The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 12 Issue 7, 2017)

Research Laboratory-Based Learning (LBL) Methodology in Instilling Multi Skills and Ethical Work Habits for Engineering Students in Japan

M.S. Aludin and S.M. Saifuddeen

Teacher Efficacy: Are They Effective in Implementing HOTS?

Rahida Aini Mohd Ismail, Rozita Arshad and Zakaria Abas

The Effect of Financial Literacy and Attitude Toward Credit Cards on Financial Well-Being among Undergraduates in East Malaysia

Jasmine Adela Mutang, Walton Wider, Ferlis Bullare Bahari, Lailawati Madlan, Chua Bee Seok and Hon Kai Yee

Application of Rasch Model Analysis in Calibrating Undergraduate Challenges at Malaysian Universities

Ahmad Zamri Khairani, Madina Abdul Rahman and Mohd Effendi Ewan Mohd Matore

Effective Success Factor of Malaysian SMEs Firm Performance Influence by Entrepreneur Personal Characteristics, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Government Support Program

Norzalizah Bahari, Ahmad Rozelan Yunus and Juhaini Jabar

Facilitating Conditions and Finance Factors to Encourage Farmers to Accept Sustainable Farming Technology

Juan Rizah Sa`ari, Juhaini Jabar, Md Nor Hayati Tahir and Mohd Halim Mahpoth

Analysis Project Integrator “Mano Robotica” from Levels Discoursive Connection by Systems Engineering Students of Corporacion University Americana

David Alberto Garcia Arango and Elkin Dario Aguirre Mesa

The Community Support for Sustainable Tourism: A Marine Protection Area Community in Islands Malaysia

Nik Rozilaini Wan Mohamed and Ahmad Rozelan Yunus

The Tradition of Fishing Community in Sembilan Island


The Development of Tafsir from the Time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Down to Ibn Kathir

Asyraf Hj Ab Rahman, Firdaus Khairi Abdul Kadir and Fadzli Adam

Merit System or Spoil System? Recruitment Process of Structural Officer in Gorontalo-Indonesian

Sastro M. Wantu

Local Fisher and Collective Action in Palu Gulf Centre of Sulawesi

Haslinda B. Anriani

Customary Law Analysis about Criminal Act of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse (Zina) According to the Article 284 of Criminal Code in the Renewal of Criminal Law

H. Ishaq and S.H.M. Hum

The Moderating Effect of Training on the Relationship of Teacher’s Efficacy and Teacher’s Effectiveness: A Proposed Framework

Rahida Aini Mohd Ismail, Rozita Arshad and Zakaria Abas

The Impact of Iranians’ Ethos on the Intellectuals’ Immigration

Amanollah Shojaei

Integration of Science According to Al-Quran: Analyza in Terms of Education

M. Amir HM

State Sovereignty and Sovereign Rights: The Problem of the Correlation

Yuriy P. Bytyak, Ivan V. Yakovyuk, Olesia Y. Tragniuk, Tetiana V. Komarova and Sergey S. Shestopal

Factors Affecting Efficiency of Higher Education Institutions: A Theoretical and Empirical Review

Mohammad Adamu, Jan-Jan Soon and Siti Aznor Ahmad

ESL Reading Accuracy: The Inside Story

Rafizah Mohd Rawian and Ahmad Azman Mokhtar

Effect of Learning Mathematics with Model of Bamboo Dance and Think Pair Share Aimed Interactive Multimedia on Islamic Junior High School

Achmad Buchori and Nizaruddin

English for Workplace: What Do We Need to Teach?

Ahmad-Tajuddin , Azza Jauhar and Samsiah Abdul Hamid

Survey of the Status of Young Athlete’s Law Abidance in Iran: Obstacles and Solutions

Ali Ghanbari Barzain

Adoption of Technology: School Location as Moderator

Surendran Sankaran and Norazlinda Saad

The Analysis of Relationship Between the Competence and the Performance of ICU and CVCU Nurses at Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital of Makassar

Jasmin Ambas, Fahri Kahar and Jasruddin

Affordable Housing System: A Review on Issue of Housing Affordability

Norhasliya Mohd Daud, Norazman Mohamad Nor, Umi Nadiah Nor Ali, Mohammed Alias Yusuf and Vikneswaran Munikanan

Ethno-Linguistic Mechanisms of Sense Formation

Nikolay F. Alefirenko, Julietta V. Lagodenko, Andrey I. Papkov and Elena G. Ozerova

Factors Affecting Implementation of Green Manufacturing for Malaysian Automobile Manufacturers: A Literature Review from 2010 Until 2015

N. Seow Chian, A.H. Nor Aziati and Sha`ri Mohd Yusof

Leap Strategies to Increase International Publication of Indonesian Higher Education: An Example of Semarang State University

Moh. Yasir Alimi dan Fathur Rokhman

Influence of Local Leadership in Poverty Eradication in the State of Terengganu, Malaysia

Ahmad Aizuddin Md Rami, Ramle Abdullah, Abdullah Ibrahim and Hamdy Abdullah