Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2006
Volume: 5
Issue: 6
Page No. 566 - 572

Enhanced Configuration of OBB Orientation Based on Heuristic Approach

Authors : M. Zin A Bade and T. Sembok T.M

Abstract: Oriented Bounding Box (OBB) is a rectangular volume generated based on arbitrary orientation. The formation of this orientation is frequently obtained from the calculation of the covariance matrix. The previous work shown that OBB is one of the preferred bounding volumes due to its capability on enhancing the performance of object intersection algorithm especially in the field of virtual reality, animation, simulation, games and robotic. In this paper, we describe a variant approach to compute a tight OBB volume using heuristic. Therefore, to adjust the covariance matrix value, our method manipulates mean squared heuristically. The generated covariance matrix value is then handed over to eigenvector function as an input to derive a new OBB orientation. Our heuristic strategy has been implemented and we compare its performance in terms of volume ratio and collision contact between objects composed of hundreds polygons at interactive rates. From the conducted test, our conjecture on a slight adjustment to OBB orientation is probably potential to construct an optimal OBB volume compared to previous approach.

How to cite this article:

Bade, M. Zin A and T. Sembok T.M , 2006. Enhanced Configuration of OBB Orientation Based on Heuristic Approach. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 5: 566-572.

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