Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 20, 2016)

Optimizing Web Log Data to Perceive User Behavior

B. Prasanna Kumar Reddy and Duvvada Rajeswara Rao

A Bot Driven Framework for Testing Web Applications

K. Bhanu Sai Prasanth and G. Krishna Mohan

An Effective and Efficient Protection System over Multimedia Using Cloud Computing

B. Sushmita and B. Vijaya Babu

Resource Scheduling in Signature Driven Load Management with Cloud Load Balancer

B. Varsha and G. Krishna Mohan

A Fast Spatial and Temporal Quering Keywords

K. Bhargavi and M.R. Narasinga Rao

LFTSM-Local Flow Trust Based Service Monitoring Approach for Preventing the Packet During Data Transfer in Cloud

S. Kasthuripriya, B. Dhiyanesh and S. Sakthivel

A New Random Valued Impulse Noise Detection Algorthm to Eliminate Misdetection

Neeti Singh, T.R Lakshmi Priya, T. Thilagavathy and O. Uma Maheswari

LOS Based Link Classification for UWSN Using Binary Evalution Theorm

R. Bhaskaran and S. Saranraj

Knowledge Discovery in Big Data Using Symbolic Data Analysis

S. Mythili, R. PradeepKumar and P. Nagabhushan

BISR Strategy for Compression Based Bench Mark Testing Sequential Circuit

Kaleel Rahuman and R.N. Nivethitha

Towards Trustworthy and Secure Communications in Social Internet of Things (SIoT)

A. Meena Kowshalya and M.L. Valarmathi

Session Based Admission Control for Congestion Control and Load Balancing in Group Based Service Routing

S. Pushpalatha and P. Jaganathan

Cryptographic Tree and Log File Based Secret Sharing Key Management Scheme for Securing Outsourced Data in Cloud

S. Ahamed Ali and M. Ramakrishnan

Accurate Detection of Provenance Forgery and Packet Drop Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

K.M. Anandkumar and S. Priyadarshini

Effective Video Streaming Using Reset-Controlled DCCP along with Data Quality Analysis

B. Chellaprabha and RMD. Sundaram

Eliminating Redundant Relaying of Data Packets for Efficient Opportunistic Routing in Dynamic Wireless AD HOC Networks

Varun G. Menon, P.M. Joe Prathap and A. Vijay

An Optimized Cluster Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

M.G. Kavitha and S. Sendhil Nathan

Group Key Distribution Using Authentication Based Broadcast Encryption

S. Prasanna, S. Shunmuga Priya and N. Balaji

A Gamma-Exponential Distribution Channel Model for Turbulence in Free Space Optical Communication

M.R. Kavitha and K. Parimala Geetha

Speed Control of DTC with Torque Ripple and Flux Droop Reduction Using Sector Alteration Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Control

S. Sampath Kumar, R. Joseph Xavier and S. Balamurugan1

Effective Estimation of Total Failure Mode Effects and Analysis in Tea Industry

M. Angeline Geetha and R. Suresh Premil Kumar

Design of CMOS RF Front-End of Low Noise Amplifier for LTE System Applications

Mahesh Mudavath and K. Harikishore

Test Suite Reduction (TSR) Recommendation in Function Calls Using Sliding Window

C.P. Indumathi and K. Selvamani

Combination of Mammographic Texture Feature Descriptors for Improved Breast Cancer Diagnosis

S. Sasikala and M. Ezhilarasi

Estimation of Software Quality based on Software Metrics Using Modified Cuckoo Search Optimization Algorithm

V. Suganthi and S. Duraisamy

Automatic Test Case Reduction in Object Oriented System Using Clustering and Fuzzy Logic

B. Geetha and D. Jeya Mala

A Study on Quality of Work Life among Nurses in Health Care Sectors in Dindigul (Quality of Work Life among Nurses)

J. Jeya Sunitha and S. Manimaran

Data Aggregation and Broadcasting in Sensor Network via Multipl Sampling Reverse Direction Broadcast

Rajasekar Rangasamy and Prakasam Periasamy

Energy Efficiency in Mobile Cloud Computing: A Survey

S. Shobana and N. Radhika

Effective Storing and Managing of Data in a Multicast Communication Over Cloud Environment

Lino Abraham Varghese and S. Bose

The Analysis of Nonlinear Invariants of Multi-Channel EEG Signal Using Graph-Theory Connectivity Approach in Patient with Depression

R. Kalpana and I. Gnanambal

Secure and Efficient Labeling Scheme for XML Content Dissemination

S. Sankari and S. Bose

Road Symbol Detection System for Automated Driving Social Support Vehicle Using Image Processing

V.K. Senthil Ragavan and S.D. Prabu Ragavendiran

Handwritten Tamil Character Recognition Using Geometric Feature Extraction Approach

S. Kowsalya and P.S. Periyasamy