Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 5 Issue 10, 2006)

An HMM-Based Model for Moving Object Detection

A.R. Debilou and S. Aouragh

Data Transmission in Wireless Modem for Hardware Section

Ankur Singh and Jasvir Singh

Software Implementation of Wireless Modem Using RS232

Ankur Singh and Jasvir Singh

Effect of Multi-Rate on the Performance of WCDMA Downlink FDD Mode at Bandwidth 5 MHz

Suyeb Ahmed Khan , Jasvir Singh and Mahmood Mian

On the Computer Aided Analysis and Implementation of Data Parsing Function in 56kbps Voiceband Modem

Davinder Pal Sharma and Jasvir Singh

Application of Fuzzy Logic for Control Speed of an Indirect Vector Control Induction Motor

Rachid Lalalou , Tahar Bahi , Hacene Bouzekri and Nasr Eddine Debbache

Routing Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Latha Tamilselvan and V. Sankaranarayanan

The Academic Librarian and the Internet: A Survey, Attitude and Impact in Nigerian Universities


Digital Watermarking Techniques and Principles An Evolutionary Approach

Ashish Bansal and Sarita Singh Bhadauria

A Hybrid Feature Selection Method Using Modular Perceptron Networks

Yen-Po Lee , Wei-Yu Han , Wu-Ja Lin and Kuang-Shyr Wu

Load Balancing in Grid Computing

Belabbas Yagoubi , Hadj Tayeb Lilia and Halima Si Moussa

Performance Evaluation of Wavelets for Image Compression

Yogendra Kumar Jain and Sanjeev Jain

Design of Low Power Double Edge Triggered D Flip Flop

S. Kaja Mohideen and J. Rajapaul Perinbam

Controlled Dan/Petri Nets for Modeling Multiple and Simultaneous Control of Discrete Event Systems

Eleazar Jimenez Serrano , Keijiro Araki and Shigeru Kusakabe

The Performance of CDMA System with Novel Concatenated EC Schemes in AWGN Channel

A.R. Abdul Rajak

Spread Spectrum Techniques for Powerline Communication

C.D. Suriyakala and P.E. Sakaranarayanan

A Parallel Processing Approach to Image Processing Application Using Simultaneous Multi Threading

K. Manjunathachari

Integrated Investment Decision-Support Framework Analyzing and Synthesizing Multi-Dimensional Market Dynamics

Wanli Chen , Longbing Cao and Zhe Qin

Expert System Model to Analyze the Role of Information Technology in Supporting Activities in the Life

B. Venkata Raju and S.P. Rajagopalan

Enhanced Observed Time Difference Location Technology Through Fading Channels in GSM Networks

Mohammad S. Sharawi

Fault Diagnosis of Technical Processes Based on the Multi-Model Approach

Messaoud Ramdani and Noureddine Doghmane