Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 776 - 783

Monitoring of FBG as Elements of Subscriber Access Nodes in TWDM-PON

Authors : Oleg G. Morozov and Mustafa H. Ali


Cheng, N., 2015. Flexible TWDM PON with WDM overlay for converged services. Opt. Fiber Technol., 26: 21-30.
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Wong, E., 2014. Survivable architectures for time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks. Optics Commun., 325: 152-159.
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Yuksel, K., M. Wuilpart, V. Moeyaert and P. Megret, 2010. Original monitoring technique for passive optical networks combining fiber Bragg gratings and wavelength swept light source. Proceedings of the 2010 12th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks, June 27- July 1, 2012, IEEE, Munich, Germany, ISBN:978-1-4244-7799-9, pp: 1-5.

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