Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2012
Volume: 11
Issue: 5
Page No. 592 - 594

Comparison of Meat Quality and Composition for Longissimus Muscle Tissues from Gaoligongshan Pig and Saba x Gaoligongshan Cross Pig

Authors : Zhao Guiying, Duan Bofang, Duan Xingquan and Ji Xiaorui


Liu, G.Y. and Y.Z. Xiong, 2009. Molecular characterization and expression profile of a novel porcine gene differentially expressed in the muscle tissues from Meishan, Large White and their hybrids. Mol. Biol. Rep., 36: 57-62.
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Liu, G.Y. and Y.Z. Xiong, 2009. Molecular cloning, polymorphism and association analyses of a novel porcine mRNA differentially expressed in the Longissimus muscle tissues from Meishan and Large White pigs. Mol. Biol. Rep., 36: 1393-1398.
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Pan, P.W., S.H. Zhao, M. Yu, T.A. Xiong and K. Li, 2003. Identification of differentially expressed genes in the Longissimus dorsi dorsi tissue between Duroc and Erhualian pigs by mRNA differential display. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci, 16: 1066-1070.
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Xiong, Y.Z. and C.Y. Deng, 1999. Principle and Method of Swine Testing. Chinese Agriculture Press, Beijing.

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