Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (2022 Volume 19)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1683-8831 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6052 (Online)
Archive (Volume 17 Issue 2, 2020)

Textbook Developing: Increasing Learning Outcomes through Mind Map-Oriented Textbooks

Binti Komariyah, Wahyu Sukartiningsih and Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

Application: Learning Rare Animal Diversity Through Audio Visual Media

Titik Setyo Endang, Wahyu Sukartiningsih and Nasution

The Implementation and Problem Solving of Mathematics Students Learning Outcomes: Syntax of Polya as the Solution of the Mathematics Problem Solving

Triasih Yuniwati, Siti Maghfirotun Amin and Agung Lukito

The Increase of Learning Outcome: Cooperative Learning Team Game Tournament Type Based on the Picture Media on the Material Rights and Obligations

Susilawati , Wahyu Sukartiningsih and Waspodo Tjipto Subroto

The Cooperative Learning Model Talking Stick Type in Improving Student Activities and Results on Theme Various Occupations

Mega Suwardini, Muhari and Suhanadji

Enhancement of Student Activity and Learning Outcomes of Social Study Materials of Work Types

Senja Samodra, Muhari and Suhanaji

Development of Social Literacy Program to Enhance the Understanding of Social Study Concept Theme My Goals in Students of Grade 4 Elementary School

Risdiana Andika Fatmawati, Wahyu Sukartiningsih and Suhanadji

The Development of Social and Educational Mobility of Students using Effective Functioning of the Educational Units

Lygina Marina

Differences of Organizational Effectiveness Between Sapordanco Village and Bonkawir Village District of Waisai City Raja Ampat Regency

Lazarus Ramandei

Structuring and Strengthening Village Government of Skouw Sae Village Muara Tami District the City of Jayapura (RI-PNG Border)

Hiskia CM. Sapioper, Ibrahim Kristofol Kendi and Lazarus Ramandei