Research Journal of Biological Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1815-8846 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6087 (Online)
Archive (Volume 3 Issue 2, 2008)

Evaluating Facial Cryotherapy for Postoperative Sequelae of Third Molar Surgery: A Randomized Observer-blind Split Mouth Clinical Trial

Mesgarzadeh Ali Hossein , Goshaderu Abbas and Shahamfar Mohamad Reza

Impact of Semen Characteristics on the Success of Intrauterine Insemination

G. Alieh and P. Shabnam

Chemical Analysis of Flaxseed, Sweet Basil, Dragon Head and Quince Seed Mucilages

N. Fekri , M. Khayami , R. Heidari and R. Jamee

Association of Chlamydia Pneumoniae-Specific Antibody and Angiographically Demonstrated Coronary Artery Atherosclerosis in a Sample of Iranian Patient

Maryam Ghasemi , Farshad Naghshvar , Said Abedian Kenari , Asadollah Mohseni Kiasary , Laleh Vahedi Larijani and Ebrahim Nasiri

Anxiolytic Effect of Echium amoenum During Different Treatment Courses

S. Gholamzadeh , S. Zare and M. Ilkhanipoor

Effect of Echium amoenum (Gol-gav-zaban) on Motor Coordination in Rat During Two Treatment Courses

S. Gholamzadeh , S. Zare and M. Ilkhanipoor

Grain Yield and Morphological Characters of Spring Safflower Genotypes: Evaluation Relationship Using Correlation and Path Analysis

Ali Reza Ahmadzadeh , Eslam Majedi , Behroz Darbani , Ahmad Rzban Hagegat and Mohamad Reza Dadashe

Comparison of Plant Species Diversity in 3 Grazing Systems

J. Panahy , A. Mahmudzadeh and A. Hasanzadeh

Characterization of Strains of Plesiomonas shigelloides and Motile Aeromonas Isolated from Raised Fish in Iran

Morteza Sattari , Rasoul Shokri and Hossein Samadi Kafil

Antibiotic Resistance in Intestinal Commensal Bacteria Isolated from Faecal Samples from Pigs and Pig Farm Workers in Greece

Anastasios Minas , Evanthia Petridou , Eleftheria Bourtzi-Chatzopoulou , Vasilios Krikelis , Aggelos Papaioannou and Panagiotis Plageras

Low-Dose Ketamine for Postoperative Analgesia in Elective Open Cholecystectomy

Amir-Abbas Kianfar , Masoud Parish , Jafar Rahimi Panahi , Kamran Shadvar , Isa Bilejani and Rasoul Azarfarin

Serum MDA as a Diagnostic`s Biomarker in Stable Coronary Heart Disease

R. Ali-Panah Mogadam , A. Nemati and A. Naghizadeh Baghi

Presentation of Plant Communities in Razhan Region

J. Panahy , A. Mahmudzadeh and A. Hasanzadeh

Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis in Endocervical Smears of Women with Abortion

Morteza Sattari , Habib Zeighami and Shahin Najar Peerayea

Biochemical Effects of Different Salinities and Luminance on Green Microalgae Tetraselmis chuii

F. Ghezelbash , T. Farboodnia , R. Heidari and N. Agh

Morphological Differentiation of Artemia urmiana Gunther 1899 (Crustacea: anostraca) in Different Geographical Stations from the Urmia Lake, Iran

Alireza Asem and Nasrullah Rstegar-Pouyani

Comparison of the Effectiveness of Weekly and Daily Iron Supplementation on Hemoglobin and Serum Ferritin Concentration among Pregnant Women under Control of Rural Health Centers of Mazandaran Province in 2004

Mohamad Khademloo , Abolghasem Ajami , Alireza R. Khalilian and Niloofar Motamed

Prognostic Value of Brain Shift in Epidural Haematoma

M.D. Ghaffar Shokouhi

Breast Cancer Detection among Tabrizian Women

Mahin Baradaran Rezaei

Survey of Autoimmune Hepatitis in Children

T.M. Samad , H.M. Zadeh and O. Mashrabi

Nursing and Midwifery Studentsí Learning Styles in Tabriz Medical University

Vahid Zamanzadeh , Leila Valizadeh , Eskandar Fathi-Azar and Nasim Aminaie

Atrial Natriuretic Factor Downregulation During Breast Cancer Progression

Biagio Valentino , Giampiero La Rocca , Rita Anzalone , Simona Corrao , Francesca Rappa , Diego Lipari , Alessandro Valentino , Giovanni Peri , Francesco Cappello and Elvira Vittoria Farina-Lipari

The Role of Cell Cycle Regulation in Cancer

J. Xuereb and R. Blundell

A Study of the Rate and Causes of Addiction Relapse Among Volunteer Addicts Seeking Help at the Center for the Prevention of Addiction Affiliated to the Welfare Organization, Ardabil Province, Iran

M. Narimani and S.A. Sadeghieh

Hepatitis C Prevalence in Hemodialysis Patients in Mazandaran, Iran: A Survey by Polymerase Chain Reaction and Serological Methods

Atieh Makhlough , Mohammadreza Mahdavi , Mohamadreza Haghshenas , Roya Ghasemian and Mozhan Jamshidi

Assessment of Carotid Baroreflex in Male Patients Suffering from Myocardial Infarction (MI)

A. Abedi , S. Khamneh , M. Mohammadi Naghadeh , H. Ibrahimi and J. Samadikhah