Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2007
Volume: 6
Issue: 6
Page No. 681 - 684

Collaborative Software Architecture

Authors : Deepak Laxmi Narasimha and M.Y. Sanavullah

Abstract: Modern software architecture becomes more and more complex as the number of properties, features and the requirements are increasing. Software application developer requires to know a number of concerns like functional and non-functional properties of the application during the application development process. Here an attempt is made to develop a software architecture using four different software engineering methodologies namely Object, Agent, Aspect and Component on a common platform. Studies show that traditional software engineering methods like Object Oriented Software Engineering (OOSE), Agent Based Software Engineering (ABSE) and Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) are not efficient enough for the development of large enterprise application. Therefore a new method i.e., Aspect Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) combining all the above four software engineering methods has been proposed in the study. AOSE has been found to be useful to remove the concerns associated with the other three software engineering methods. Further Aspects in AOSE allows software engineering properties to move from one model to another through weaving. A methodology is proposed to develop an Advanced Aspect-J2EE platform and model based on modification of J2EE and EJB component model. Thus the combination of these 4 software engineering methods results in collaborative software architecture i.e., Advanced Aspect-Java 2 Enterprise Edition (AD Aspect-J2EE).

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Deepak Laxmi Narasimha and M.Y. Sanavullah , 2007. Collaborative Software Architecture. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 6: 681-684.

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