Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 9, 2004)

Text Categorization using Association Rule and Na?ve Bayes Classifier

S. M. Kamruzzaman and Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman

A Framework for Assessment of E-commerce Capabilities

Sushil K. Sharma

Animation by Deformation

Rajan Periyanayagam and A. Arokiasamy

Regular Deformation Using OpenGL

Rajan Periyanayagam and A. Arokiasamy

How Computer-mediated Communication Can Increase the Creative Performance of Innovation Teams

Jan Kratzer , Roger Th.A.J. Leenders and Jo M.L. van Engelen

Planning the Multimedia City: Swot Analysis, for the Malaysia Case

Norhayati Abd. Mukti and Jalaluddin Abdul Malek

Characterizing and Modeling of 2.4 GHz ISM Band Radio Propagation in Indoor Environment

Y. E. Mohammed , A. S. Abdallah and LIU Yuan-an

A New Statistical Method to Represent Speech Signals

Rafet Akdeniz and B. Siddik Yarman

Parsing with Sort Information

Wenlong Nie and Shier Ju

Fast Cascade Exponentiation Schemes Based on String Compression Algorithms

Ching-Te Wang , Chin-Chen Chang and Chu-Hsing Lin

Apply Support Vector Machines to the Tampered Images` Detection and Classification

Keh-Jian Ma , Tung-Shou Chen , Chun-Liang Tung and Chih-Wei Lin

Formalization of SCF for Chinese Verbs

Xiwu Han and Tiejun Zhao

An Improved Identity-Based Ring signature Scheme

Weimin Lang , Zongkai Yang , Bing Peng and Yunmeng Tan

Rolling out Enterprise Systems – Implementation Problems and Solutions

Enar Tunc and Sushil K. Sharma

Dynamic Personalization in Component-Based Application

Zahi Jarir and Mohammed Erradi

A Connectivity Decision Support System (Cdss) for Wireless Networks

Michael R. Bartolacci , Abdullah Konak and Roger M.Whitaker

A Review of Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks: Connectivity Issues and Research

Michael R. Bartolacci

Modeling of Inter-Organizational Workflow and Agent-Based Implementation

S. Wesley Changchien , 1Ya-Tai Lin and Tzu-Chuen Lu

Prognostic Role of Complete Right Bundle Branch Block after Percutaneous Transluminal Septal Myocardial Ablation in First Series of Patients with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy

Chen Shao-liang , MD , Ye Fei , Xu Zu-ling , Lin Song , Duan Bao-xiang , Dai Zhen-ling , Shan Shou-jie and Zhang Jun-jie

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling on Windows Platforms

L. Yu and N. N. B. Salvador