in vitro Study

Hossien Tajik , Farnood Shokouhi Sabet Jalali and Shahram Javadi

Effect of Different Phases of Estrous Cycle on Kisspeptin Expression in the Arcuate Nucleus of the Ewe

Jafarzadeh Shirazi Mohammad Reza , Sepehri Hoori and Gheisari Hamid Reza

Pathological Features in Sheep Fed Rations Containing Phenolsand Condensed Tannins

O. Mahgoub , I.T. Kadim , M.H. Tageldin , W.S. Al-Marzooqi , Samera Khalaf , Aisha Ambu Ali and I. Al-Amri

Seroprevalence of Equine Viral Arteritis in Donkeys in Kars District, Turkey

Yakup Yildirim , Ali Haydar Kirmizigul , Mehmet Tolga Tan , Erhan Gokce and Kemal Irmak

Some Behavioral Traits of American Bronze and White (California) Turkeys Grazing on Pasture

Ali Karabayir , Cemil Tolu and I. Erbil Ersoy

The Effects of the Different Woods on Hot-Smoking Vacuum Packed Atlantic Bonito (Sarda sarda) Stored at 4C

Hunkar Avni Duyar , Mehmet Emin Erdem , Serap Samsun and Ferhat Kalayci

The Effects of Sorghum Grain on Live Weight Gain, Feed Conversion Ratios and Digestibility of Nutrients in Beef Cattle

M.S. Baran , R. Demirel , B. Yokus and N. Kocabagli

Economic Assesment of Small Ruminant Farms in Gap Region of Turkey

Ilkay Dellal , Gulsen Keskin , Nihat Tekel and Gursel Dellal

The Effect of Gender, Genotype, Dam Age, Birth Year and Birth Type on Birth Weight: Norduz and Karakas Lambs

Kadir Karakus , Cemal Budag , S. Seckin Tuncer , Taner Ozdemir and Ecevit Eyduran

The Effect of GnRH Injection on Plasma Progesterone Concentrations, Conception Rate and Ovulation Rate in Iranian Holstein Cows

A. Zare Shahneh , Z. Mohammadi , H. Fazeli , M. Moradi Shahre Babak and E. Dirandeh

Morphology of the Hairs in the Goat-Breed Capra prisca

Aris F. Pourlis and George Christodoulopoulos

Diversity of Fish Fauna in Gediz Estuary Lagoons (Izmir Bay/Aegean Sea)

Bahar Bayhan , Tuncay Murat Sever and Murat Kaya

The Prevalence and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Salmonella sp. in Poultry and Ostrich Samples from Slaughter Houses in Gaborone, Botswana

O.G. Gaedirelwe and T.K. Sebunya

Using Red Recombinase and PCR Product for One-Step in-Frame Inactivation of aroA Gene in Pasteurella multocida A: 1 and Evaluation of Pathogenicity and Immunogenicity

Payman Zare , Mohammad Tabatabaei , Ghasem Yousefbeygi and Ahmad Reza Jabbari

Effect of Canola Oil on the Internal Organs and Carcass Weight of Broilers Chickens

P. Fouladi , R. Salamat Doust Nobar , A. Ahmadzade , H. Aghdam Shahriar and A. Noshadi

Effect of Choline Chloride Supplement on the Internal Organs and Carcass Weight of Broilers Chickens

P. Fouladi , R. Salamat Doust Nobar , A. Ahmadzade , H. Aghdam Shahriar and A. Noshadi

Neural Network Model for Egg Production Curve

H. Ahmadi and A. Golian

Seroprevalence of Egg Drop Syndrome 76 Virus as Cause of Low Egg Productivity of Poultry in Anyigba, Middle Belt Region of Nigeria

M.E. Sanda , B.M. Jufu and A. Ngene

Bioequivalence of Some Sulphaquinoxaline Formulations Following Oral Administration in Broiler Chickens

A.L.P. Harun