Research Journal of Biological Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1815-8846 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6087 (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 7, 2008)

A Comparison of Social Problem Solving in Patients with OCD, PTSD, PD and Non-Patient Controls: To Control of the Intolerance of Uncertainty

Abbass Abolghasemi and Mohammad Narimani

Fatigue Properties of Soldered Minalux and Verabond II Ni Base Dental Alloys

S. Mir Mohammad Rezaei , F. Gramipanah , A. Fallahi Arezodar and A. Amini

Mathematical Differentiation to Reveal the Fermentative Characteristics of Lactobacillus helveticus ATCC 15009

Chiung-Chi Peng , Ming-Hua Yang , Chao-Ming Chuang , Chiu-Lan Hsieh , Hui-Er Wang , Chun-Hung Chiu , Charng-Cherng Chyau , Kuan-Chou Chen and Robert Y. Peng

The Survey of Relationship of Attachment Styles and Self-Efficacy to Conflict Resolution Styles of Sport Coaches

M. Narimani , H.R. Agamohammadian and M. Ghaffari

Study of Contraception Status of Female Diabetic Patients in Childbearing Years

Akbar Aliasgharzadeh , Nasser Aghamohammadzadeh , Majid Mobasseri , Mitra Niafar , Farzad Najafipour , Amir Bahrami , Rogayyeh Derogar and Omid Mashrabi

Effect of Atropine vs Oxytocin in Arrest of Dilatation And Descent

Sahaf Ebrahimi Farnaz , Abbasalizadeh Shamsi and Mashrabi Omid

Ruminal Dry Matter and Crude Protein Degradability of Some Tropical (Iranian) Feeds Used in Ruminant Diets Estimated Using the in situ and in vitro Techniques

H. Paya , A. Taghizadeh , H. Janamohamadi and G.A. Moghadam

Study on Colonization of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) and Relationship with Perinatal Complication in Pregnant Women Referred to Alzahra Hospital

Abdollahi Fard Seddigheh , Ghotasloo Reza and Zafardoost Simin

Effect of Sowing Dates on Grain and Biological Yield, Oil and Meal Protein Percentage in Three Cultivars of Rape (Brassica napus L.)

A.M. Daneshian , A.R. Ahmadzadeh , H.A. Shahriar and A.R. Khanizadeh

Evaluation of Some of the Properties of Stellon QC-20 Acryl

Farideh Geramipanah , Mahnaz Hatami and Sima Shahabi

Identification of Fusarium solani F. sp. pisi the Cause of Root Rot in Chickpea and Assessment of its Genetic Diversity Using AFLP in Northeast Iran

F. Hasanzade , M. Falahati Rastegar , B. Jafarpour and M. Kermani

The Effect of Dexametasone on Morbidity of Adenotonsillectomy in Iranian Children

Yalda Jabbari-Mogadaam , Masood Naderpoor , Mehrnoosh Mousavi-Agdas , Omid Mashrabi and Majid Ravaghi

Assessment of Adenoid Size in Children

Shahin Abdollahi-Fakhim , Masood Naderpoor , Nikzad Shahid , Reza Javadrashid , Omid Mashrabi and Majid Ravaghi

Water Stress Induced Stomatal Closure in Two Maize Cultivars

Nayer Mohammadkhani and Reza Heidari

Effect of Petrocarya fraxinifolia Roots on River Bank Strong

G.H. Bibalani , Z. Bazhrang , H. Mohsenifar , N. Shibaei and L. Joodi

Spectrophotometric Measurement of Valuable Pigments from Petals of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) and their Identification by TLC Method

N. Fatahi , J. Carapetian and R. Heidari

Ventricular Septal Rupture after Acute Myocardial Infarction

Nasser Safaei

Determination of Aflatoxins in Commercial Dog Foods by Immunoaffinity Column

B.S.D. Pena , B.D. Vazquez , I.A. Cordova , J.C.A. Cordova and J.M.S. Cordova

Analysis of Organophosphosphates Intoxicated Cases Treated at Khorramabad and Sari, Iran

Aref Hosseinian Amiri and Ghaffar Ali Mahmoudi

Efeect of Osmopriming on Germination and Seedling Growth of Corn (Zea mays L.) Seeds

Mahdi Ghiyasi , Mohamad Reza Zardoshty , Amir Fayyaz Mogadam , Mehdi Tajbakhsh and Reza Amirnia

Antioxidant Activity and Chemical Constituents of Pupalia lappacea (L.) Juss

A. Aladedunye Felix and A. Okorie Domingo

A Psycho Educational Program for Relapse Prevention in Bipolar Disorder

Mohammad Ali Ghoreishizadeh , Faranak Deldoost and Alireza Farnam

Physiological Race and Genetic Diversity Determination of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melonis by Differential Hosts and Molecular Marker Rapd in Northern and Razavi Khorasan Provinces

Noushin Shafagh , Mahrokh Falahati Rastegar and Behrouz Jafarpour

Evaluation of the Prevalence of Pulmonary Hypertension in Thalassemia Intermedia

Fariba Rashidi Ghader and Koroush Vahidshahi

Evaluation of Co-Segregation Between Bipolar Mood Disorder and Heterozygous Beta-Thalassemia in Patients Originated From Iran

S.H. Hosseini , W. Gaffari Saravi , S.M.B. Hashemi Soteh , M. Zarghami and A. Saljughian

Pathogenic Capability of Prevotella intermedia Recombinant Clone Expression in Escherichia coli

W.H. Himratul-Aznita and A. Ansary

The Determination of Metabolizable Protein of Some Feedstuffs Used in Ruminant

A. Taghizadeh , A. Safamehr , V. Palangi and Y. Mehmannavaz