Asian Journal of Information Technology (2022 Volume 21)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1682-3915 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-5994 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 6, 2012)

Investigating Dynamics of Software Project Quality under Requirement Volatility Patterns

Rahul Thakurta

An Integrated Development Environment for Blocks Creation

Marlinawati Djasmir, Sufian Idris, Marini Abu Bakar and Abdullah Mohd Zin

Investigation on Iris Recognition System Adopting Cryptographic Techniques

S. Selvamuthukumaran, T. Ramkumar and S. Hariharan

Web Based Management for Online Finance System

Maria Akther, Md. Kaiser Ahmed and Md. Zahid Hasan

Study and Implementation of Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) Using WSN

N.K. Karthikeyan, K. Venkatachalam and R. Prabhakaran

Performance Evaluation of Chaotic Encryption Technique

Ancy Mariam Babu and K. John Singh

Content-Based Video Streaming Using NS2-Design and Simulation

P. Sankar and C. Chellamuthu

Mobile Agent Framework for Network Intrusion Detection System with Classification Algorithm

R. Sasikumar and D. Manjula

An Adaptive Recognition Technique Named SOMEF Based on Ear and Face Without Subject’s Cooperation Using Neural Network Based Self Organizing Maps

A.S. Raja and V. JosephRaj

An MPLS Based Load Balancing Technique for VoIP Flows

J. Faritha Banu and V. Ramachandran

Two Hop Clustering Scheme for Pseudolinear Mobile Ad Hoc Network (THPM)

Ambreen Zaman, Mahfida Amjad and Kazi Sakib

Performance Analysis of Web Page Recommendation Algorithm Based on Weighted Sequential Patterns and Markov Model

K. Suneetha

Centralized Media Independent Soft Handover Decision (CMISHD) for Multi-Interface Mobile Node in 4G Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

P. Vetrivelan and P. Narayanasamy

Secure Authentication Technique for Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks

P.S. Velumani and S. Murugappan

OpteLoc: An Optimal Energy Consumption Model for Localization in Wireless Sensor Network Using Multi-Hop Cluster Routing and Discrete Power Control

M. Vasim Babu and A.V. Ramprasad

Knowledge Distribution in Multi Agent Systems

William J. Teahan, Nidal A. Al-Dmour and Peter G. Tuff