Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (2022 Volume 19)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1683-8831 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6052 (Online)
Archive (Volume 5 Issue 6, 2008)

Dress Code: Striking a Balance Between Modernity and Modesty in Nigerian Higher Institutions of Learning

T.A. Bolarin and Oluwatobi Pemede

Violence and Fair Play in Sport

Mehmet Goral

The Effect of Aid Flows on Nigeria�s Agricultural Growth

Godwin Akpokodje and Ben U. Omojimite

Distance Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Workers� Productivity

M.A. Ayeni

Assessing the Need for Literacy in the Mother Tongue for National Development

G. Olu Oyinloye

Bridging the Existing Gap Between Human Resource Management Function (HRMF) and Enterprise Management (EM) in Nigeria

Benjamin J. Inyang

An Evaluation of the Performance of Private Transport Companies in Selected Southwestern of Nigeria

J.R. Aworemi and M.O. Ilori

Analysis of Borrowed Words in the Spoken Discourse of Turkmen Native Speakers in Iran: A Sociolinguistic Perspective

Abbas Eslami Rasekh , Behrooz Ghoorchaei and Nematullah Shomoossi

Stationarity Analysis of the Impact of Monetary Policy on the Economic Performance in Nigeria

Sola Olorunfemi and Faloye Olaleye Dotun

The Relationship Between Environmental Factors and Health Problems of Secondary School Students in Oyo State, Nigeria

F.C. Anyanwu , R.O. Adio-Moses and M.T. Obaretin

Role of Agricultural Cooperatives in Raising the Production and Job Opportunities in Iranian Villages

Abdul-Hamid Papzan and Shokrollah Hamdhaidari

Promoting a Culture of Reading and Research: Challenges for Efficiency and Effectiveness in Schools as Learning and Teaching Institutions

G.T. Tsayang

Women and Engineering Education in Nigerian Universities

A.S. Adavbiele and J.A. Adavbiele

Effects of Mothers� Type of Feeding During Their Infancy on Their Infants Feeding

Sakha Kazem and Ghalehgolab Behbahan Afshin

Women and Technological Development in Nigeria

A.S. Adavbiele and J.A. Adavbiele

Determinants of Safe Maternity Delivery Practices in Bangladesh: A Logistic Regression Analysis

Mahfuzar Rahman , Shahidur Rahman Choudhary and Syeda Afreena Mamun

Adjustment of the Elderly in Relation to Living Arrangement, Gender and Family Life Satisfaction

P.O. Sijuwade

Determinants of Early Marriage in Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Tapan Kumar Roy

Mother�s Health Seeking Behaviour at Rajshahi District

Mahfuzur Rahman , Rashed Alam , Tapan Kumar Roy and Abdul Goni

Interactive Options in Online Newspapers of Bangladesh

Mashihur Rahman

The Plight of Illegal Migrant Workers in South Korea: Loss of Inhabitant Cultural Values and Involvement in Internal Conflicts

Aminul Islam Sumon

Relative Effects of Demonstration and Videotape Mediated Instructional Strategies on Nigerian Secondary School Students Achievement and Retention in Yoruba Language

O.V. Adeosun and C.A. Ayodele

The Effect of Women�s Education and Some Socio-Economic Variables on Fertility and Contraceptive Use in Bangladesh: A District Level Analysis

Abdul Goni

Access in Cities and Sustainable Urban Transport: A Challenge for Third World City Planning Practice

O.B. Akinbamijo