Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (2022 Volume 19)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1683-8831 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6052 (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 1, 2005)

Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Bangladesh Economy

Md. Alauddin Majumder

Urban Women Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh: A Study on some Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in City Areas

Shahadat Hossain

Government Expenditures on Social Services: How far has the Poor Benefited in Swaziland?

Oluyele Akinkugbe

The Personality of Journalists in Bangladesh

A.M. Zakaria Khan

A Study of Attitude of the Two Age Catagories of Rural Females Towards Traditions and Customes of Marriage

2Babak Mahmood , 2Shabir Hussain and 1Iram Babak

Further International Evidence on the Effect of Private Investment, Economic Freedom and Openness on Economic Growth

A. N. M. Moinul Islam

Business Plans for Continuing Education

Juha Kettunen

Fertility Trends in South Asian Countries

Md. Ripter Hossain

Gender Roles of Rural Women in Small Districts of Adana Province, Turkey

Muge K. Davran

Aging in Bangladesh and its Population Projections

Md. Ripter Hossain

Paradox of Developing Country Foreign Direct Investments: A Case of the South Korean Electronics Industry

Sanghan Yea

Strategic Factors in International Location Decision: An Empirical Analysis on Changing World Context

Mohammed Shamsul Karim and Mohammad Yasir Rabbi

Impacts of Poor Productivity on Profitability-A Comparative Analysis on Selected Public and Private Sector Manufacturing Enterprises in Bangladesh

Begum Ismat Ara Huq

Women Entrepreneurship Development - A Case Study of Some Women Entrepreneurs in Chittagong

Begum Ismat Ara Huq

Adolescent Fertility in Bangladesh

Md. Mahabub-ul-Anwar

Individual and Neighborhood Influences on Intercaste Marriage

Scott T. Yabiku

Social Capital: A Multidimensional Approach of Socioeconomic Development

1Mohammed Shamim Uddin Khan , 2Farid Ahammad Sobhani and 1Mohammad Hasmat Ali

Entrepreneurship Development in Transport Sector of Bangladesh: A Study on Chittagong City

Mohammed Shamim Uddin Khan , Tanvir Mohammad Hayder Arif and Mohammad Hasmat Ali

Volume of Trading Around Public Announcement: Hypothetical Approaches

1Shelina Akhter and 2Md. Abu Misir

Export and Industrial Development in Bangladesh: An Econometric Investigation for Two Way Causation

Md. Nesarul Karim

Private Investment and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation

1Md. Nesarul Karim , Muhammad Mahbubur Rahaman and 1Md.Hasmat Ali

Test of Two-Way Causation Between Export and Economic Growth: An Empirical Evidence of Bangladesh Economy

1Ajit Kr. Ray and 2Md. Nesarul Karim

Wealth Management Strategies in the Era of E-commerce

1Mohammed Shahedul Quader , 2Mohammad Shamsuddoha and 1Akhter Jahan

Structural Changes in Land Use and Rural Livelihoods of Bangladesh

M. A. I. Akanda

Innovation in Distribution: A Sustainable Network System in the Competitive Market Place

1Tanvir Mohammad Hayder Arif , 2Mohammed Shahedul Quader and 2A. B. M. Javeed Ahsan

The Challenges of Good Governance: A View from Bangladesh

1Md.Nurul Momen and 2Marzina Begum

From Public Administration to New Public Management: An Analysis

Amir M. Nasrullah

Elephant-Facilitated Psychotherapy – A Clinical Evaluation

1H. C. Swanepoel and 2 J. S. J. Odendaal

Rural Development in Bangladesh: Concepts, Dimensions and Significance

Md. Shairul Mashreque and Amir M. Nasrullah