Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1680-5593 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-601X (Online)
Archive (Volume 7 Issue 7, 2008)

Correlation Between Lactoperoxidase Activity and Somatic Cell Count for Diagnosis Subclinical Mastitis in Early Lactation of Dairy Cows

R. Asadpour , H. Tayefi-Nasrabadi , G.A. Moghadam and K. Nofouzi

Itch-Specific C-fibers were not Destroyed by Neonatal Capsaicin Treatment in Rats

Y. Akimoto , D. Oikawa , S. Tsuyama and M. Furuse

Nutritional and Economic Value of Leaf Meal (Tephrosia bracteolata) in Diet of Laying Hens

T.O. Akande , M.K. Adeyeri and O.G. Longe

Effects of Mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae on Some Internal, Gastrointestinal and Carcass Parameters in Broilers

Ilkay Yalcinkaya , Tulin Gungor and Mehmet Basalan

Scratching and Wriggling Behaviors Induced by Compound 48/80 in Neonatal Rats

Y. Akimoto , D. Oikawa and M. Furuse

Utilization of Profile Analysis in Animal Science

Ecevit Eyduran , Kemal Yazgan and Taner Ozdemir

New Approaches to Determination of the Best Nonlinear Function Describing Growth at Early Phases of Kivircik and Morkaraman Breeds

E. Eyduran , M. Kucuk , K. Karakus and T. Ozdemir

A Comparison of Herbage and Protein Yields of Artificial Rangeland Forage Mixtures

Omer Terziodlu and Bunyamin Yildirim

Reproductive and Milk Production Traits of Holstein Friesian Cows in Pre-Organic and Organic Dairy Husbandry in Turkey

Bahri Bayram , Mete Yanar and Omer Akbulut

Vesiculoseminitis and Ampullitis Caused by Actinobacillus seminis in a Pelibuey Breed Ram

J.P. Dibarrat-Acosta , L. Hernandez-Andrade , L. Ontiveros-Corpus , V.R. Tenorio-Gutierrez and J. Tortora-Perez

Influence of Day-to-Day Fluctuations in Feed Intake on Feedlot Cattle Growth-Performance and Digestive Function

R. Barajas , E.G. Alvarez , M.F. Montano and R.A. Zinn

Chemical Composition and in vitro Degradability of Gleditsia triacanthos L. pods.

Rahim Foroughbakhch , Abimael E. Cespedes , Jorge L. Hernandez Pinero , Marco A. Alvarado , Alejandra Rocha Estrada and J.G. Almanza-Enriquez

The Effect of Sorghum Grain on Ruminal Fermentation and Some Blood Parameters in Beef Cattle

M.S. Baran , B. Yokus , I. Gul , M. Alp and N. Sahin

Modelling First Lactation of Holstein Cows on Herds in the Southeast Region of Turkey

Seyrani Koncagul and Kemal Yazgan

Bioluminescence in Aquatic Organisms

Tulay Altun , Filiz celi and Durail Danabas

Hematology, Cytochemistry and Ultrastructure of Blood Cells in Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)

C. Salakij , K. Prihirunkit , N.A. Narkkong , S. Apibal and D. Tongthainun

Effects of Condensed Tannin Content on Digestibility and Determination of Nutritive Value of Selected Some Native Legumes Species

Yavuz Gurbuz , Mahmut Kaplan and David Richard Davies

Microbiological Safety of Raw Milk in Tabriz, Iran

M.H. Movassagh Ghazani , A.R. Karami , J. Dolgharisharf , M. Khajeh and K. Najafian

Effect of Cadmium Ion on Peroxidase Activity of Serum in Cow: An in vitro Study

H. Tayefi-Nasrabadi , Gh. Moghaddam , Z. Rajabi and Gh. Dehghan

Effect of Pendulous Udder Enlargement on Yield and Proximate Composition of Milk from Red Sokoto Goats

J. P. Alawa and U.I. Oji

Ethnobotanical and Pharmacological Uses of Some Plants in the Districts of Karpuzalan and Adiguzel (Van-Turkey)

Bunyamin Yildirim , Omer Terz oglu , Fevzi Ozgokce and Didem Turkozu

Effects of Sorghum on Nutrient Digestibility and Some Milk Parameters in Dairy Cow Rations

M.S. Baran , I. Gul and R. Demirel

Environmental Factors Influencing Birth Weights of Norduz and Karakas Lambs

Kadir Karakus , Ecevit Eyduran , Memis Bolacali and Taner Ozdemir