Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2011
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Page No. 271 - 276

Smart Software Systems: Its Evolution and Application

Authors : Akazue Maureen

Abstract: The primary vehicle in the quest for intelligent software has been the gradual recognition of the central role played by data and information rather than the logic and functionality of the application. Smart software agents have the capability of reacting to its environment, being autonomous, goal-orientation and persistence as well as exhibit flexible behavior, reactive and proactive nature with some degree of social ability. This study focused on the evolution of smart software agents; four essential types of intelligent software agents; the importance of smart software agents. Furthermore, these capabilities were examined by designing an ecommerce website for Delta State University bookshop which was test-run by different users. It was concluded that smart software agents have come to stay as they are predefined clients within user systems and perform internal functions that are necessary for the particular user to deliver its services.

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Akazue Maureen , 2011. Smart Software Systems: Its Evolution and Application. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 10: 271-276.

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