Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 2, 2018)

Cognitive Performance of Technical Students in an Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Course

Chee-Ming Chan, Alina Shamsuddin and Azeanita Suratkon

Public Perception of Dangerous Household Hazardous Waste Management: Pilot Study in Colombia

Castillo-Ramirez Margarita, Avila-Pereira Yoleimy, Parody-Munoz Alexander, Pacheco-Bustos Carlos, Gallego-Cartagena Euler, Amelec Viloria and Martinez-Burgos Walter

Overcoming the Multicollinearity by Using Principal Component Regression in Economic Growth Model

Julita Nahar, Sri Purwani, Sudradjat Supian and Fatimah Khonsa Syahidah

Usability Evaluation of DEAF Mobile Application Interface: A Systematic Review

Shelena Soosay Nathan, Azham Hussain and Nor Laily Hashim

A Proposal of Generic Models for Adaptable Web Applications

Jioi Stipanek and Vladimir Bures

Comparison of Nutrients Uptake in Different Varieties of Rice in Pakistan

Hamid ur Rehman, Fahad Akhtar, Qazi Inam ul Haq, Safi Ullah, Azhar Abbas, Usman Shoukat, Faridah Kormin, Tauseef Ahmad, Suleman Khan and Muhammad Khan

Fighting Corruption: A Counter-Corruption Fuzzy Model

Bohuslav Pernica, Hana Tomaskova and Vlastimil Slouf

Parallel Self-Organizing Map using MapReduce in GPUs Environment

Faeez Abd Rashid, Noor Elaiza Abd Khalid, Muhammad Firdaus Mustapha and Mazani Manaf

Fuzzy Case-based Approach for Detection of Learning Styles: A Proposed Model

Nor Rahayu Ngatirin, Zurinahni Zainol and Nur`Aini Abdul Rashid

Elements to Consider for the Development of Natural Medicines of Character

Amelec Viloria, German Alvarez and Jenny-Paola Lis-gutierrez

Tax Burden in KPI System of Corporation

E.U. Strelnik, D.S. Usanova, I.G. Khairullin, G.I. Shafigullina and K.T. Khairullina

Estimation of the Influence of Different Factors on the Change of the Energy Intensity of Russian Economy under the Sanction Pressure

A.N. Melnik and T.Yu. Anisimova

Approaches to Economic and Mathematical Taxation Models in the Conditions of the Shadow Economy

E.L. Fesina and N.N. Kozlova

Tsunami Prediction Using Electromagnetic Wave Sensor via. Tsunami Buoys

R. Rajendr Prasad

Urban Mapping Local Climate Zones Based on Morphology Categorization

P. Mohamed Rajab

Fuzzy C-Means with Improved Chebyshev Distance for Multi-Labelled Data

Aseel Mousa and Yuhanis Yusof

Chloride Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking (CISCC) of Austenitic Stainless Steel under Thermal Insulation at Ambient Temperature

Prema Sivanathan, Mokhtar Che Ismail and Kee Kok Eng

In Vitro Callus Induction from Seed, Leaf and Protocorm Explants of Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

Makdi Masnoddin, Rimi Repin and Zaleha Abd Aziz

Mechanism in Antibacterial Activity of Medicinal plant against Candida albicans

Jeong-Sook Park, Mi Kyung Park and Jae-Hyeok Lee

Influence of External Factors on Medical Waste Management Practices among Public Hospitals in Libya

Mohammed Khalifa Abdelsalam, Ahmed Yusni Bahaudin and Ahmed Mohammed Kamaruddeen

The Quality of Accounting Information System and its Impact on the Quality of Accounting Information: User Ability and Top Management Support

Azhar Susanto and Meiryani

Application of Flipped Class Room (FCR) and Task Based Approach (TBA) to Improve Learning and Knowledge in Engineering Education

Shabir Hussain Khahro, Yasir Javed, Nasrullah Pirzada and Tauha Hussain Ali

Node Energy Based Virus Propagation Model for Bluetooth

T. Nallusamy and R. Ravi

ADC Testing Algorithm for ENOB by Wavelet Transform using LabView Measurements and MATLAB Simulations

Emad A. Awada and Cajetan M. Akujuobi

An Efficient Localization based on Relevance Vector Machine with Glow-Worm Swarm Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Arun and P. Manimegalai

Internet of Things (IoT): Architectural Framework for Secure Payment Mode

Ali Shawket Thiab, Abdul Samad Bin Shibghatullah and Zeratul Izzah Mohd. Yusoh

Determinant Factors Toward Customer’s Satisfaction: The Case of Sharia Banking in Indonesia

Djawahir Hejazziey and Ujang Maman

A Survey on Usage of Meta-Heuristics Techniques in Big Data Analytics

Priti and Anju Bala

Performance Analysis of Discrete Cosine Transform and Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image Compression

K. Hemachandran and B. Justus Rabi

Comparison of Geoid Undulation Values Using Different Global Geopotential Models over Egypt

Tarek M. Awwad

Public-Private Partnerships in R&D: The Russian Situation

Marina Khayrullina and Maria Arzamastseva

Mortgage Loans as a Way of Financing Business Activities

Libuse Svobodova and Martina Hedvieakova

Integral Modified Linear Quadratic Regulator Method for Controlling Lateral Movement of Flying Wing in Rotational Roll Mode

Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo

Developing Education Based on National Values: A Case of Non-Formal Adult Education in Uganda

Achmad Hufad and Wamaungo Juma Abdu

A Novel Approach to Improve LRU Page Replacement Algorithm

Nabeel Zanoon, Evon Abu-Taieh and Hatem Salem Abu-Hamatta

Study of Factors Affecting the Dielectric Strength of [EP/Zr O2 -y2 O3 ] Nanocomposites

Ahmad H.M. Alfalahi

Evolution of Some Geotechnical Soil Properties Improved with Phosphate Binder

Ibtehaj Taha Jawad

Generative Automatic Matching Between Heterogeneous Meta-Model’ Systems

Zouhair Ibn Batouta, Rachid Dehbi, Mohammed Talea and Omar Hajoui

Water Quality Measurement System for Water Reuse using a PH Sensor

Myung Jae Lim, Ho Yeon Seo, Hoon Lim, Young Man Kwon, Dong Kun Chung and Ki Young Lee

Access Control Techniques for Web Service Security

Jeong-Joon Kim, Teayoung Kim, Kwang-Jin Kwak and Jeong-Min Park

Virtual Engine Sound Synthesis of Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Hyung Woo Park and Myung-Jin Bae

Effect on Lettuce Growth Depending on LED Light Distance

Bonghwan Kim, Seong-Yun Jeong and Kyunghan Chun

A Hotel Recommendation System for Big Data Applications using a Keyword Aware Approach

Samiksha S. Bhujade and Manoj B. Chandak

Social Media Big Data Based Transport Infrastructure Design

Jan Eermak

Technical and Environmental Evaluation of an Integrated Biorefinery from Residual Biomass of Oil Palm Fruit to obtain Biobutanol and Biohydrogen

Carlos Espinosa, Brigette Arrieta, Angel Dario Gonzalez-Delgado, Karina Ojeda and Eduardo Sanchez