Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 12, 2016)

A Framework Investigating the Online User Reviews to Measure the Biasness for Sentiment Analysis

Periakaruppan Sudhakaran, Shanmugasundaram Hariharan and Joan Lu

Optimal Packet Scheduling Scheme for LTE Systems Based on Scheme Utility Function

N. Sathish Kumar and C.G. Ravichandran

FFT Implementation with Fused Floating Point Dot Product Using Radix-8 Butterfly

Sharmila Hemanandh and A. Sivasubramanian

Enhanced Security Framework with DDOS Attack Defense in UMTS

V. Vijaya Kumar and R. Samson Ravindran

Link Stability Decision Based Routing Protocol for MANET Using HMM Model

Arappali Nedumaran and V. Jeyalakshmi

Content Based Image Retrieval Using Heuristic Particle Swarm Optimization

S. Sankar Ganesh and K. Ramar

Fusion of CT and MRI Images Using OpenCV with FL2440 Hardware

N. Sivakumar and K. Helenprabha

Decision Support System for the Expert Assessment of Social Risks

V.V. Lomakin, I.S. Shapovalova, M.V. Lifirenko, R.G. Asadullaev and O.S. Reznichenko

On the Steganography in Voice Data

Evgeny G. Zhilyakov, Sergey P. Belov, Petr G. Likholob and Vladimir P. Pashintsev

Technical Aspects of Creation of HEI’s Service-Oriented IT-Infrastructure

Olga A. Ivashchuk, Igor S. Konstantinov, Aleksandr V. Mamatov, Irina V. Udovenko and Aleksandr V. Koskin

Sort Completion Time Mean Tasks Scheduling Algorithm in Decentralized Grid Environment

G.K. Kamalam

Discovering Citation Manipulations via Delayed Citation Recognition

R. Siva, G.S. Mahalakshmi and S. Sendhilkumar

The Efficient Technique to Protect and Maintain Content Based Queries of Mobile Networks

D. Teja and G. Rama Krishna

Linear Programmable Load Balanced Data-Gathering in Multisink Wireless Sensor Network

Smilee Mathuram, Sharmeela and Padmanaban Ramasamy

Enforcing Cooperation among Misbehaving Nodes in Ad Hoc Networks Using Shapley Value to Assign Economic Virtual Currency

M. Anitha and V. Rhymend Uthariaraj

Energy Efficient Polynomial Time Resource Channelized Framework for Data Communication in MANET

S. Jayachitra and C. Nelson Kennedy Babu

Avoidance of Black Hole Attack in MANET Using Intrusion Detection with Credit Based Ranking Algorithm

K. Mahalakshmi and D. Sharmila

A Novel Approach to Analyze a Combination of IxJ Categorical Data for Estimating Road Accident Risk

Geetha Ramani and Shanthi Selvaraj

New Mobile Learning Process Model for Higher Education Students in Jordanian Universities

Ammar Khader Almasri, Firas Suliman Alshalabi and Dojanah M. Bader

Performance Analysis of Statistical Parameter Based Fire Pixel Segmentation in Various Color Spaces

C. Emmy Prema and S.S. Vinsley

Markov-Trivial Similarity Tree-Based Ontology Model for Geospatial Information Retrieval Systems for Grid Computing

K.S. Kannan and R. Saravanan

Analysis and Diagnostic of Women Breast Cancer Using Mammographic Image

M.N. Vimalkumar and K. HelenPrabha

Optimization Algorithm for Efficient Coverage and Connectivity for Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Rajan and S. Uma Maheswari

Effective Load Balancing Secure Energy Efficient Approach for WSN

S. Bharathidasan and P. Ramamoorthy

Fuzzy Based Hex-IPQC Controller for Improving Power Quality in Grid Connected Wind Farms

M. Mohanraj and Rani Thottungal

Congestion Management in Restructured Power Systems with Economic and Technical Considerations

S. Thangalakshmi and P. Valsalal

Performance Analysis of Wireless OCDMA Systems Using OOC, PC and EPC Codes

R. Kanmani and A. Jameer Basha