Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 12, 2004)

The Evolutionary Tendencies of the Banking Environment and the Impact of Banks’ Risk and Size on Their Profitability: The Prospect of Banking Institutions and Suggestions of Policy

George Thanos , Panayotis Dimopoulos and Constantinos Tsamadias

Quantification of Nonstationary Structure in High-dimensional Time Series

Andreas Galka , Heiko Hansen , Tohru Ozaki and Gerd Pfister

Design of Human Sensibility Model via Color and Gray Information and Its Application to Content-based Image Retrieval

Hun-Woo Yoo , Dong-Sik Jang , Dae-Ki Kim and Dong-Won Park

Photographic Technology – The Value of Photo-documentation in Laryngeal Cases: Foreign Bodies Detection In The Airway

Rahmat Omar

Research Study Using Star Distance Data Hiding Technique to Design and Develop E-Stamp

Ke-Jian Ma , Jeanne Chen , Tung-Shou Chen and Chang-Cheng Li

The Evolving Online Banking Environment in the Globe

M. Abu Bakar Siddique , Mohammed Shahedul Quader and Akhter Jahan

Robust Digital Image Watermarking System Based on Locating Technique Against Lossy Compression and Cropping

Ching-Te Wang , Tung-Shou Chen and Chia-Mei Tu

Application of DNA Technology in Determining the Virulence Genes Responsible for Haemorrhagic Septicaemia of Pasteurella multocida Serotype B by Using ‘Shotgun’ Cloning

Salmah Ismail

An 8-Year Comparison Study Between Freezing and Lyophilization of Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

Olga C Aulet de Saab and Marta Cecilia de Castillo

A Non-Parametric Approach of Assessing Greek Investment Banks Effectiveness

George A. Thanos , John M. Paleologos and Dimitrios S. Salamouris

Legal Aspects of Electronic Bills of Lading in Shipping Industry

Mohammed Shamim Uddin Khan , Mohammed Shahedul Quader and Tanvir Mohammad Hayder Arif

Design of the Data Mining Classification Model and Their Performance Comparison for Financial Index, KOSPI200 - SVM, Neural Network, Logistic Regression Analysis, Discriminant Analysis

An Ontology-based Mediator of Integrating Heterogeneous Learning Objects

Hyunjong Choe and Taeyoung Kim

Perception-based Feature Weight Refinement for Boosting Image Retrieval Performance

Hun-Woo Yoo , Sang-Sung Park and Dong-Sik Jang

An Enhanced Model for Content Based Video Retrieval

P Seethalakshmi, V. Ramachandran and R. Pandian

Discussion and Analysis of Power Supply Schemes of Active Optical-Fiber Electric Transducer

Xiao-tao Han , Xiang-gen Yin , Yi xiong Nie and Wan-ling Yang

Process Algebraic Model of Out-of-Order Superscalar Processor Programs for Instruction Level Timing Analysis

Hee-Jun Yoo and Jin-Young Choi

Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Translation of English Electronic Meeting Comments

Milam Aiken , Sang Kim and Mahesh Vanjani

A Review on Segmented Displays of Bangla Letters and Digits

Md Abdus Sattar , Al-Mukaddim Khan Pathan , Salimur Rashid Choudhury and A. K. M. Najmul Islam

Implementation of Irregular Turbo Codes in OFDM Systems

A. Shanmugam , A. R. Abdul Rajak and P. Anitha

Radio Propagation Path Loss Studies in Mobile Communication (GSM)

Nazar Elfadil , Zia Nadir , Md. Abdus Salam and Ravi