Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2013
Volume: 12
Issue: 7
Page No. 217 - 227

Enhancing Surgical Visualization by Exploring 3D Volume Reconstruction from 2D Slices of CT Lung

Authors : A. Amutha and R.S.D. Wahidabanu

Abstract: In recent years, lung tumor diagnosis and the projection of tumor segmentation in 3D has gained significant momentous in the therapeutic field. Establishing the dissimilarity exists in the three dimensional volume representation of tumor cells affords more information which can sharpen the treatment of a multiplicity of tumors. The volume reconstruction information is indispensable in the case of surgical operations. This process introduces a contour based segmentation algorithm to acquire the appropriate differentiation of pixel boundary that scrutinizes the exact difference between tumor and non tumor cells along the tumor boundary. With the aid of aforementioned formulation, extracted tumor part pixels are reconstructed for the entire 2D slices of the patient data set. Proposal research on 3D voxel reconstruction relies on encountering the isosurfaces. Originally, volume data are subjected to the smoothening process which computes the isosurface data from the smoothened volume data. The generated outcome of this process comprises the vertices and faces of the isosurfaces and directly flows to patch the data. Exploit the 3D reconstructed model to enumerate the voxel damaged by tumor. Proposal research associated with the percentage of damaged voxel along with accurate and reliable perception, simplifies the physician task in lung tumor diagnosis and assist the surgical procedure. Experimental evaluations across the wide range of images show the superiority of the proposed research with the classification accuracy rate of 99.33%.

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A. Amutha and R.S.D. Wahidabanu, 2013. Enhancing Surgical Visualization by Exploring 3D Volume Reconstruction from 2D Slices of CT Lung. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 12: 217-227.

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