Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 15 Issue 24, 2016)

Investigating the Effect of Knowledge Sharing and Market Orientation in the Development of Organizational Performance

Neda Shahsiah and Reza Sepahvand

VPEDA: A Robust Vantage Point Based Event Detection Architecture for Efficient Object Detection and Localization

R.C. Karpagalakshmi, D. Tensing and A.M. Kalpana

Efficient DDoS Attack Detection Techniques for Privacy Protecting Routing Protocol in MANET

E. Ahila Devi, K. Chitra and C. Selvakumar

Energy Efficient Routing Protocol Using Grover’s Searching Algorithm for MANET

E. Mariappan, M. Kaliappan and S. Vimal

Efficient Heart Disease Prediction with Artificial Neural Network, Radial Basis Function and Case Based Reasoning

R. Jothi Kumar and R.V. Sivabalan

Fuzzy Based Composite Metric Approach to Control Redundant Sensors in Wireless Sensor Network

E. Sivajothi and P. Vivekanandan

Quantitative Preference Model for Dynamic Query Personalization

N. Buvaneswari and S. Bose

Robust Automatic Color Image Region Segmentation

A. Kalaivani and S. Chitrakala

Hash Based Security for Malicious Attacks in Vanets

Y.S. Sardius Nithin and K.V.D. Kiran

Gradient Vector Flow Analysis for Multimodality Medical Images

M. Jegan Mohan and S. Mohammed Mansoor Roomi

An Efficient Method for Big Data Classification

S. Gayathri Devi and M. Sabrigiriraj

Dynamic Resource Utilization in Energy Aware Resource Management in Cloud

C.V. Tejaswini and Y. Prasanth

General Self-Organizing Tree-Based Energy Balance Routing Protocol with Clustering for Wireless Sensor Network

S. Shivkumar, A. Kavitha, J.N. Swaminathan and R. Navaneethakrishnan

Gain Scheduling of the PID Controller Time Delay System Using Hybrid Methodology for Network Control System

Isra`a L. Salim, Osama Ali Awad and C.T. Kalaivani

A Semi-Automatic Segmentation Approach for Kidney Stone Detection in Ultrasound Images

T. Loganayagi

A Statistical Algorithm Approach for Explicit Image Discretion

R. Balamurali and A. Chandrasekar

SRR: Secured Resource Reservation in Grid Computing

S. Nirmala Devi and A. Pethalakshmi

Metropolitan Traffic Research and Analysis

Kumar Abhishek, Rohit Kashyap, Divya Upadhyay and M.P. Singh

Development of Secure and Reliable Communications System for Corporate Sector Over Mobile Telecom Networks

Aleksei Makhovikov and Sergei Kryltcov

Knowledge Model for Cassava Production

Emmanuel Ukpe and S.M.F.D. Syed Mustapha

A Survey on Data Carving in Digital Forensic

Nadeem Alherbawi, Zarina Shukur and Rossilawati Sulaiman

Cooperative Media Streaming and Transcoding on Live Video Chat over VoIP

J.T. Anita Rose, A. Chandrasekar and D. Frederick Swartz Daniel

Design and Analysis of Multimedia Compression Techniques

Kassim Mohammed Awad and Ali Makki Sagheer

Clustering the Verses of the Holy Qur’an Using K-Means Algorithm

Cepy Slamet, Ali Rahman, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani and Wahyudin Darmalaksana

Enhanced Distributed Exclusive Region Based MAC Protocol for UWB Channels with Fast Fading and Shadowing

Y.V. Adi Satyanarayana, K. Padma Raju and P.V. Naganjaneyulu

A Proposed Mobile-Online Payment Processing System

Samer Barakat

Explanatory Model of Professional Ethics to Promote Social Accountability in the Iranian Government Organizations

Rasool Sarihi Sfestani and Mehraban Hadi Peykani

Evaluations of Cache Coherence Protocols in Terms of Power and Latency in Multiprocessors

Babak Aghaei and Negin Zaman-Zadeh

Determining Appropriate Strategy to Improve Performance of Solid Waste Recycling System in Zahedan Using SWOT Method

Mohammad Mehdi Baneshi, Somayeh Rahdar, Hamed Biglari, Mehdi Saeidi, Morteza Ahamadabadi, Mohammad Reza Narooie, Arsalan Salimi, Razieh Khaksefidi and Vali Alipour

Detection of DDoS Attack by Monitoring Network Traffic Using Z-Test Based Statistical Analysis

K. Ganesh Kumar and N. Rengarajan

Sensor-Based Methods of Ecological Monitoring of Sulfur-Containin Pollutants in Atmosphere

S.G. Bessonov, I.L. Zubkov, A.V. Maslennikov and E.S. Orlov

Geocryological Aspects of Landscape Formation in River Valleys of Kolyma River Upper Reaches

Nikolay Vasilyevich Ukhov

A Novel Approach for Rendering Interactive Animation Using Non-Deterministic Finite State Transitions and Warshall Algorithm

D. Narashiman and T. Mala

Ecological Anatomy of Flood-Plain Ephemeral Plants of the Lower Amur Basin

Dulmazhab Tzyrenova, Alina Kasatkina and Alexander Dulin

An Indirect Estimation of Soil Quality Changes Resulting from Groundwater Use in Sistan and Baluchistan

Hamed Biglari, Somayeh Rahdar, Mehdi Saeidi, Mohammad Reza Narooie, Arsalan Salimi, Razieh Khaksefidi, Mohammad Mehdi Baneshi, Morteza Ahamadabadi and Vali Alipour

Estimating the Manpower Required in the Human Resources Department of Imam Khomeini Hospital Using the Method of Work and Time Measurement

Hojjat Rahmani, Marziye Najafi, Baharak Pourrajab and Soghra Moradi

Criteria and Methods of Exploration System’s Parameters Optimization

Elena Sergeevna Lomakina and Fitsak Vladimir Vasilievich

Video-Based Traffic Surveillance with Feature Extraction and Dimensionality Reduction

J. Angel Ida Chellam and N. Rajkumar