Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 23
Page No. 4812 - 4819

Proficient System for Real Time Cognitive State Classification Using Wireless Sensor Network and EEG System

Authors : B. Paulchamy, V. Sureshbabu and A. Venkatesh

Abstract: Now a days, many individuals are indebted in making trips to different spots in repeated manner. With the expanding population of vehicles and their developments on the streets, mishaps are getting expanded. These effects are generally hitting the features because of the languor and use of cellular telephone while driving, intoxicated driving and sudden sickness of a driver. Cerebral action connected with the consideration supported on the undertaking of safe driving has got extensive consideration as in numerous Neuro-Physiological studies. These examinations have additionally precisely assessed moves in drivers’ levels of arousal, exhaustion and vigilance as confirmed by variety in their undertaking execution by assessing Electro-Encephalo Graphic (EEG) changes. The proposed framework consolidates the utilization of a remote and wearable EEG gadget to record EEG signals from bristly locales of the driver helpfully. Also, the proposed framework handles EEG recordings and makes its interpretation into the vigilance level. The proposed framework is actualized for utilizing JAVA programming dialect as a versatile application for online investigation. Moreover, the wellbeing observing framework is actualized to screen the wellbeing state of the driver utilizing different sensors like temperature sensor, weight sensor and heartbeat rate sensor. When any variations from the norm is found in the driver’s vigilance status, the vehicle naturally stop at the left half of the street with the sign and then the ready message will be sent to the approved individual who contains the flow area of the driver by the GPS through GSM module.

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B. Paulchamy, V. Sureshbabu and A. Venkatesh, 2016. Proficient System for Real Time Cognitive State Classification Using Wireless Sensor Network and EEG System. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 4812-4819.

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