Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 19, 2016)

On the Performance Evaluation of Refinement-Based Heuristics Strategy to Evolve Ayo Game

O. Akinyemi. Ibidapo, Longe. Harrison O. Dele and O. Olugbara. Oludayo

Enhanced Traffic Aware Scheduling Protocol for Variable Bit Rate Traffic in IEEE 802.11e WLAN

V. Ilayaraja and R. Venkatesan

DT-CWT and IFS Based Fractal Image Compression

V. Sujatha, A. Muruganandham and R. Mukesh

Underwater Routing Protocols for Funneling and Energy Holes Avoidance

J.V. Anand and S. Titus

Area and Power Optimized Hardware Design of Bi-Phase Space Coding/Phase Coding Technique for Wireless Sensor Applications

G. Rajakumar and A.B.E. Andrew Roobert

Distributed Framework for Managing Aircraft Traffic Using Aircraft Vehicular Adhoc Networks and Hadoop Map Reduction

M. Nazini E.H. and T. Sasikala

AIS-DAG: Artificial Immune System for Directed Acyclic Graphs Model Based Fair Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Cloud Computing

M. Kandan and R. Manimegalai

Performance of Security Algorithm Against Malicious Nodes Based Wireless Sensor Network

D. Hemanand and N. Sankar Ram

Design of Hybrid Energy Averaging Boost Controller (HEAB) For Renewable Applications

N. Kamala Moorthy and S. Suresh Kumar

A Task Scheduling Based on Hybrid Self Organizing Migrating Algorithm in Cloud Environment

B. Gomathi and Karthikeyan krishnasamy

Model Framework for Sensitive Data Preservation Using Fuzzy

S. Dhanalakshmi, J. Abdul Samath and M.S. Irfan Ahmed

Hybrid Spatio Location Algorithm to Enhance Qos forHeterogeneous Mobile Devices in Location Based Services

A. Haja Alaudeen, E. Kirubakaran and D. Jeya Mala

Energy Efficient Sleep-Scheduling for Cluster Based Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network

S. Jothi and M. Chandrasekaran

CPEGASIS: Efficient Data Retrieval in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Cloud Computing Environment

O. Pandithurai and C. Suresh kumar

An Efficient Feature Subset Algorithm for High Dimensional Data

T. Divya and B. Vijaya Babu

Resource Optimized Spectral Route Selection Protocol for WMSN Surveillance Application

K. Gowsic, N. Shanthi and B. Preetha

Investigation of Optimal Segmentation Algorithm for CT Lung Nodules Using Cad System

K. Sakthivel, S. Balu, C. Nelson Kennedy Babu and R. Balamurugan

Seamless Vertical Handover in Heterogeneous Network Using Neural Network Based Smart Multi-Criteria Decision Making Algorithm

J. Vijila and A. Albert Raj

Optimizing Trust Based Secure Routing for Unified Efficient Resource Sharing for Large Scale MANET-TSRRS

R. Dhanapal and P. Visalakshi

Academic Tweet Concept Based Co-author Recommendation

G. Manju and T.V. Geetha

A Novel Entropy Based Algorithm to Remove Silence from Speech and Classifying the Residue as Voiced/unvoiced Regions

R. Johny Elton, P. Vasuki and J. Mohanalin

Smart Agriculture Irrigation Control Using Wireless Sensor Networks, GSM and Android Phone

S. Geetha and R. Sathya Priya

Conceptualization of Remote Sensing Images Using Fractal Image Compression on Spiral Architecture

Mekala Ramesh, V. Palanisamy, B. Gopinath and R. Thangavel

A Novel Smart Home Energy Management System for Residential Buildings

L.S. Jayashree, Amutha Venkatessh and Athish Thirumal

A Secured Proof of Ownership and Enhanced Deduplication Scheme for Cloud Storage

S. Umamaheswari, T. Purusothaman, N P. Supriya and Arun Thundyill Saseendran

Optimized Multi Constrained Path Computation for QoS Routing

P.S. Prakash

Performance Analysis of Teaching Assistant Using Decision Tree Classification Algorithm

K. Devasenapathy and S. Duraisamy

An Agent Based Online Voting System in Cloud Using Blind Signature

S. Vijayalakshmi and G.R. Karpagam

ACPIP: A New Intrusion Prevention System for Manet Through Address Configuration

A. Jahir Husain and M.A. Maluk Mohamed

Stream Life Estimation Based on the End Point Elimination Technique to Restrict Client Side Script for Secure Computing

P. Malathi and P. Vivekanandan

Design of a Multi Precision Floating Point Multiplier Using a Hybrid Technique

D. Gokila and H. Mangalam

Copyright Protection of Dual Color Images Based on Singular Value Decomposition Using Improved Arnold

A. Lakshmi Priya and S. Letitia

F2vhdr Based Collaborative Routing with Hydrodynamics for Qos Development in Wireless Sensor Networks

T. kalaivani and J. Senthil Kumar

A Study on Stress Management Among Consultantsin Insurance Sectors in Dindigul

R. Mohanaselvi and S. Manimaran

Fauna Inspired Probabilistic and Randomly Computed Channel Assignment and Multipath Routing for Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Mesh Networks

B. Sathyasri, E.N. Ganesh and P. Senthil Kumar