Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 5 Issue 12, 2006)

A Trigonometric Approach for Simultaneous Compression and Encryption

A. Anasuya Threse Innocent , V. Kavitha and K.S. Easwarakumar

New Methodology Selection of Drilling Machines

L. Khochman and A.E. Hadjadj

A Java-Based Estimation System for Real-Time Internet Access

Seifedine Kadry

An Ontology-Based E-Learning Authoring System

Hyunjong Choe

Time Bound Authorization in PKI

S. Radhakrishnan , A.Chandrasekar and N.V Ballaji

Microstructural Evolution in Terms of Porosity in High-Tc Superconductors

Ahmed Ouari , Mohamed Guerioune , Amar Boudour and Youcef Boumaiza

Matrix Inversion and Optical Flow Computation

T. Bouden and N. Doghmane

Server-Aided Signature Scheme Based on Password without Servers` Public Keys

Xianping Mao and Tianjie Cao

The Use of VIS/NIR Hyper-Spectral Analysis on Moisture and Fat Content Predictions for Breaded-Fried Chicken Nuggets

Samira Kazemi , Michael Ngadi , Ning Wang and Shiv O. Prasher

Role of Tin and Zinc on the Proprietes of Liquid Copper

M.S. Hamani and R. Laissaoui

Semi-Formal and Formal Notation Automated Assessment

Noraida Haji Ali , Zarina Shukur and Sufian Idris

Robust Multiplesigncrypt Scheme with Order Flexiblity

Paul Rodriques , A. Chandrasekar , S. Radhika and N.V. Ballaji

Backstepping Control Design for Position and Speed Tracking of DC Motors

Souad Chaouch and Mohamed-Said Nait-Said

Impact of Transient Over-Voltages on the Skirting of Electrical Transmission Line Insulators Corona Effects

E.B. Azzag , M. Houabes , H. Labar , H. Kateb and K. Chaoui

Detection of Broken Rotor Bars in the Squirrel Cage Induction Motors

Tahar Bahi , Amel Ourici , George Barakat and Mohamed Benouaret

Tungsten Silicide Thin Films Preparation by Magnetron Sputtering

H. Karmed and A. Khellaf

Linkability of Convertible Undeniable Partially Blind Signature Scheme

Hong Lei and Tianjie Cao

Comparative Analysis of Female Extensionists and Researchers' Attitude Towards Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Southeast Nigeria

O.M. Adesope , E.L. Adebayo and A.C. Agumagu

Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Effects of Operating Parameters on Nitric Oxide Emissions from Spark-Ignition Engines

Tayeb Ouksel , Mahfoud Kadja , Pascal Higelin and Abdelaziz Chelghoum

Indirect Vector Control of Induction Motor with on Line Rotor Resistance Identification

Khaled Yahia , Salah-Eddine Zouzou and Fateh Benchabane

Sensorless Nonlinear Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using the Extended Kalman Filter

A. Titaouine , A. Moussi , F. Benchabane and K. Yahia

Study of the Kinetics of the Elimination of Hydrogen from Copper Alloys

M.S. Hamani and D.E. Hammoudi

CFAR Threshold Optimization by EMS-GA in Non Homogeneous Backgrounds

Latifa Abdou and Faouzi Soltani

A Combined Statistical and Structural Approach for Texture Representation

C. Umarani , L. Ganesan and S. Radhakrishnan

A Supervised Watershed Algorithm for Image Segmentation

S. Kothainachiar and R.S.D. Wahita Banu

An Information Integration Framework for Multi-Project Coordinated Management in AEC Industry

Shi Yong-dong , Du Lan-ying , He Wei , He Bo and Zhou Yu

A Three Phase Shunt Active Power Filter for Currents Harmonics Suppression and Reactive Power Compensation

A. Omeiri , A. Haddouche , L. Zellouma and S. Saad

Analysis of Reconfigurable Architecture for Delay Sensitive Voice Streams over IP Networks

P.K. Jawahar and V. Vaidehi

A Fast Testable Digital Fuzzy Logic Controller

H. Chemali, A. Khellaf , A. Benhamadouche and A. Ballouti

Hardware Key for Information Systems Users Authentification

Asad Mahmoud Al-Naser

Detection of an Electrical Drive Failure by Parameters Estimation

MB. Hamaidi and A. Haddouche

A Decision Support System for the University Timetabling Problem with Instructor Preferences

Yavuz Gunalay and Tuna Sahin

An Energy Efficient Adaptive Location Aided Flooding Protocol for Wireless Sensor networks

L.Nalini Joseph and G.V.Uma