The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 10 Issue 6, 2015)

Social Capital Presence in Agricultural Product Commerce Mechanism in South Sulawesi Province

Eliza Meiyani

Ethical Aspects of the Work of Rescuers During Extraordinary Events

Stepan Kavan

The Survey of the Patients’ Willingness and Awareness on the Disclosure of Medical and Social Information

Mehdi Kahouei, Farzaneh Kazemzadeh, Zahra Ahmadi and Jamileh Mahdi Zadeh

On the Motivations and Challenges Faced by Commuters Using Bus Rapid Transit in Lagos, Nigeria

H.I. Okagbue, M.O. Adamu, S.A. Iyase and E.A. Owoloko

Brain Drain to Singapore: A Conceptual Framework of Malaysians’ Diaspora

Junaimah Jauhar, Ahmad Bashawir Abdul Ghani, Mohd Hasanur Raihan Joarder, Muhammad Subhan and Rabiul Islam

Effect of Emotion Regulation Skill Training Based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy upon Affective Styles

Rahim Badri, Shahram Vahedi, Monsour Bairami and Javad Einipour

Motivation Towards Learning English as Second Language among Science Undergraduates’ in Pakistan: A Case Study of QUEST Pakistan

Insaf Ali Siming, Elizabeth M. Anthony, Mansoor Ahmed Channa, Asgher Ali Chandio, Ajab Ali Lashari and Yaser Hasan Al-Mamary

Balanced Scorecard: Empirical Study in Brazil

Deise Menezes de Amorim and Maria Joao Cardoso Viera Machado

Style and Symbolic of Culture in Art Motifs of Luang Prabang Buddhist Architecture

Thanasit Chantaree, Niyom Wongpongkham and Tik Sanbun

The Phonetic Investigation of North-Altai Turkic Languages by the Advanced Research Techniques

Iraida Selyutina

Diversification of the Economic Foundations of Depressive Mining Region

Golik Vladimir Ivanovich, Hasheva Zarema Muratovna and Galachieva Svetlana Vladimirovna

Economical Efficiency of Utilization of Allied Mining Enterprises Waste

Vladimir Ivanovich Golik, Zarema Muratovna Khasheva and Shulgatyi Leonid Petrovich

Postmodern Concept of an Individual in the Oeuvre of Turkish Authoress Buket Uzuner

Shemshurenko Oksana Vladimirovna and Nigmatullina Alsu Mansurovna

Formation and Development Features of Factory Industry in Turkestani Region at the End of XIX-Beginning of XX Centuries

T.A. Tulebaev, B.K. Abdigulova, Zh.M. Asylbekova and G.E. Abikenova

Development of Attention in Graders

Ramilya S. Kasimova and Roza A. Valeeva

Features of Applying Neuropsychological Methods in the Correctional Activities of a Speech Therapy Teacher for Prevention of Written Speech Disorders in Children with Disabilities

Irina A. Nigmatullina

Analysis of Personal Characteristics of Oncologic Patients at the Stage of Psychological Adjustment

Marina V. Fedorenko

Crosscultural Aspects in Modern Literary Fiction: Daniel Kehlmann

Julia Kazakova

Emotional Intelligence as a Factor of Adaptation Potential of Personality

Elena K. Fominyh

Gender Differences in Leader’s Administrative Activity Characteristics (Management Features and Functions)

Marina M. Solobutina

Innovations and Administrative Coordination in the Economic System

L.S. Tarasevich, D.Y. Miropolsky and E.D. Bunin

Internet as the Means of Spanish Study as a Foreign Language

Christina A. Gaifutdinova, Lilya G. Dunyasheva and Anastasia I. Zholud

Study of Cultural Congruence in Graders

Ekaterina A. Tsivilskaya

Study of Distance Learning Opportunities in Inclusive Education System

Zamil G. Nigmatov and Ramis R. Nasibulov

The Problem of Subjectivity in Correctional Pedagogy and Special Psychology

Kedrova Irina Anatolyevna

Ecotourism and Value Adding: Source of Livelihood among the Villagers in Basey Samar, Eastern Visayas, Philippines

Anita Garrido Cular

The Relationship Between Social Networks Addictions in Terms of Self-Management and Key Variables: The Case of Omani Youngsters

Abdelmajid Bouazza, Naeema H. Jabur and Hafidha Suleiman Al-Barashdi

Internet and Law (Special Reference to Sri Lanka)

A.H. Dinithi Jayasekara

Energy Security as a Political Problem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

R. Nurtazina, A. Abildayev, A. Nurtaza and L. Aubakirova

A Comparative Study on Healthy City Capacity Mapping: Indonesia and Korea

Sukri Palutturi, Cordia Chu, Ji Young Moon and Eun Woo Nam

The Mediterranean Problems in the Context of the International Aspects of the Civil War in Spain 1936-1939

Vera V. Malay, Svetlana Y. Krupskaya, Olga A. Timoshkova, Andrew P. Uryvsky and Nicolay N. Fomichev

Conceptual Sphere as a Mental Structure and its Formation Factors (In the Aspect of Studying the Conceptsphere “Family Relations”)

Vladimir S. Pugach, Irina A. Kuprieva, Yulia A. Kuptsova and Stanisava B. Smirnova

ALinguistic View of the World” and “Lingvistic Evaluated View of the Word”: Correlation of Concepts

Olga N. Prokhorova, Igor V. Chekulai, Jerome Baghana and Irina A. Kuprieva

Lingvo-Cognitive Aspects of Idioms with Lexeme “Water”

Elena M. Shevchenko, Ekaterina A. Vinogradova, Elena V. Mashkova and Elena V. Kislitsyna

Peculiarities of Linguistic Manipulation in the Texts of Electronic Business Correspondence

Anna E. Vorobyova, Irina V. Belkina, Marina S. Belozerova, Tatiana V. Perutskaya and Olga I. Agafonova

The Main Features of Phraseological Units in the Russian and Armenian Languages and their Translation

Arsen G. Martirosyan, Liliya G. Petrova, Lyudmila F. Svoykina and Svetlana V. Funikova

Policy of Russia and Iran in the Central Asia

Albert Vladislavovich Beloglazov and Eliza Ilgizarovna Khafizova

Psychological Bases of Professional Multidimensionality

Farit G. Yalalov and Leisan R. Kaiumova

Analysis and Promotion of Economic Security: Institutional Approach

Vladimir L. Vasilyev

Continuous Development of Information and Communication Competence of a Biology Teacher as an Improvement Factor of Overall Professional Competence

Liailia U. Mavliudova and Tatiana V. Iakovenko

Dag Hammarskjold and Concept Formation of Peacemaking Operations

Vyacheslav A. Shagalov

Die Russen Kommen: The German View of the Russians

Yuliya Yu. Danilova, Aydar M. Nurmiyev, Nikita D. Staroverov and Pavel S. Uchirov

“Fabulousness” as a Feature of Poetics by Barbara Frischmuth

Lyudmila V. Trophimova

Formation of the Social-Professional Mobility of Students During Their Participation in the College Innovative Activity

Irek I. Falyakhov and Olga V. Shatunova

Forming and Positioning of Neoheathen Organizations in Socio-Political Processes in Ukraine in the Years 2000s

Rinat A. Nabiyev and Vladimir N. Rogatin

Girl-Cavalryman Russian Phenomenon: Gender Aspect

Yulia Yu. Danilova and Aloyona A. Ivygina

Integration of Education, Science and Production as Reflection of Interdependence of Political, Social, Spiritual and Economic Spheres of Social Life

Sergey A. Sedov and Larisa K. Obukhova

Literary Reception of Jr.R.R. Tolkien Works in Russian Fantasy of the XX-XXI Centuries: Variations Stage

Natalia G. Makhnina and Ellina V. Shustova

Model of Network Communication Between Establishment of Higher Education and School in Terms of Intensification of Practical Orientation of Bachelor’s Training of Pedagogical Education

Elvira G. Galimullina and Yelena M. Lyubimova

Monometal System of S.YU. Witte Within the Context of Economic Development of Russia in the End of the 19th Century

Makka I. Dolakova and Albina R. Akhmetova

Organization of the System of Forecasting the Social-Economic Development of the RF Regions: Issues and Possible Ways to Solve Them

Svetlana V. Husainova

Peculiarities of Formation and Functioning of the Bilingual Mobile Communication Discourse in the Republic of Tatarstan

I.Zh. Edikhanov

Political Cooperation Experience Between EU and UN Concerning Cyprus Issue (2002-2004)

Yakov Y. Grishin and Aydar S. Mullayanov

Problems of National Opera Genre Formation in 1930’s (On the Example of Tatar Musical Culture)

Liliya I. Salikhova

Saving and Investment Behaviour of Households in Russia

Farida F. Adigamova and Marina E. Orlova

The British Indian Army: the History of Formation and Battle Route (Based on the Materials of Russian and Foreign Historiography)

Elena S. Maslova and Gusel F. Mratkhusina

The East is a Delicate Matter or the Taxation in China

Elmira K. Garayeva and Fatikh Sh. Nugayev

The Intellectual Capital Importance and the Role of Organizations Against the Backdrop of a Crisis: Innovation Vector

Edward Alexandrovich Osadchy and Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin

The Role of History Textbook for the Creation of Multicultural Educational Model in Russia

Lyudmila N. Brodovskaya, Vera V. Buravleva and Ayvaz M. Fazliev

The Sources of Mythological Thinking of Elias Canetti

Alyona G. Barova

The Verbs of Motion in Linguistic Consciosness of Native Speakers of the German Language (On the Basis of Association Experiment Data)

Leysan A. Akhmetova and Milyausha R. Shaymardanova

VI Toretsky Settlement Excavation Study

Alsu R. Nuretdinova and Svetlana I. Valiulina

Ways of Transferring Implicit Information in English-Russian Fiction Translations

Liya A. Kornilova and Farida B. Sitdikova

Biological Aspects of the Historical Urban Development of Jochi Ulus (Latter Half of the 13-14th Centuries)

Timur F. Khaidarov, Dmitrii A. Dolbin, Olga Aleksandrovna Kravtsova and Rezeda I. Tuchbatova

Economic Policy of Russia in the Context of Macroeconomic Instability

Arsen A. Tatuev, Murat A. Kerefov, Elena V. Lyapuntsova, Violetta V. Rokotyanskaya and Nikolai V. Valuiskov

Influence of Negative factors on the Activity of Public Sector Services in Russia

Arsen A. Tatuev, Anzor H. Jankaziev, Anzor M. Ashkhotov, Elena V. Lyapuntsova and Violetta V. Rokotyanskaya

Research of Structural and Semantic Meanings of Homonymous Units

Bulbul D. Karbozova and Gulbanu Sejilbekkyzy Kosymova

Formation of Modern World View of Moral Values of School Children Through the Folklore Education of Kazakh People

Gulmira Mailybaeva, Danyar Utegulov, Gulnar Tazhinova, Raushan Assylova and Gulnar Shatyrbayeva

Patent System of Taxation for Small Enterprises: Analysis of Applications and Prospects

Yulia M. Galimardanova, Aigul R. Khafizova and Svetlana V. Salmina

Communicative Grammar Teaching Within a University Course of Foreign Language

Elena A. Karabutova, Inna B. Akinshina, Julia A. Prokopenko and Larisa A. Kobzareva

Concept-Script “Sound”

Natalya V. Zimovets, Irina V. Borisovskaya, Natalya G. Philimonova, Elena V. Schemaeva and Aleksey A. Kolesnikov

Ethno-Linguistic Mechanisms of Sense Formation

Nikolay F. Alefirenko, Julietta V. Lagodenko, Andrey I. Papkov and Elena G. Ozerova

Interpretative Model of Linguacultural Knowledge

Elena A. Ogneva, Ilia A. Danilenko, Yana I. Kireeva and Alina A. Kutsenko

Language Regulation in a Global World

Guennady V. Svishchev, Alexander M. Amatov and Eugenia V. Tolstolutskaya

Peculiarities of Language Representation of the Concept? Englishness and Britishness in the Modern British Media Discourse

Darya M. Kostina, Natalia I. Kostina, Olesia V. Serkina and Marina S. Belozerova

Peculiarities of the Social Chronotopes of the Boundary Regions of Russia and Ukraine

Valentin P. Babintsev, Helen I. Babintseva, Oleg V. Bykhtin, Alexander V. Pastyuk and Viktor A. Sapryka

Psychological and Linguistic Analysis of Color Terms in French Media

Natalia I. Kupina, Elena A. Kamyshanchenko, Larisa V. Tsurikova, Elena V. Kaliuznaya and Natalia I. Gaidukova

Semantic and Pragmatic Properties of English and German Idioms for Deception

Inna E. Fedyunina, Vita A. Kuzmicheva, Anna N. Doborovich and Igor V. Lyashenko

Structural and Semantic Models of Phrases in the Function of the German Place Names in a Diachronic Aspect

Natalia B. Kudryavtseva, Yuliya N. Melnikova, Tatyana N. Skokova and Larissa V. Voronina

The National and Cultural Component of the French Emotive Phraseological Units Denoting Negative Emotions

Yuri G. Sinelnikov, Irina I. Sinelnikova, Svetlana A. Androsova and Svetlana V. Sleptsova

The Notion Interconnections of “Os-Drihten” Within One Conceptual Meaning

Roman E. Bogachev, Elena N. Musaelian, Larisa N. Miroshnichenko and Olga N. Yarygina

The Structural Features of the Concept STRENGTH in the Modern English Language

Tatiana M. Shekhovtseva, Ksenia A. Strakhova, Elena N. Taranova and Yulia A. Razdabarina

Verbs of Praise in Modern English: Semantic and Etymological Aspects

Svetlana N. Pogozhaya, Tamara M. Timoshilova, Alexander M. Amatov and Elena N. Morozova

Zoonymical Phraseological Units in the East Slavic Languages as Means of Reflecting the View of the World

Prokhorova Olga, Chekulai Igor, Baghana Jerome and Kuprieva Irina

Cognitive Functions of Paroemias in Moral and Ethical Concepts Representation in Modern English

Olga Y. Romashina, Tatiana V. Zaika, Olga V. Afanasyeva and Elena N. Kotlyarova

Discursive-Modus Mechanisms of Phraseological Semiosis

Nikolai F. Alefirenko, Irina I. Chumak-Zhun, Elena G. Ozerova and Kira K. Stebunova

Compound Names in Russian: Status and Lingvocreative Specifics

Marina A. Droga, Natalia V. Yurchenko, Alexander N. Langner, Valentina V. Karnauchova and Yulia A. Klimova

Modernity, Memory and Political Caring on the Longue Duree of Social Transformations in Russia

Vitaly V. Penskoi, Tamara I. Lipich, Pavel A. Olkhov and Elena N. Motovnikova

Problems of Theoretical and Normative Correlation of “Humanitarian Intervention” Definition

Elena V. Safronova, Aleksey A. Liventsov, Ivan N. Kuksin and Gennady A. Borisov

Stereotypic Model in the Focus of the Value Paroemia Representation

Natalia N. Semenenko, Galina A. Lisitsyna, Olga A. Voronkova and Miroslava N. Osadchay

The Study of Personality Factors in the Formation of University Lecturers Emotional Burnout

Yaroslava M. Chapskaya, Natalya N. Bityutskaya, Natalya V. Zimovets and Elena N. Musayelyan

The New Approach of Complex Control Law on Immunological System

Janar J. Yermekbayeva and Tolkynay Myrzakul

Outlook on Linguistic Pragmatics

Seidaliyeva Guldana Omarovna, Adilbayeva Rsaldy Kurmashevna and Kasymbekova Alya Korganbekovna

About the Mythical Knowledge and Mythical Linguistic Unity

Uskenbayeva Rauza Mutalipovna, Zhaksilikova Kulyai Baimedinovna and Munara Marzhan

Applying Freewriting as a Technique for Developing Kazakhstani University Students’ Writing Skills in English

Madina Tussupbekova, Manshuk Yeskindirova, Aigul Nurpeissova and Peter Enders

Structural Ambidexterity vs. Contextual Ambidexterity: Preliminary Evidence from Malaysia

Mohamad Faizal Ahmad Zaidi and Siti Norezam Othman

Relationship of Emotional Intelligence with Conflict Management and Job Stress of Nurses

Zohre Nakhaei Sobhi and Hossein Jenaabadi

The Effect of Cognitive Therapy on Student’s Depression

Maryam Safara, Hossein Jenaabadi, Mohammad Reza Farshad and Zeynab Bolouri Alkaran

Analysis of Dependence of the Emotional Perception of Colors on the Type of Personality of the Russian Consumers of Advertising Information

Tatyana L. Shklyar, Sergey V. Mkhitaryan and Timur A. Tultaev

Professional Competence of a Teacher by Design of the Education Activity with Account of the Value Component of Personality of Senior Pupils

Artem Edikovich Islamov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Yepaneshnikov and Albina Zulfatovna Minakhmetova

Modern Russian-Chinese Humanitarian Projects: Evaluation and Prospects for Development

Alfiya Rafisovna Alikberova and Ramil Mirgasimovich Valeyev

Linguocultural Attitudes of the Female Migrants in the Republic of Tatarstan

Tatyana Alekseyevna Titova and Elena Valeryevna Frolova

Global Evolutionism and Heterarchical Thinking

Gennady P. Menchikov and Bulat Z. Sharifullin

Formation of the Framework of Categories and Concepts of the Russian Museum Pedagogics

Lyudmila S. Timofeeva and Albina R. Akhmetova

Adjectives of Tactile Perception in a Comparative Aspect (In Russian and English Languages)

Marina S. Achayeva and Natalya S. Subbotina

Verbalization of Sensations of Pain (Based on Differently Structured Languages)

Sofia A. Moiseeva, Zhanna A. Bubyreva, Elena V. Lukyanova and Elena N. Taranova

Linguistic Subject and Verbal Meanings of an Utterance

Igor A. Nagornyy, Svetlana A. Kosharnaya, Larisa I. Plotnikova and Svetlana J. Nagornaya

National Culture: On the Hermeneutical Contours of “Fateful Question” in Russia

Vasili V. Lipich, Tamara I. Lipich, Elena N. Motovnikova, Pavel A. Olkhov, Vitali V. Penskoy and Svetlana I. Shatokhina

Personal Dignity in the Ancient Philosophical-Legal Idea

Marina V. Markhgeim, Alevtina E. Novikova, Evgeniy E. Tonkov and Lubov A. Pozharova

Phenomenon of ‘New People’ in the Provincial Bureaucracy of the Russian Empire of the 1860’s

Ivan T. Shatohin, Svetlana B. Shatohina, Marina A. Sergienko and Oksana V. Shevchenko

Regional Experience in Socio-Cultural Adaptation of Displaced Persons from the South-East of Ukraine

Michael S. Zhirov, Dmitry A. Kulabukhov, Elena I. Mozgovaya and Julia A. Grebenikova

Social State: Search of Adequate Signs

Marina V. Markheim, Alevtina E. Novikova, Evgeniy E. Tonkov and Anna M. Zhornik

System of Values of the Youth in the Light of its Social Frustration

Afanasenko Inna Vladimirovna, Tashcheva Anna Ivanovna and Gabdulina Lyudmila Ivanovna

The Analysis of the Microimage “Moon” in Outer Space in the Lyrics by N. Gumilyov Communicative and Stylistic Aspect

Irina V. Dobrycheva, Lubov A. Kholopova and Mikhail N. Bubin

Antisystems in the Modern World

S.I. Sulimov, I.V. Chernigovskikh, V.D. Chernykh and S.V. Shakhov

Scientific Expedition of Geographical Society and “The Big Game” (On the Example of N.F. Katanov, G.Ye. Grum-Grgimaylo and M.V. Pevtsov)

Dmitry Ye. Martynov and Yulia A. Martynova

Features of the New Model of Civil Service of Kazakhstan in the Process of Political Modernization

Aliya Uisembayeva and Naubat Kaliev

Intellectual Virtues and Education Practice

Artur Karimov and Valentina Kazakova

Formal and Non-Formal Education Means of Mastering Foreign Language Skills

Alfia Ildusovna Gazizova, Marina Nailevna Siraeva and Galina Sergeevna Trofimova

Poor Progress of Junior Teenagers in Foreign Language: Signs, Causes, Approaches to Prevention

Anna Vyacheslavna Gizatullina

Dialogic Orientation of Discourse in Contemporary Kazakh Novel

Ainur Azizova, Baiyan Zholdasbekova and Natalya Sarsekeeva

Linguistic Mechanism of Dialogue and the Subject Matter of Evidentiality: Palestine, We’re with You!

Sabrina Shikhalieva

Methodology of Analyzing and Managing the Riscs of Integration of the Subjects of Innovation Processes

Oksana V. Vaganova, Marina V. Vladyka, Svetlana A. Kucheryanenko and Nadezhda F. Sivtsova

News Angle as a Non-Human Actor in the Construction of Newsworthiness: A Case Study of Sinar Harian

Siti S. Othman

Problems of Modern Juvenile Penal Policy

Nikoli V. Valuiskov, Oksana Y. Grechenkova, Liana R. Barashyan, Lubov V. Bondarenko and Arsen A. Tatuev

Role of the Structure of Public Service Advertising Text in Influencing its Recipient

Larisa S. Tikhomirova, Natalya V. Danilevskaya, Elena Al. Bazhenova, Larisa G. Kyrkunova and Svetlana Ev. Ovsyannikova

Sinophobia in the Kazakh Society: Content Analysis of Mass Media

N.B. Boldurukova

The Employment of Politically Repressed and Special Settlers During the Development of the Virgin Lands of Northern Kazakhstan

A.S. Musagalieva, R.M. Musabekova and U.M. Sandybaeva

The Information Theory and Consciousness

Berland Yuri Michaelovich

Educational Outsourcing in Process Management of High School Student’s Self-Determination in Trade Qualifications

Valentina N. Kormakova, Elena N. Musaelian, Ilya F. Isaev and Galina V. Makotrova

Gender Aspects of Stretching Applied to Develop Flexibility in the Classroom of Physical Education in Secondary School

Nina V. Shitova, Tatyana A. Syirovatskaya, Ludmila V. Buraya, Sergey I. Maslakov and Aleksandr D. Pechenskih

Psychological Models of a Terrorist’s Personality as Envisaged by Young Men and Women

Svetlana T. Dzhaneryan and Darya I. Gvozdeva

Reserves of North Caucasus Mountain Regions Rural Settlements Development Increase

L.A. Dygova, V.S. Misakov, A.V. Misakov and A.K. Shidov

Specifics of Frame Approach to Verb Semantics

A.M. Amatov, T.D. Dyachenko, J.V. Golubeva and T.A. Perelygina

The Four-Disposition Model of the Vocatioal Choice Situation

Vladimir N. Fomin, Dmitry Viktorovich Kudinov, Nikolai S. Danakin, Inna A. Gladkova and Nickolay N. Reutov

The Youth’s Attitude to Marriage and Family in Modern Russian Society

Olga A. Volkova, Oksana V. Besschetnova, Ksenia Y. Korolyova and Olga V. Kovalchuk

Cultural Directionality of Theory and Practice of Social Work

Michael S. Zhirov, Dmitry A. Kulabukhov, Elena I. Mozgovaya and Julia A. Grebenikova

Estimation of Innovative Activity of the University

Ivan I. Gulyaev, Olga A. Lomovtseva, Svetlana N. Pryadko, Tatiana V. Balabanova and Victoria A. Shlakaneva

Fear as a Characteristic of Student’s Social Feeling (According to Materials of Sociological Study)

Liudmila N. Kurbatova and V.N. Stegniy

Frustration Features of City Students

S.T. Dzhaneryan, D.I. Gvozdeva, I.N. Astafyeva and Yu.V. Obuhova

Methodical Toolkit of Managing Reproduction of the Fixed Assets of an Organization

Roman G. Abakumov, Irina P. Avilova, Inna V. Ursu and Ekaterina O. Kapustina

Rethinking Discourse Analysis: Back to Foucault

Evgeny A. Kozhemyakin, Andrey V. Polonskiy, Yana O. Yakuba and Kseniya Y. Korolyova

Stadial and Mechanisms of Presentations of Professional Formation and Personality Development

Vladimir N. Fomin, Nikolai S. Danakin, Inna A. Gladkova, Irina V. Savenkova and Lilia E. Gai

Training Conditions Structuring for Future Speech Pathalogy Teachers at Teacher Training Institute

Natalia A. Abramova and Nadezhda U. Tulasynova

The Muslims of the Post-War Tatarstan Within and Beyond the Frameworks of the Soviet Legislation Concerning Religion

Liliya F. Ashrafullina

The Balkan Crisis and Peace-Keeping Operation of the Uno in Macedonia

Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Shagalov and Romadan Liliya Igorevna

Organizational Practices to Reduce the Risk of Loan Portfolios of Commercial Banks

Aleksey Muravetskiy, Pavel Kuntashev, Irina Shok and Tatyana Fliginskih

Formation and Development of a Teacher Professional Pedagogical Culture at a High School in Russia: Historical and Educational Context (1755-1917)

Galym Teleuyev, Ilya F. Isaev, Elena I. Eroshenkova, Elena N. Krolevetskaya, Andrey P. Peresypkin and Irina A. Shumakova

Biological Resources as the Means of Elderly People Social Adaptation

Elena V. Dumacheva, Vladimir I. Cherniavskih, Dmitriy V. Dumachev and Vladimir N. Sorokopudov

Study of Value Orientations among Russian Students

Olga K. Slinkova, Anatoly M. Slinkov, Elena G. Grudistova, Inna S. Koroleva and Tatiana B. Klimova

Batek Hep’ Language: The Female’s Pride and Learning Exploration

T.S. Tengku Intan Suzila, Teo Kok Seong and M.N. Mohd Yusri

Voice of Cluster School Students’ on Educational Excellence: Programs, Practices, Challenges and the Way Forward for the 21st Century

Ena Bhattacharyya

Professional Identity as Psychological Mechanism of Development of Pedagogical Competence for Future Teachers

Ardakh R. Yermentayeva, Baizhuman B. Kashkhynbay, Tolkyn S. Slambekova, Alma Sh. Mamanova, Aray K. Amanova and Kundyz S. Kenzhebayeva

Personal Factors of Coping Strategies for Undergraduate Students

Ardakh R. Yermentayeva, Fatima N. Zhumabekova, Aigul M. Aitysheva, Bibianar Sh. Baizhumanova and Almagul R. Mandykayeva

Features of Social Intelligence of Future Teachers

Ardakh R. Yermentayeva and Kundyz S. Kenzhebayeva

Environmental Effects of Settlement Against Malaria Incidence on the Island of Kapoposang Pangkajenne Island District

A.A. Arsunan and Annice Suasantri Situmorang

The Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Copyright and the Related Rights

Baimoldina Svetlana Malikovna

Improvement of Company’s Performance Through Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Methodology

Tleuberdiyeva Gulnara, Naizabayeva Lyazat, M.Z. Arslanov and Zh. Orazbekov

Implementation of Real-Time Video Recording and On-Line Learning System in Education Field

Dong-Liang Cai, Meng-Feng Tsai, Yung-Chung Wang and Jenn-Shing Wang

Arkoun’s Thought of Humanity: A New Bridging Toward Islamic and Western Civilization

Muhammad Azhar

The Implementation of Peer-To-Peer Bandwidth Estimation Mechanism in Multimedia Streaming Networks

Dong-Liang Cai, Po-Hsuan Wang, Yung-Chung Wang, Fu- HsiangTsai and Jenn-Shing Wang