Research Journal of Applied Sciences (2021 Volume 16)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1815-932x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6079 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 10, 2016)

Enhancing the Performance of Decoupled Software Pipeline Through Backward Slicing

Esraa Alwan, John Fitch and Julian Padget

An Evaluation Study on Performance Enhancement of Intrusion Detection Systems

Adil M. Salman and Safaa O. Al-mamory

Features Evaluation for Anomaly Intrusion Detection System

Adil M. Salman and Safaa O. Al-mamory

Approximation by Regular Neural Networks in Terms of Dunkl Transform

Eman Bhaya and Omar Al-sammak

Review of Data Mining Techniques for Malicious Detection

Nawfal Turki Obeis and Wesam Bhaya

An Efficient SVD’s Principle Components for Face Recognition

W. Al-Hameed

A New Quantum Block Encryption Algorithm Based on Quantum Key Generation

Alharith A. Abdullah, Ahmed M. Al-Salih and Ali K. Bermani

Developing an Epidemic Routing Algorithm to Extend the Lifetime of Wireless Networks

Saad Tlib Hasson and Basim Jamil Ali

River Hydro Morphology Characteristic Influenced by Seasonal Changes: A Case Study in Galas River, Kelantan

Norfadilah Aini, Nor Rohaizah Jamil, Hasrul Hazman Hasan and Fasihah Mohd Yusof

Analysis of Seasonal Variation on River Hydromorphology in Pelus River, Perak, Malaysia

Hasrul Hazman Hasan, Nor Rohaizah Jamil and Norfadilah Aini

Study on Correlation Between Parenting Styles with Social Adjustment and Achievement Motivation among Students at Secondary Schools of Izeh

Yousef Mombininia

Contributions of Cultural Elements of Modern Science, Scientific Thinking Skills, Scientific Thinking Habits, to the Culture of Indigenous Science

Erman Har

Reviewing the Effects of Oil Shocks on Economic Growth

Nasser Aghaabbasi

Performance Analysis of the Autonomous Regional Government Through the Public Satisfaction Survey: A Case Study on the Government of Ogan Komering Ilir, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Hardiyansyah and Hardiyansyah

The Mediating Effect of Strategic Implementation Between Strategy Formulation and Organizational Performance Within Government Institutions in Yemen

Osama Isaac, Yassien Masoud, Sarminah Samad and Zaini Abdullah

Strengthening the Institutional of Farmers to Prevent Land Conversion in Cianjur Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia

Pudji Muljono, Rizal Bahtiar and Warcito

The Empowerment Level of Posdaya Cadres in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Pudji Muljono, Sigit Pamungkas and Amiruddin Saleh

Robust Watermark Hiding Against Frame Dropping and Swapping Attacks

Israa Hadi Ali and Safa S. AL-Murieb

Hybrid Secure Conversation System

Bashar M. Nema

Wavelet Coefficient Fusion Method -Based Image Denoising

Israa Hadi Ali and Russell H. Al_taie

Building the Primes P&Q (Of the Public Key Algorithm) by Using Function of Reals

Faez Al_Mamory, Ameer Kadhim Hadi and Ahmed AL-Salih

Text Steganography in Excel Documents Using Color and Type of Fonts

Samraa A. Al-Asadi and Wesam Bhaya

Robot Path Planning Based on Improved Max–min Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in Dynamic Environment

Ali Hadi Hasan

Combining Fastica with Back Propagation Algorithms for the Forecasting of Gulf Cooperation Council Stock Market

Yasen Rajihy and Fadheela Sabri Abu-Almash

Anomaly Detection in Network Traffic Using Stream Data Mining: Review

Wesam S. Bhaya and Suad A. Alasadi

Extracting Implicit Geolocation Based on Google Maps Geocoding API of Social Media Networks

Haider M. Habeeb and Nabeel Al-A`araji

A New Polynomial Curve Fiting Based on Segmentation of Variable Point and Variable Modes for Reconstructing Missing Values

Nabeel H. Al-A`araji, Eman S. Al-Shamery and Alyaa Abdul Hussein

Chaotic Properties of the Modified Henon Map

Samah Abd Alhadi Abbas and Hussein Alawi Jasim

Improving Recommendation System Based on Homophily Principle and Demographic

Zainab Khairallah and Huda Naji Nawaf

Influential Nodes Based Alleviation of User Cold-Start Problem in Recommendation System

Mohsin Hasan Hussein, Huda Naji Nawaf and Wesam Bhaya

Textual Features Extraction and Clustering using Semantic Analysis

Ghaidaa A. Bilal and Rasha N. Shalaan

Nodes Clustering Approach to Improve the Data Transmission in WSNs

Saad Talib Hasson and Hawraa Abd

Simulating Road Modeling Approach’s in Vanet Environment Using Net Logo

Saad Talib Hasson and Zahraa Yaseen Hasan

Classificstion of Brain MRI Images Using Classifier Techniques Supported by Genetic and Fuzzy C-Means

Noor Kadhum Ayoob, Asraa Abdullah Hussein and Zainab Falah Hasan

Design 3D-SVDs Algorithm for Location Based Recommendation System

Tawfiq A. Alasadi and R. Wadhah Baiee

Distributed Genetic Algorithm for Information Retrieval in Linked Open Data

Asaad Sabah Hadi

Design and Implementation a New Encryption System for True Images

Bahigah Khudair, Zainab Abdullah and Sawsan Hadi