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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 6 Issue 2, 2007
Assessment of the Economic Impact of a Brucellosis Control Program in A Dairy Herd Using the Partial Budget Method
R.M. Munoz del , M.F.Montano , T.B. Renteria , E. Sanchez , J.F. Moreno , A. Perez and S. Saucedo
Optimum Ficoll/Hypaque Gradient for Efficient Isolation of Peripheral Blood Monocytes from Camels
Layla Mohamed and M.M. Mukhtar
Weight-Related Changes in Acetycholinestrase Activity and Total Protein Concetration in the Brain Regions and Hypophyses of Pigs in the Tropics
D.O. Adejumo , I.A. Amata , L. Bratte and F.O. Adewuyi
Effects of Removal of the Ovary Containing the Largest Follicle on Subsequent Follicular Activity and Function of the Remaining Ovary in Brahman Cows
M.A. Lammoglia , M.M. Zeitoun , R.D. Randel and S.T. Willard
Prevalence of Salmonellae in Broiler Chicken Carcasses and Poultry Farms in the Central Region, K.S.A.
A.M. Saad , D.M. Almujali , S.H. Babiker , M.A.M. Shuaib K.A. Abdelgadir and Y.A. Alfadul
Use of Gauze Soaked in 0.25% Formalin on Full Thickness Skin Wounds in Rabbits
Ali Hayat , Fusun Karacal and Fusun Baba
Surgical and Postoperative Complications of Prepubertal Ovariohysterectomy in Dogs
B.H. Sontas , T.S.F. Toydemir and H. Ekici
Rk39 Dipstick Test as a Practical Solution for Canine Leishmaniasis Diagnosis among Nomadic Populations
S. Habibzadeh , S. Arshi , H. Sadeghi-Bazargani and M. Mohebali
Experimental Evaluation of Repair Process of Burn-Wounds Treated with Natural Honey
Farnood Shokouhi Sabet Jalali , Siamak Saifzadeh , Hossien Tajik and Amir Abbas Farshid
A Semi-Quantitative RT-PCR to Assess Differential Expression Levels of TCF3 Gene in Two Chinese Indigenous Chicken Breeds
Wang Jin-yu , Bian Liang-yong , Yang Yan , Li lin-Chuan , H. Hassan Musa and M. Dafalla Mekki
Effect of Barn Ventilation on Some Physiologic and Milk Traits of Dairy Cows
Nilufer Sabuncuoglu , Omer Akbulut , Omer Coban , Ekrem Lacin , Ahmet Yildiz , Yener Sagsoz and Ziya Gokalp Ceylan
Identification of M1 Aflatoxin in Milk of the Collector Tank
A. Cordova-Izquierdo , J. Saltijeral Oaxaca , G. Ruiz Lang , S. Cortes Suarez , V. Manuel Xolalpa Campos , Silvia D. Pena Betancourt , M. Silvia Cordova-Jimenez , C. Alejandro Cordova-Jimenez , J. Felix Perez-Gutierrez and J. Eulogio Guerra Liera
Seroprevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Larva Migrans of Toxocara canis in Dogs from Mexicali Baja California, Mexico
Luis Tinoco-Gracia , Alberto Barreras-Serrano , Gilberto Lopez-Valenci and Alma Rossana Tamayo-Sosa
Comparison of the Royal Jelly and Povidone Iodine on Wound Healing in Rabbits
Fusun Karacal Temamo ullari , Ali Hayat and Fusun Baba
The Contribution of Electrostimulation on Nerve Regeneration in Rabbits with Experimentally Induced Sciatic Nerve Injury
Omer Besalti , Y. Sinan Sirin , Irem Ergin , Taylan Onyay and Ece Unlu
The Contribution of Thiamine, Pyridoxine and Cyanocobalamine Combination on Nerve Regeneration in Rats with Experimentally Induced Sciatic Injury
Omer Besalti , Irem Ergin , Ece Unlu , Zeynep Pekcan and Ozgur Koskan
Effect of Storage Conditions on the pH of Blackleg Vaccines
M.Y. Sugun , G. Haruna , E.O. Irokanulo , A. Zakari and N.M. Useh
Effect of Wheat Straw and Different Additives on Silage Quality and In vitro Dry Matter Digestibility of Wet Orange Pulp
N. Denek and A. Can
The Effects of Treated Corn Silage Using Urea and Formaldehyde on Rumen Ecosystem and Blood Metabolites in Sheep
A. Taghizadeh , M. Hatami , G.A. Moghadam , A.M. Tahmasbi , H. Janmohamadi , N. Pirani and R. Noori
Transfer of Rhodoccocus equi Immunity in Guinea Pigs by Mean of Sensitized Spleen Cells
Khairelsid Abdalla , Tal b Mohamed , Khalifa Khalifa and Salah Al-Izzi
Pathological Changes in Mice Experimentally Injected Clostridium chauvoei Toxins
M.Y. Sugun , H.M. Kazeem , N.D.G. Ibrahim , N.M. Useh , L.B. Tekdek and I. Ajogi
Efficiency Assessment of Iranian Honey on Healing of Linea Alba Following Exploratory Laparotomy in Animal Model
Farnood Shokouhi Sabet Jalali , Siamak Saifzadeh , Amir Abbas Farshid , Hossien Tajik , Reza Bagheri and Rahim Mohhammadi
Meat Quality of Broilers Fed Discarded Cashew Nut Meal in Place of Soyabean Meal
S.A. Adeyeye , G.E. Onibi , J.O. Agbede and V.A. Aletor
Influence of Site of Casein Infusion on Voluntary Feed Intake and Digestive Function in Steer Calves Fed a Sudangrass-Based Growing Diet
E.G. Alvarez and R.A. Zinn
Ethno-Veterinary Medicinal Plants of the Lake Victoria Basin: A Bioprospection
F. Ejobi , R.D.Mosha , S. Ndege and D. Kamoga
Effects of Semi Replacement of Dietary Olive Oil and Corn Oil with Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) on Broiler Performance, Serum Lipoprotein Levels, Fatty Acid Composition in Muscles and Meat Quality During Refrigerated Storage
Canan Bolukba and M. Kuddusi Erhan
Systemic Effects of Sildenafil Citrate on Pregnancy and Perinatal Periods
P. Sanchez-Aparicio , D. Mota-rojas , R. Ramirez Necoechea , A. Olmos-Hernandez , M. Alonso-Spilsbury , D. Villanueva-Garcia , M.E. Trujillo-Ortega and R. Hernandez-Gonzalez
Effect of Different Extenders and Washing of Seminal Plasma on Buck Semen Storage at 5 °C
I. Salvador , M.P. Viudes-de-Castro , J. Yaniz , E.A. Gomez and M.A. Silvestre
The Relationship Between Pregnant Cows’ Behavior, Calf Birth Weight and Postpartum Levels of Progesterone
A.A Gomez-Danes , C.M.E. Ortega , E.M.T. Sanchez-Torres , H.J. Herrera and M.F. Galindo
In vivo Digestibility of Honey-Locust Seeds (Gleditsia triacanthos L.) Administered as a Dietary Complement to Ruminants and their Effects on Weight Gain
R. Foroughbakhch , J.L. Hernandez-Pinero , M.A. Alvarado , Vazquez , A. Rocha Estrada and O.A. Gonzalez De Leon
The Beneficial Effect of Using Prostacyclin on Ischemia Reperfusion Injury of Horse Jejunum
F. Eser Ozgencil , Bahattin Koc , Tevhide Sel , Ayse Dursun , Candan Ozogul , Ilge Oztamur , Nusret Apaydin and Cem Sezer
Effect of Zinc Proteinate on the Intestinal Morphometry of the Coturnix coturnix japonica Chicks
J.R. Orozco Hernandez , I.J. Ruiz Garcia , A.D. Jimenez-Gonzalez , P. Sanchez Chavez and E.P. Ortiz Munoz
Phytase Effect on Feed Digestibility in the Domestic Cat (Felis silvestris catus)
R. Gonzalez-Sanchez , L. Mora-Anaya , J.R. Orozco Hernandez and I.J. Ruiz-Garcia