Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 4 Issue 4, 2005)

Trading Strategy Generation Using Genetic Algorithms

Jiah-Shing Chen

CHESS-64, a Block Cipher Based on Data-Dependent Operations: Design Variants and Hardware Implementation Efficiency

N. A. Moldovyan , A. A. Moldovyan , N. Sklavos and O. Koufopavlou

A Requirements Traceability to Support Change Impact Analysis

Suhaimi Ibrahim , Malcolm Munro and Aziz Deraman

Computational Aspects to Study the Effect of Electrostatic Field of High Voltages Transmission Lines on the Human Body

Ossama E. Gouda , Ghada M. Amer and Adel Z. Al Dein

Heart Rate Variability Analysis Using Wavelet Transform

Daqrouq and N. M. Abu-Shikhah

Data Analysis for Assessing the Reliability of a 132 KV Transmission System in Sulaimani-Erbil Network

Ghamgeen Izat Rashed , Dr.Asso R. Majeed , S.J.Cheng and IEEE Senior Member

ERP Software Selection Process at a Mid-size Manufacturing Company

Enar A. Tunc and Ronald L. Burgoon

Security Analysis of MSN Messenger

Zhenyu Hu , Zhaiqiang Liu and Dengguo Feng

Designing 30–Segment Display for Bengali Consonants

Salahuddin Mohammad Masum , Swapon Chandra Dash , Sarwar Morshedul Haque and Kazi Faisal Kabir

Critical Thinking in Web-Based Learning

Nuriye Semerci and Cetin Semerci

Two Attacks on A User Friendly Remote Authentication Scheme with Smart Cards

Kuo-Feng Hwang and En Liao

Design of a Digital Switching Mechanism for PC Based Cartesian Routed Networks

Hussain Muhammad Asdar , Khan M. Imran and Khan Zulfiqar

Design and Development of Middle Layer for a Seamless Town

Kamrul Hasan , Hasan Mahmud , Arifur Rahman Molla , Mahbubul Haque and Aniz Fatema

Intention Scheduling for BDI Agent Systems

Shung-Bin Yan , Zu-Nien Lin , Hsun-Jen Hsu and Feng-Jian Wang

Research of Main Protection Scheme for ALSTOM Generator of the Three Gorges Right Bank Power Station

XIA Yong-jun , YIN Xiang-gen , CHEN De-shu and HUANG Lei

Ethical Implications of Independent Quality Auditing

James E. Walters and Ramesh Dangol

Computer Fraud

Kevin Curran , Laura Mc Elwee and Shubhanker Upadhyaya

Cyber Terrorism

Kevin Curran , Kevin Concannon and Sean Mc Keever

Video Games on Mobile Devices

Kevin Curran , Richard Kayne and Damian McKee

Data Warehouses Past, Present and Future

Bilal A. H. Abul-Huda , Tark Kan`an , Omar Al-Azzam and Ashraf Bany Musafa

An Extended RBAC Model to Prevent Information Leakage Within Object-Oriented Systems

Shih-Chien Chou and Yih-Cheng Lee

Utilizing the Semantic Web in Intelligent Decision Making

Kevin Curran and Gary Gumbleton

Multimodal On-board Car Navigation Systems

Kevin Curran and Eoghan Barr

Auto-K Dynamic Clustering Algorithm

Xiwu Han and Tiejun Zhao