Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2005
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 634 - 636

Experimental System for Recovery of Enteroviruses from A Water Source

Authors : Aida Maria Suarez and Nelda Rosini

Abstract: Knowledge of the degree of viral water pollution is highly important the epidemiology of waterborne infections, especially those caused by Enteroviruses which are present in different water sources. There exist several procedures for virus recovery from water in literature.Our objective was to desing an experimental system to concentrate the virus in water sources through an adsorption-elution method at neutral pH using a glass wool filter and to evaluate the efficiency of this method. The experiment was carried out with 17 samples of 15 l each of laboratory tap water. Each sample was contaminat with previously known concentrations of Poliovirus type 1, Sabin strain; 9 samples were seeded with 10 7 and 8 with 10 4 TCID 50 per ml (50% tissue culture infectious dose). Water samples were passed through the glass wool filter placed in a Sartorius SM 16249 holder.Virus adsorbed to the filter were first eluded at alcaline pH, them reconcentrated by organic flocculation and finally the virus concentrate was recovered in small volumes. Presence of cytophatic effects on Vero cell monolayers was used as virus recovery criterium for qualitative and quantitative assaying respectively. The infectious titres of the poliovirus stock and virus concentrates of the water samples were determined. The 50% end points titers was calculated with the Karber methods and expressed as 50% tissue culture infectious dose TCID 50 per ml. The average yield of the method was 42% (p> 0.05) for the two virus concentrations assayed. The procedure described provides a reproducible and efficient method for Enteroviruses recovery.

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Aida Maria Suarez and Nelda Rosini , 2005. Experimental System for Recovery of Enteroviruses from A Water Source . Asian Journal of Information Technology, 4: 634-636.

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