Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 21, 2016)

Identifying and Prioritizing Critical Success Factors and Indices of Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Government Agencies

Hamidreza Soheili, Vahid Naderi Darshori and Keramat Mohhammadi

‘SMART-COP’-Mobile Governance Framework for Policing

K. Sabarish and R.S Shaji

Optimized Adaptive Spectrum Sensing Technique Using Game Theory Model for Cognitive Radio Networks

P. Ariva Zhagi and P. Karthigai Kumar

Support Vector Machine based Classification and Clustering for Identifying Unanimous Users

J.S. Kanchana and D. Sujatha

Core Journal Analysis of Scientific Productivity of Anna University Faculty (1979-2014) for Cloud Enabled Digital Institution Repository

S. Bharanidharan, G. Krishnamoorthy and K. Selvamani

Multiple Regression Analysis on Thermal Power Plant Components Leading to Estimation of Heat Absorption

S. Saraswathi and D. Surendran

A Novel Analysis of Hydrothermal Scheduling Using Genetic Algorithm with Emission Cost

L.P. Vettrivelan and G. Tholkappiaarasu

Gender Based Lateralization Effects on Resting State FMRI of ADHD Subjects

V. Solai Revathi, P. Udayaprasanth, S.P. Thaiyalnayaki and O. Uma Maheswari

Lung Cancer Detection by Automatic Region Growing with Morphological Masking and Neural Network Classifier

T. Manikandan and N. Bharathi

Students’ Academic Self-Efficacy in Iranian Primary Schools: The Impact of Using Multimedia

Morteza Samie Zafarghandi and Zohreh Abedi Kargiban

Lattice Structure-Based Spatial Co-Location Pattern Mining Using Rect Search Algorithm

P. Rubini and C. Gowri Shankar

Soft Computing Control Methodologies for Temperature Process System and its Performance Evaluation

R. Madhu Sudhanan and P. Poongodi

MHCQ: A Tool for Measuring Health Care Quality-Using Sentimental Analysis

R. Kingsy Grace, M.S. Geetha Devasena, R. Manimegalai and V. Nagalakshmi

Optimal Design of 6.1 GHz UWB Antenna for off Body Communication

M. Pachiyaannan and G.K.D Prasanna Venkatesan

Analysis of Sustainable Development of Damaged Urban Fabric, with Emphasis on Earthquake Crisis (Case Study: Koran Abad City)

Mehri Azani, Amir Mahmoodzadeh and Mohammad Hossein Shakarami

MEMAC: A New Algorithm for Relay Node Selection with Mobile Sink in MANET

J. Suresh and J.M. Ganaseakar

Music Recommendation System

D. Jayashree, S. Goutham Manian and C. Pranav Srivatsav

Prevention Protocol for Node Replication Attack

V. Manjula, C. Cheallappn and R. Thalapathi Rajasekaran

A Cluster Approach in Vanet Using Collaborative Learning Automata-Based Routing

K. Aravindhan and B. Evangeline Prasanna

An Optimized Approach for Automated Test Case Generation and Validation for Uml Diagrams

Roaa Elghondakly, Sherin Moussa and Nagwa Badr

Traffic Modeling for Next Generation Networks

P.I. Liji and S. Bose

Determination of Blood Constituents Using Laser Based Systems

V. Ashok and K.S. Tamilselvan

Insights on Various Meeting Requisites in Handling Agile Projects: Shared Experiences from Indian Software Organizations

N. Ganesh

A Machine Learning Approach to Named Entity Recognition for the Travel and Tourism Domain

Jobi Vijay and Rajeswari Sridhar

Text Detection and Recognition Using Stroke Width Transform (SWT)

S. Anila and N. Devarajan

Efficient Fault Detection Based on Localization and Classification of Transmission Line Using Morlet Discrete Neuro Fuzzy Logic Wavelet Transform

P. Balakrishnan and K. Sathiyasekar

Implementation of CDHT with ECDSA to Enhance Authentication and Secure Communication in Mobile Grid Environment

H. Parveen Begam and M.A. Maluk Mohamed

Selection of Optimum Biodiesel for Rural Electrification Using Hybrid MCDM Technique

S. Durairaj, K. Sathiyaseka and M. Illangkumaran

Optimal Block Selection for Vein Based Multimodal Biometrics

S. Bharathi and R. Sudhakar

Evaluation of Cognitive Capacity of an Individual Using Biosignals-EOG and EEG with P300 Emphasis

K. Yasoda and A. Shanmugam

New Criteria for Estimating the Hidden Layer Neuron Numbers for Recursive Radial Basis Function Networks and its Application in Wind Speed Forecasting

M. Madhiarasan and S.N. Deepa

Hybrid Architecture for Overlapped Test Vector Compression

S. Rooban and R. Manimegalai

Data Hiding and Retrieving Using Complex Contourlet Transform

G. Saranya and S. Nirmala Devi

A Poisson-Exponential Energy Factors Based Cluster Head Selection Strategy for Wireless Sensor Network

P.L. Rajarajeswari and N.K. Karthikeyan

Measuring the Impact of Electronic Knowledge on Innovative Behavior

Hasan Ali Al-Zu`bi

Experimental Method to Improve the Accuracy of Phishing URL Detection Using Theil Classifier

R. Rakesh and A. Kannan

Threshold Based Lung Image Segmentation with Robust Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Optimization Technique

K. Senthil Kumar, K. Venkatalakshmi and K. Karthikeyan