Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 24
  • ISSN: 1816-949x (Print)
  • ISSN: 1818-7803 (Online)
Archive (Volume 13 Issue 10, 2018)

Enhancement of Business Continuity Through Effective Database Integration and Database Gateway Implementation

Young-Ho Shin and Jae-Cheol Ryou

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites

Abdul Raheem K. Abid Ali and Manar Ali Jawad

Methods SIM&M and M&SIM to Evaluate Double Integrals with Continuous Integrands on the Two Dimensions are not Equal

Rana Hassan Hilal

Effect of Neutron Irradiation on Cerium Oxides Immobilized by Phosphate Glass

Alyaa A. Abdaljabar, Nagham Yassin and Abdul Hussain K. Elttayef

Analysis and Investigation of Hard Photons Produce from Annihilation Processes in Quark Gluon Interaction at One Loop

Maher Sami Saleh and Hadi J.M.Al-Agealy

Estimation of Concentration of Radioactive Elements for the Liquid Waste Pool in Radiochemistry Laboratories in Al Tuwaitha Site Baghdad-Iraq

Zaidoon H. Ibrahim, Ahmed. Fadhil. Mkhaiber and S.K. Al-Nasri

An Asymptotic Solution to the Blasius Equation and Nonexistence of Periodic Orbits of the Blasius System

Javier-Antonio Trujillo, Ana-Magnolia Marin-Ramirez and Ruben-Dario Ortiz-Ortiz

Systematically Dynamic Model-Building Approach of Oil Company

Galymkaiyr Mutanov, Marek Milosz and Aida Kozhanova

Interfacing of GPS and GPRS Modules to the Beagleboard for Driver Assisstance System

H. Bharathi, K. Durga Sowjanya and Mahendra Vucha

Power Consumption Performance Analysis of a Wireless Sensor Node Operates with Thermoelectric Harvester

Ali Mohammed Abdal-Kadhim and Kok Swee Leong

Application of Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity (GARCH) Model for Forecasting

M. Yusuf S. Barusman, Mustofa Usman, Riyama Ambarwati and Erica Virginia

A Robust Cumulative Sum Control Chart for Monitoring the Process Mean based on a High Breakdown Point Scale Estimator

Ayu Abdul Rahman, Sharipah Soaad Syed Yahaya and Abdu Mohammed Ali Atta

Key Issues Affecting Contractor’s Uses of Bills of Quantities (BQ)

Shamsulhadi Bandi, Fadhlin Abdullah and Roslan Amiruddin

Structural Integrity of Welded Joints Subject to Fatigue Loads

Araque de los Rios Oscar and Arzola de la Pena Nelson

Analysis of Different Methods in Data Linkage Data Presentation with Anomaly and Redundant in Data Sources

T. Veeranna and Kiran Kumar Reddy

Programmable Aileron Sizing Algorithm for use in Preliminary Aircraft Design Software

Omran Al-Shamma, Rashid Ali and Haitham S. Hasan

Prediction of Actual Fatality in Big Cities of West Java Province based on ANN3-1HL Model Developed from the Multivariable ANN Model for Fatality Prediction in Indonesia

Supratman Agus

Characterization and Testing Bench Design for Magnetorheological Dampers

Sebastian Jimenez, Oscar F. Aviles, Mauricio F. Mauledoux, Oscar I. Caldas F and Hoffman F. Ramirez

Manipulation of Tools by Means of a Robotic Arm Using Artificial Intelligence

M. Paula Catalina Useche, Ruben D. Hernandez Beleno and Robinson Jimenez Moreno

Land and Natural Resources in the Constitutional Subjects of the Eastern European Countries and the Regional Experience of Adaptation of the Land use in the Reform of Land Relations

Marina V. Markhgeym, Alevtina E. Novikova, Evgeniy E. Tonkov, Aleksandr D. Khlebnikov, Vyacheslav E. Levchenko, Andrey N. Tsapkov and Maria E. Rodionova

Computational Complexity Analysis of Developing Block Methods for Solving Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations using Numerical Integration, Collocation and Linear Block Approach

Oluwaseun Adeyeye and Zurni Omar

Development and Characterisation of Eco-Friendly 40% v/v Hybrid Banana/Sisal Fibers-Natural Rubber Latex Composite

R. Gopakumar and R. Rajesh

The Role of Alberta in Canada’s Failure to Meet Copenhagen Targets

James Derek Alexander Young

Phenomenon of Islamic History Fiction Novel (IHFN) in Malaysia

Azmul Fahimi Kamaruzaman, Noorsafuan Che Noh, Ezad Azraai Jamsari, Roziah Sidik and Ruzy Suliza Hashim

Attribute Based Authentication System using Homomorphic Encryption

Marwan Majeed Nayyef, Ali Makki Sagheer and Sarah Shihab Hamad

A Modification of the Box M Statistics Using S Estimator

Shamshuritawati Sharif, Nuraimi Ruslan and Tareq A.M. Atiany

Copy to Paste Industry: Common Practices of Pakistani Textile Print Technology Industry

Allah dad and Umber Zahid

Exploring Prospective Teacher’s Beliefs about Nature of Mathematics

Muhtarom , Dwi Juniati and Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono

Structural and Solar Cell Properties of CuO Doped TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Laser Induced Plasma

Sabah N. Mazhir, Hanaa M. Yaseen, Mona M. Salih and Ghuson H. Mohamed

DVCR: Diagonal Virtual Channel NoC Router Architecture for Multiprocessors

E. Lakshmi Prasad, A.R. Reddy and M.N. Giri Prasad

Forest Ecosystem Services in the System of Sustainable Forest Use of Sparsely Forested Regions of Russia

N.N. Kharchenko, S.S. Morkovina, D.Y. Kapitonov and O.S. Lisova

Modification of Bingham Plastic Rheological Model for Better Rheological Characterization of Synthetic Based Drilling Mud

Anawe Paul Apeye Lucky and Folayan Adewale Johnson

Effectiveness of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Activated Carbon for Capturing E. coli 0157:H7 for Application in Water Filtration

Emir Aslam Thopatalam, Abdel Mohsen Benoudjit, Nasteho Ali, Nur Alya Batrisya Ismail and Wan Wardatul Amani Wan Salim

Bearing Health Monitoring and Diagnosis Using ANC Based Filtered Vibration Signal

Sudarsan Sahoo and Jitendra Kumar Das

Accuracy of ALOS AVNIR-2 Image Technology for Mapping Oxygen Need and Green Open Space Priority in Denpasar City, Bali

I. Putu Sriartha, I. Nyoman Jampel, I. Wayan Widiana and I. Ketut Putrajaya

Optimization of the CBR of Lateritic Soil Stabilized with Quarry Dust

M.E. Onyia and M.C. Uwaezuoke

Understanding Psychological Health of Infertile Women Undergoing Assisted Reproductive Therapy: In-Depth Interviews with Infertile Women

Deviga Subramani and Maya Ratnasabapathy

Rethinking the Traditional Architecture Based on Building Science Technology Perspective: How Does Javanese Traditional Architecture Form the Acoustic Behavior of Gamelan Music? (A Case Study of Srimanganti Bangsal of Keraton Yogyakarta)

Sugini and Aulia Rahma Nastiti

Rule Based Method of Name Entity Recognition for Matching Allah’s Finest Names in Holy Quran

Maha M. Hassan, Dhamyaa A. AL-Nasrawi, Redha J. Hassan and Noor T. Mahdi

The Impact of English Language as a Medium of Instruction Amongst Non-English Major Students in the College of Science and Technology in the University of Human Development

Farhad Majeed Hama, Omed Hasan Ahmed and Aram Mahmood Ahmed

Completed Local Ternary Count for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification

Ch. Sudha Sree and M.V.P. Chandra Sekhara Rao

Indoor Wireless Voice Broadcasting System Using Three-Level LED Modulation

Duck-Ju Lee and Seong-Ho Lee

Assessment of Air Pollution by Suspended Particles and Some Heavy Metals for Selected Areas in Baghdad City

Muhannad Kh. Mohammed, Majed Hassan Karbon, Raheem Jafer Aziz, Nabeel Hashim Ameen and Huda Nassar Karkosh

Calculation of Vertical Settlement Values for Shallow Foundation in Sandy Soil under the Influence of Different Vertical Loads by Finite Element Method and Geo 5 Software

Khalid Waleed Hadi

Monitoring Dust Storms over Iraq Using Satellite Images a Case Study

Jasim M. Rajab, Ibtihaj S. Abdulfattah and Hussein Abdelwahab Mossa