Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 22, 2016)

DSR Protocol Heirarchy for Detection of Blackhole Attacks

L. Tejeswini, K.V.D.K. Kirn, S. Satyanarayana and B.V. Eeramallu

Rough Set Based Approach for Multiclass Breast Tissue Classification

V.P. Sumathi, K. Kousalya and V. Vanitha

Automatic Prevention of Union Query Type SQL Injection Attack Using Private Synonym and Error Message Controller

N. Gunaseeli and D. Jeya Mala

Hybrid ET-MAC Protocol Design for Energy Efficiency and Low Latency-Cross Layer Approach

Pandeeswaran Chelliah and Pappanatarajan

Optimal Resource Discovery and Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Modified Hierarchal Agglomerative Clustering Algorithm and Bi-Objective Hybrid Optimization Algorithm

P. Durgadevi and S. Srinivasan

A Location-Based Framework for Mobile Blood Donation and Consumption Assessment Using Big Data Analytics

Sherin Moussa

A New Improved Election Algorithm for Achieving High Availability in Distributed Systems

N. Gopikarani, G. Sudha Sadasivam and G. Kavitha

Cluster Based Routing Architecture Using PSO for ZigBee Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

B. Meenakshi and D. Karunkuzhali

Mining Personalized E-learning System for Enhancing Learner Skills

Maganti Venkatesh, M. Krishnamurthy, A. Swarupa and A. Kannan

Hybridization of K-Means and Harmony Search Based on Optimized Kernel Matrix and Unsupervised Constraints

S. Siamala Devi and A. Shanmugam

Design of Reconfigurable Discrete Cosine Transform in Multicore Architecture

R. Radhika and R. Manimegalai

QOS Based Web Service Composition for Selection Using Improved Gravitational Search Algorithm

N. Hema Priya and S. Chandramathi

A Secure Itrust Scheme Towards Trust Establishment in Delay Tolerant Networks Using Zone Based Routing Protocol

S. Balakrishnan

Multi Attribute Behavior Analysis Model Based Access Control for Performance Development in Collaborative Environment

S. Rajeshwari and A. Chandrasekar

Finding Infrequent Features During Feature Extraction in Opinion Mining Using Fuzzy Based Clustering

G. Bharathi Mohan and T. Ravi

Classification of Chemical Documents Using Multi Class Support Vector Machines

R. Hema and T.V. Geetha

Serpent Novel Planar Electromegnetic Band Gap Structures of Suppression of Switching Noise in High Speed PCB

K. Vishalatchi and N. Suresh Kumar

Optimizing Base Station Mobile Sink by Energy Balanced Clustering for Wireless Sensor Network

P. Parthiban, G. Sundararaj and P. Maniiarasan

QOE Prediction in Grid Based Environment

R. Rajeswari and N. Kasthuri

An Enhanced Approach of Message Digest Scheme for FPGA Based Sensor Node

A. Saravanaselvan and B. Paramasivan

Search Optimization Using Dynamic Query Forms for Heterogeneous Databases

G. Balakrishnan and M. Indra Devi

Authoritative Synchronized Converge-Cast Protocol for Reducing Packet Collisions in Wireless Sensor Networks

Rajasekar Rangasamy and Prakasam Periyasamy

A Novel Technique Optimization Search Engine Using Accurate Keywords Discover in Cloud

S. Saravanan and V. Venkatachalam

An Efficient Cognitive Radio Network Technique to Share Spectrum by Using Optimal Power Allocation

Kolluru Pavan Kumar, P. Sri Vijaya, M. Anusha, Razeena Begum Shaik and Meka Sowjanya

Two Dimensional Gaussian Distribution for Dynamic Node Deployment in Wireless Sensor Network

P. Rajaram and Prakasam Perisamy

A New Efficient Approach for Multi-Language Search Engines And Formation Retrieval Systems

Safaa I. Hajeer, Rasha M. Ismail, Nagwa L. Badr and M.F. Tolba

Region Based AODV Geographic Routing Protocol for Quasi MANET

I. Kala, N. Karthikeyan and S. Karthik

A New Image Encryption Method Using Scan Pattern and Random Key Stream

T. Sivakuma and T. Anusha

Priority Based Scheduling Based on Channel Utilization in OBS Networks

A. Vishnu Priya and P. Senthil Kumar

Fuzzy Controlled Bridgeless Cuk Converter Fed Switched Reluctance Motor

Kulandaivel Velusamy, Veena Parasunath and Jeyabharath Rajaiah

QOS Aware Cross Layer Design for H.264-SVC Video Transmission Simulation over IEEE 802.11e Networks

A. Srinivasan, Dhananjay Kumar and L. Arun Raj

The Study on the Path of Using Educational Applications-Focusing on the Technology Acceptance Model

Sahoon H. Kim

Multi Criterial Analysis for Diabetic Retinopathy

I.S. Hephzi Punithavathi and P. Ganesh Kumar

Intelligent Sensorless Fault Diagnosis of Mechatronics Module Wavelet Transformation Based

Tatiana Kruglova, Danil Shaykhutdinov, Dmitriy Shurygin, Sergey Yanvarev, Roman Leukhin, Dmitriy Litvin, Stas Tarkovalin and Aleksey Zinin