The Social Sciences (2022 Volume 17)

  • Number of issues per year: 12
  • ISSN: 1818-5800 (Print)
  • ISSN: 1993-6125 (Online)
Archive (Volume 11 Issue 30, 2016)

Does Performance Measurement System Influence Firm’s Performance? Evidence from Nigerian Bailed-Out Banks

Mohamed Rapiah, Che Zuriana Muhammad Jamil and Nuraddeen Shehu Aliyu

An Externalization Process among Penang Electronics Industry: Issues and Way Forward

Fauziah Che Leh

Green IT Motivation: Towards Environment Sustainability

Hartini Abdul Jalil, Erne Suzila Kassim and Wan Edura Wan Rashid

The Making of Malaysian Multiple Intelligences Stimulator

Nurulwahida Hj Azid, Mardzelah Makhsin and Aizan Yaacob

Investigating the Barriers and Success Factors in Implementing Shariah Compliant Hotel Operations

Noor Azimin Zainol, Rozila Ahmad and Nurhazani Mohd Shariff

Incorporating Learning Agents in Blended Learning

Choo-Kim Tan and Choo-Peng Tan

The Impact of Minimum Wage Order on Employment in Langkawi Hotels

Rozila Ahmad, Nor Azimin Zainol and Hamimi Omar

Towards the Sustainability of Indonesian Medium-Sized Food Manufacturing Enterprise: The Role of Informal Knowledge Sharing

Oki Sunardi, Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja and Yuni Ros Bangun

The Implication of Adultery in Child Custody Cases in Malaysia

Daleleer Kaur Randawar and Sheela Jayabalan

Concept of Socio-Economic Motivation of Water Consumption and Water Saving in the Housing Sector

Makhmud Kharun, Alexander P. Svintsov and Evgeny L. Schesnyak

Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Politics and Turnover Intention of Hotel Industry in Malaysia

Che Norazizi Che Mastar, Amer Darus and Abdul Shukor Shamsudin

Service Quality in Distance Education using the Gronroos Model

Fazelina Sahul Hamid and Nick Yip

Sudden Death in the Line of Duty: The Extension of Privileged Wills in Malaysia

Faridah Hussain and Mohd Hisham Mohd Kamal

The Pre-Trial Detention of Child Offenders: Some Evidence from Malaysia

Nadzriah Ahmad, Abdul Ghafur Hamid and Saodah Wok

Protection for House Buyer: The Need for Insurance

Anis Sabrina Annuar and Zul Zakiyuddin Ahmad Rashid

Moral Values by Al-Sulh in Family Conflict Management

Mardzelah Makhsin, Hj Azid Aziz Nurulwahida, Rozalina Khalid, Aizan Yaacob and Mohamad Fadhli Ilias

Intellectual Capital Disclosure and Firm Governance: Malaysian Evidence

Rokiah Ishak, Robiah Abu Bakar and Hasnah Kamardin

Taking a Collaborative Decision: Attitude of the Teacher and the Encouragement by the Principal

Norazlinda Saad and Surendran Sankaran

Postgraduate Student’s Perspectives on Collaborative Feedback

Aizan Yaacob, Raja Maznah Raja Hussin, Nurulwahida Azid, Nurahimah Mohd Yusoff, Mardzelah Makhsin and Siti Noor Ismail

The Principles of Peace in Islamic Family Management to Empower Teenagers Facing Divorce Effects

Mardzelah Makhsin, Nurulwahida Hj Azid Aziz, Rozalina Khalid, Aizan Yaacob and Mohamad Fadhli Ilias

Underlying Constructs Measuring Ecotourist’s Destination Loyalty to Malaysian Ecotourism Destinations

Azilah Kasim, Christina Chi, Dogan Gursoy and Jayashree Srivanisan

Exploring Travel Motivation Within a South East Asian Ecotourism Context

Azilah Kasim, Christina Chi, Dogan Gursoy and Jayashree Srivanisan

The Influence of Real Earnings on Malaysian Corporate Board Structure

Noor Afza Amran, Rokiah Ishak and Kamarul Bahrain Abdul Manaf

A Case Study on Accounting for Heritage Assets

Halimah Nasibah Ahmad, Natrah Saad, Nor Laili Hassan, Mohamad Sharofi Hj Ismail and Md Suhaimi Md Saleh

Risk Taking of University to Hold Equities in Technology Start-Ups

Wahab Azrin, Kamariah Ismail, Fazel Mohammadi Nodeh, Umar Haiyat Abdul Kohar, Aniza Othman and Wan Zaidi Wan Omar

Reoffending among the Child Offenders in Malaysia: It’s Time to Open Our Doors to Theories Underpinning Diversionary Measures

Nadzriah Ahmad, Abdul Ghafur Hamid and Saodah Wok

Assessing Country of Assembly Effect on Perceptions of Product Quality: A Comparison between Malaysia and Japan

Wong Yi Shen and Azmawani Abd Rahman

Consumer Value of Drinking Tap Water as a Management Factor of the Water Supply and Sewerage Enterprise

Makhmud Kharun, Alexander P. Svintsov and Evgeny L. Schesnyak

High Performance Work Practices and Service Quality in Mid-Scale Lodging Industry

Mary Monica Jiony, Lew Tek-Yew, Geoffrey Harvey Tanakinjal, Daria Gom and Ruth S. Siganul

Experiential Learning Through Module: A Case Study on Leadership Skills

Thahira Bibi bt TKM Thangal, Maisarah Binti Noorezam, Norhartini Binti Aripin, Siti Mariam Binti Mohammad Iliyas, Muhammad Irfan Bin Mokhtar, Nor Kamariah Kasmin Bajuri and Mohd Farhan Bin Ahmad

Who’s Your Daddy? The Legal Issues on Presumption of Legitimacy in Malaysia

Mazlina Mahali, Ramalinggam Rajamanickam and Anisah Che Ngah

The Dominant ‘Local-Content’ Dimensions of MNC’s Organizational Culture in Indonesia (A Case Study of Japanese MNC Heavy Equipment Industry at Jababeka Industrial Estate-Indonesia)

B.M.A.S. Anaconda Bangkara, Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmadja, Bambang Rudito and Elmira Rustam Sumintardja

Security of Tenure in the Malaysian Computerized Land Registration: A Myth

Noraziah Abu Bakar

Nine Year Tenure as Independent Director: Overstaying the Welcome?

Muhammad Umar bin Abdul Razak, Mazlina Mahali and Yang Chik Adam

National Flood Insurance: Funding Model for Citizens at Lower Strata of Economic

Noor Ashikin Mohd Rom, Nurbani Md Hassan and Zuriah Ab Rahman

Does Religious Values Matter in Predicting Youth Entrepreneurial Intention? an Empirical Study in Indonesia

Sabrina O. Sihombing

Language and Dialect Use of Majorities and Minorities: A Study in Terengganu, East Coast of Malaysia

Isma Rosila Ismail and Che Hasniza Che Noh

A Quality Improvement and Accreditation System (QIAS) Model: The Catalyst for Quality Childcare Center

Siti Noor Ismail, Yahya Don, Fauzi Husi and Aizan Yaacob

The Indonesia Industrial Estate Firm Award’s: Theory Building and Testing

Gatot Yudoko

Demographic and Night Market Local Trader Challenges: A Non-Parametric Analysis

Noranita bt Abdamia and Thahira Bibi TKM Thangal

The Role of Cultural Values on Transformational Leadership and Citizenship Behavior

Daria Gom, Lew Tek-Yew, Geoffrey Harvey Tanakinjal, Mary Monica Jiony and Ruth S. Siganul

A Policy Evaluation on Tax Incentives: Corporate Income Tax Rat Reduction for Listed Company

Devita Januarica and Milla S. Setyowati

Mobile Entrepreneur Program by Zakat Institution: An Exploratory Study

Nurbani Md. Hassan and Noor Ashikin Mohd Rom

Actuaries Waging Crime Against the Law and Penal Law

Ebrahim Ghodsi and Ebrahim Rahnamazadeh

Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy CBT on Quality of Life and Dysfunctional Attitudes of Bipolar Patients

Atiyeh Ranjbardar and Habibollah Akbari

Morality as a Value Component of a Personality and Conceptual Foundation of Moral Education

Nina V. Kireyeva, Mikhail N. Kireyev, Yelena N. Koreneva, Natalya E. Chernyavskaya and Natalya V. Baranichenko

Evolution in the Staff Potential of Workers and Peasants Militia During New Economic Policy

Vladimir I. Mayorov and Galina T. Kamalova