Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 10, 2004)

An Identity-Based Proxy Blind Signature Scheme from Bilinear Pairings

Lang Weimin , Yang Zongkai and Tan Yunmeng

Electronic Commerce: Competitive Advantages and Impact on Industry Structure

Mohammed Shamim Uddin Khan and Mohammed Shahedul Quader

The Contribution of DSL Technology in Developing a Distance Learning Model

George Zardas

Gradient Broadcasting in Mobile Ad-hoc Wireless Network Using Smart Antenna

Zongkai Yang , Samba Sesay , Zhen Fan and Jianhua He

An Application for a Production System by Using Simulation Modelling Tecniques

Celaleddin Lu and Z. Rafet Akden

Data Processing System for a Production Factory

Celaleddin Lu and Rafet Akden Z

A Review of Performances, H.323 Verses SIP on Voice over IP

Hussain Muhammad Asdar , Deng Shaomin and Robertson William

Hardware design of a Smart Multi Purpose Electronic Nose System

Z. Iskandarani Mahmoud and Nidal F. Shilbayeh

A Novel Scheme to Extract Incident Voltage Traveling-Waves of EHV Transmission Lines

Zhihua-Wang , Xianggen-Yin , Deshu-Chen , Xiaobo-Zhang and Jingchao-Yang

Effective Bounding Volumes for Monte Carlo Direct Lighting

Chung-Ming Wang and Yuan-Yu Tsai

Classification by an Alternative of the Nearest Neighbor Method

L. Zouaoui , H. Akdag , M. Bedda and M. Boughazi

A Novel Approach to Sampling the Helical Canal Surface

Chung-Ming Wang and Peng-Cheng Wang

Optimal Pricing and Resource Allocation in Differentiated Service Networks

Zhang Guan Xiang , He Jian Hua , Tan Xian Si and Liu Yan

Cluster Computers for e-Business Applications

Fred L. Kitchens , Sushil K. Sharma and Thomas Harris

Multimedia Data Security and Compression

Bilal A. H. Abul-Huda and Laila Faiq A. Al-Mubarak

Multimedia Applications In Various Fields

Bilal A. H. Abul-Huda and Manar Abdulla Ali Al-Khalifa

MPC-Based Method Dealing with Vacant Sampling and Data Rejection in Networked Control Systems

Jianyong Yu , Shiming Yu and Yimin Mei

Object-Oriented Multi-Media: Definitions, Importance, Usages, Technological Components, Benefits and Constraints

Bilal A. H. Abul-Huda and Mona Ahmed Al-Mussallam

Analysis of Early-Stop Arq Protocol for Watm Networks in Awgn Channel

G.Nagarajan , Didde Vijayakumar and T.G.Palanivelu

Knowledge Workers` Organisational Commitment in Malaysia

Nahariah Jaffar , Zarehan Selamat and Salsiah Mohd Ali

Performance Comparison of Thresholding Algorithms on Uneven Illuminated Image

Abdulkadir Seng?r , Ibrahim T , rkoglu and M. Cevdetince

Internal Flow due to the Longitudinal and Torsional Oscillation of a Cylinder

Karim Rahaman