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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2019 Volume 18)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 10 Issue 1, 2011
Relationship Between Leptin Gene Polymorphism with Economical Traits in Iranian Sistani and Brown Swiss Cows
Karim Nobari, Mojtaba Tahmoorespur, Shokoufe Ghazanfari, Mohammad Reza Nassiry and Eisa Jorjani
Resource Use Efficiency of Turkish Small Scale Dairy Farmers Supported Through Cooperatives in Cukurova Region, Turkey
Tuna Alemdar and Hilal Yilmaz
Evaluation of Hemogram, Haptoglobine and Clotting Factors Indices in Cattle Affected with Acute and Chronic Peritonitis
Kamal M. Alsaad
Evaluation of Feline Coronavirus Viraemia in Clinically Healthy and Ill Cats with Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Saeed Sharif, Siti Suri Arshad, Mohd Hair-Bejo, Abdul-Rahman Omar, Nazariah Allaudin Zeenathul, Nor-Alimah Rahman and Amer Alazawy
Estimates of Genetic Parameters for Body Weight and Carcass Composition in Pekin Ducks
T.S. Xu, X.L. Liu, W. Huang and S.S. Hou
A Typing System Based on Ligase Detection Reaction for Myogenin Gene Polymorphisms in Chicken
Shu Jing-ting, Zhang Ying, Han Wei, Yin Ping-An and Li Hui-Fang
Resveratrol Inhibits MMP-2 Expression of Hepatoma in Nude Mice
Deyu Li, Xiaoping Chen and Haibo Yu
Conjugated Linoleic Acids in Cattle Slaughtered for Human Consumption
M.B. Achenef, A.K. Arifah, Y.M. Goh, A.Q. Sazili, O. Fauziah, Z.A. Zakaria, A. Zuraini and M.N. Somchit
Influence of Protein Sources with Different Degradability on Performance, Ruminal Fermentation, Blood Metabolites and Protozoal Population in Lactating Dairy Cows
E. Ibrahimi Khorram Abadi, A.M. Tahmasbi, M. Danesh Mesgaran and R. Valizadeh
Computed Tomographic Imaging of Rabbit Bulbourethral Glands
R. Dimitrov
Computed Tomographic Imaging of Vesicular Glands in Rabbits
R. Dimitrov, Y. Toneva, D. Vladova, K. Stamatova and M. Stefanov
Comparison of Marinating with Two Different Types of Marinade on Some Quality and Sensory Characteristics of Turkey Breast Meat
Haluk Ergezer and Ramazan Gokce
Bovine Mastitis in Subtropical Dairy Farms, 2005-2009
Feng-Li Yang, Xiao-Shan Li, Bao-Xiang He, Yu-Lan Du, Gong-He Li, Bin-Bin Yang and Huang Qin-Hua
Development and Validation of a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Melamine and Cyromazine in Animal Feeds
Binru Shang, Yiqiang Chen, Zongyi Wang, Wenjun Yang and Liying Zhang
Effect of Equisetum arvense on Wound Contraction of Full-Thicnes Skin Wounds in Rabbits
A. Hayat, F. Temamogullari, R. Yilmaz and O. Karabulut
Erythrocyte Superoxide Dismutase, Catalase Activity and Malondialdehit Level in Hypodermosis
Guzin Ozkurt-Borazan, M. Sinan Aktas, Ilker Camkerten, Ahmet Gokcen, Hudai Ipek, Tekin Sahin and Nilgun Uren-Paksoy
Affecting the Choice Factors of Fishery Products Consumption in Turkey
Saygi Hulya and Hekimoglu Muge Aliye
Discover of a Novel SNP Highly Associated with Chicken Blue Egg
Z.P. Wang, X.T. Wang, R.F. Liu, A.R. Wang, J.Y. Li and X.M. Deng
Escherichia coli Vaccine and Laying Hens Mortality After A Heat Stress Challenge in Tropical Climate
L. Garcia Compean, M. Itza Ortiz, J.P. Ramon Ugalde, J.R. Sangines Garcia, B. Ortiz de la Rosa, R. Zamora-Bustillos, A. Reyes Ramirez and H. Magana-Sevilla
Metallothionein in Yak Characterization of Metallothionein-III in Yak (Bos grunniens)
L. Yang, L.P. Zhang, J.P. Wu, M.A. Brown, B. Liu, B.Y. Ma and L. Wang
Prevalence of netB Gene among Clostridium perfringens Isolates Obtained from Healthy and Diseased Chickens
A. Tolooe, B. Shojadoost, S.M. Peighambari and Y. Tamaddon
Effects of Supplement with Different Level of Bacillus coagulans as Probiotics on Growth Performance and Intestinal Microflora Populations of Broiler Chickens
S.Y. Lin, A.T.Y. Hung and J.J. Lu
The Marketing Research Status of Cooperative Managers Within the Context of Agricultural Organization Policies in the EU Harmonization Process: The Case of Canakkale Province
Sibel Tan and Bengul Everest
Multivariate Discrimination among Three Trachurus Species from Turkey
Hakan Karaoglu and Ali Osman Belduz
The Effect of Rearing Experience on the Behavior Patterns of Captive Male Alpine Musk Deer
Xiangwei Wang, Meng Tong and Xiuxiang Meng