The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 8 Issue 3, 2013)

Counseling and Psychotherapy Aid on the Psychological Poverty of the Juvenile Sex Offenders in Malaysia

Shanthi Bavani V. Raja Mohan and Shahryar Sorooshian

Relationship Between Savings and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Abiodun S. Bankole and Basiru Oyeniran Fatai

The Effectiveness of Psycho-Educational Group Counselling for Normal Students and Students with Special Needs in Terms of Career Awareness and Self-Concept

Lee Shiang Lin and Rohany Nasir

The New Paradigm for Agricultural Co-Operative Management in the Northeastern of Thailand

Riangdow Tavachalee, Boonton Dockthaisong, Sa-ard Banchirdrit and Boonrueng Sriharun

The Influence of Passenger’s Behavior on Road Traffic Law Enforcement in Abuja, Nigeria

A.A. Lohor, N.L. Binbol, K.J. Fanola and T.K. Gontul

The World-View of Native on Empowerment in Poverty Development Programmes (PDP)

N. Lyndon, S. Selvadurai, M.J. Mohd Fuad, C.R Rosniza Aznie, M.S. Sarmila, R. Zaimah, A.B. Junaidi, S. Suhana and A.M. Azimah

Perceptions on Corporate Brand Extensions Quality in Hypermarket Retailing

Hasliza Hassan and Muhammad Sabbir Rahman

The Involvement of Teenagers in Social Problems at Low Cost Housing Areas

A.M. Azmi, O. Nik Hairi, M. Jamiah, C.K. Arena, I. Fauziah and P. Kartigavani

The Prevalence of Physical Violence and its Associated Factors against Nurses Working at Al-Medina Hospitals

Nayef Almutairi, Ahed Alkhatib, Ahmad Boran and Ibrahim Mmbarak

Music from the Net-Check What's the Sound LAN Cable

Paolo Wilson

The Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors in Marketing the Islamic Studies Graduates of the National University of Malaysia

Ibrahim Abu Bakar and Mohd Nasran Mohamad