Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2008
Volume: 7
Issue: 9
Page No. 408 - 415

Energy Balanced Self-Configuring Sensor Networks

Authors : Kazi M. Sakib , Zahir Tari and Ibrahim Khalil

Abstract: Like other distributed systems, unattended sensor networks need to be balanced, especially energy balanced. Lifetime of a sensor network can be maximized if a balanced network is formed. In this research, we characterize nodes based on their residual energy levels and distribute tasks according to a node�s capability to balance energy over the network. We characterize a node as SEN, when that node is having sufficient energy to perform additional responsibilities other than its own sensing task. Otherwise, we characterize a node as NEN, when that node is having only a small amount of energy to perform its own tasks. Every node starts as SEN and at some point it becomes NEN based on a predefined threshold value. Thus, the nodes are protected from the early exhaustions. A virtual self-configuring clustering technique is also developed to rotate the tasks among nodes. We apply our approach to a simulation environment and the results justify our assertion.

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Kazi M. Sakib , Zahir Tari and Ibrahim Khalil , 2008. Energy Balanced Self-Configuring Sensor Networks. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 7: 408-415.

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