Research Journal of Biological Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 6
  • ISSN: 1815-8846 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6087 (Online)
Archive (Volume 5 Issue 1, 2010)

Occurrence and Distribution of Grey Mullets Liza falcippinis and Liza grandisquamis from Buguma Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria

O.A. Akinrotim, O.M.G. Abu, D.O. Bekibele and B. Uedeme-Naa

Pneumocephalus Secondary to Pneumomedias Tinum,Pneumohemothorax and Subcut Aneous Emphysema

A.A. Akbari Kamrani, B. Khorasani, M. Nabiyoun, M. Khorasani and M. Ghafoori

Clinical Reports of Carbadox Toxicity in Mexican Swine Farms

Ramiro Ramirez Necoechea, Guillermo Davalos Aranda, Jose Antonio Salinas Melendez, Juan Jose Zarate Ramos, Jose Francisco Hernandez Ramirez and Maria de Lourdes Alonso Spilsbury

Leukocyte Phagocytic Activity with or Without Probiotics in Holstein Calves

Shin-Ichi Kawakami, Tomoya Yamada, Naoto Nakanishi, Yimin Cai and Hiroshi Ishizaki

Evaluate Effects of Different Inclusion of Oak Kernel with Determine Food Potential Oak Kernel Substitute with Corn Seed on Broiler Chicken’s Ration

M. Bojar Pour, E. Bahmaninia, R. Ebrahimi and J. Fayazi

Insights on Central and Peripheral Venous Catheterization; Biology,Anatomy, Surgical Aspects and Nursing Management: Our Experience

C. Lo. Piccolo, L. Lipari, G. Cocorullo, V. Valenza and F. Carini

Protein Requirements for Maintenance of Thai Native Male Cattle Fed Pangola Hay Based Diets

Pramote Paengkoum

Evolutionary Back Grounds of Human Left Handedness

Hengameh Alibeik and S. Abdolhamid Angaji

In vivo Microperfusion Studies: Validation and Potential Uses in Critical Patients

F. Carini, C. Lo Piccolo, G. Cocorullo, P. Varia, S. Ferrara and V. Valenza

Clinical and Radiographic Success of Low Level LaserTherapy (LLLT) on Primary Molars Pulpotomy

Mojtaba Vahid Golpayegani, Ghassem Ansari and Nikoo Tadayon

In vitro Effect of APF and Natural NaF on SurfaceRoughness of Two Composite Resins

M. Vahid Golpayegani, A. Ganji, A. Ghassem, H. Torabzadeh and G. Ansari

Mycoplasma Sp. Detected in the Airways of Normal Healthy Subjects

A. Rivera, E. Rivera, C. Gil, R. Perez-y-Terron, S. Giono and L. Cedillo

Central Injections of β-Endorphin Fragment Modulate theAnorexia by Insulin in Neonatal Chicks

Jun-ichi Shiraishi, Kouchi Yanagita and Takashi Bungo

The Study of PIT1 Gene Polymorphism in the Najdi Cattle Using PCR-RFLP Method

M. T. Beigi Nassiri, Z. Beyranvand, T. Hartatik, J. Fayazi and S. Tavakoli

Genetic Parameters for Direct and Maternal Effects on Growth Traits of Arman Lambs

M. Lotfi Farokhad, M. T. Beigi Nassiri, H. Roshanfekr, J. Fayazi and M. Mamouei

Importance and Function of Scattered Trees in Pastures in the Sierra Region of Tabasco, Mexico

D. Grande, F. de Leon, J. Nahed and F. Perez-Gil

Iranian Professional’s Perception on Advantages of Home Health Care System Developing in Iran

Ahmad Barati, Ali Janati, Sogand Tourani, Nader Khalesi and Masumeh Gholizadeh

Dental Injection Pain Reducer Instrument (DIPRI) with Micro Vibration to Reduce Pain and Stress of Injection

Shahidi Bonjar and Amir Hashem

Prevalence of Mould Found in Buildings with Moisture Problem in Port Harcourt, River State of Nigeria

Chuku Aleruchi, Ekweozor Ikem Kris, Gobo Akuro Ephraim and M. Eze Evelyn

In vitro Evaluation of Hydroxyl and Nitric Oxide Radical Scavenging Activities of Artemether

B. M. Olabinri, O. O. Odedire, M. T Olaleye, A. S. Adekunle, L. O. Ehigie and P. F. Olabinri

Diversity of Cypriniformes Fish Fauna in Karala River, A Tributary ofTeesta River at Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal, India

Amal Kumar Patra and Tanmay Datta

Factors Affecting Profits of Broiler Industry in Jordan: A Quantitative Approach

Motasem AL-Masad

Assessment of Soil in Criteria Indices for Desertification with IMDPAModel and GIS (Case Study: Mazayijan Iran)

Reza Zakerinejad and Masoud Masoudi

Characterization of Thermostable α-amylase from Thermophilic andAlkaliphilic Bacillus sp. Isolate DM-15

Bahri Devrim Ozcan, Makbule Baylan, Numan Ozcan and Dilek Tekdal

Colours Intensity and Flower Longevity of Garden Roses

Antonio Ferrante, Alice Trivellini and Giovanni Serra