Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 5 Issue 9, 2006)

Recognition of Contour Invariants with Neurofuzzy Classifier

Siti Mariyam Shamsuddin , Azah Kamilah Muda and Tan Shuen Chuan

Numerical Solution of Mechanical Vibrating Systems Using Cellular Neural Networks

V.Murugesh and N. Rengarajan

Motion Planning and Control of Mobile Manipulators

A.Hassam , K. Benmahammed and M. Hamani

An Effective Iris Identification System Using Segmentation and Hough Transform

Lahcene Ziet , Djahli Farid and Haniched Ilhem

A Numerical Solution for Hydrogen Atoms Like

Hossein Parsian and Reza Sabzpoushan

Model of a Cooperative Simulation Project

Ahmed Korichi and Brahim Belattar

An Analysis of Key Management in Cryptographic Algorithms

E.Ramaraj , S. Karthikeyan and N. Laitha

Fast Global Motion Estimation for Image Sequences

Z.E. Baarir and F. Charif

Design of Hardware Accelerators for Content Based Video Indexing

A.Ben Abdelali , A. Mtibaa , E. Bourennane and M. Abid

Design and Development of Ontology for Natural Language Requirement Specification by Eliciting Object Oriented Elements

G.S.Anandha Mala and G.V. Uma

A New Adaptive Post-Processing Method for Artifact Reduction in Video Coding Using Interpolation

K. Venkatachalapathy

Enabling Intelligent Information Retrieval from Tamil Document Images

S.Abirami and D. Manjula

Application of Fuzzy Logic to Layout of Integrated Circuits

Hacene Azizi , Khier Benmahammed and Lamri Ouaoui

A Knowledge Based Approach for Story Generation From Ontology

A. Jaya and G.V. Uma

Application of Genetic Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

M.Roberts Masillamani and G.V. Uma

New Approaches for Selective Aes Towards Tackling Error Propagation Effect of Aes

Chandan T. Bhunia

Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Experiments Between Laboratory Water and Clays (Pure Metahalloysite)

Fella Assassi and Christophe Renac

Physical Modeling and Control of Electric Arc Furnace by Neural Inverse Model

M.M. Lafifi , B. Boulebtateche , S. Afifi , Z. Oualia , R. Lakel , M. Bedda and F. Labed