Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2019
Volume: 18
Issue: 2
Page No. 37 - 48

Smartphones Network Connections Power-Aware Multiple Wireless Interfaces

Authors : Ahmed Sameh and Abdulla Al-Masri

Abstract: The premise of this resesrch is that current smartphones power saving strategies can be improved towards saving more power and or gain more user satisfaction only if they start following “preventive” and or “user customized” power saving plans. This resesrch develops a number of preventive power saving strategies which help in saving the battery power without the need of using the power of the same battery for detecting abusers (detective strategies). Although, the focus of this work is on power-aware smartphone network wireless connections, other layers such as application, operating system and hardware layers of smartphones are of important interest to optimize our solutions across all layers. Smartphones can’t work as stand-alone devices. They have to connect to a wireless network to do something useful. Bending network availability smartphones use on-demand strategy to connect to a specific network. This comes with a great deal of power consumption cost in addition to the cost of using the network if any. How to optimize this on-demand networking strategy using “preventive” and or user “customized” power saving plans acros multiple layers and wireless interfaces is the research of this study. A set of “preventive” customized power-aware connecting strategies are offered. Some of them are evaluated experimentally.

How to cite this article:

Ahmed Sameh and Abdulla Al-Masri, 2019. Smartphones Network Connections Power-Aware Multiple Wireless Interfaces. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 18: 37-48.

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