Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2005
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 578 - 582

A Qos Aware Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless AD-HOC Networks

Authors : C. Jayakumar and C. Chellappan

Abstract: There is a significant need for power-aware routing algorithms in ad hoc networks. Existing algorithms, however, do not consider the application-specific quality of service (QOS) requirements. This is not entirely desirable from the user’s perspective, as applications may not perform as expected or may even fail. In our work we show that it is possible for a routing protocol to cater to QoS needs of various applications while also achieving considerable efficiency in energy consumption. The key idea is that the nodes in a route need to expend only as much energy for reliably forwarding packet as essential for providing the expected level of reliability. Since hop-by-hop retransmissions consume a significant proportion of the net energy for routing a packet and also determine the limit on the reliability provided at the link level, in our protocol, we dynamically adjust the maximum number of retransmissions at each hop based on the reliability requirements of the application that generated the packet and the link error rate associated with that hop. Even in case of TCP-based applications our protocol achieves substantial energy efficiency by minimizing the number of end-to-end TCP retransmissions, as higher reliability is provided at the link level itself.

How to cite this article:

C. Jayakumar and C. Chellappan , 2005. A Qos Aware Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless AD-HOC Networks . Asian Journal of Information Technology, 4: 578-582.

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