Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2021
Volume: 20
Issue: 1
Page No. 14 - 19

Efficient Laptop Rental System (Mobile Application for Laptop Rental)

Authors : Lahari Bitra, Jashuva Chukka, Katyayani Bellamkonda, Chandra Sekhar Genji and K. Srnivas

Abstract: In today’s competitive world, learning skills through a laptop or system has become a basic need for almost every student and employee. But that requirement comes with a cost. A well configured laptop costs a fortune for a middle class family. Net Centers can provide a solution but the problem comes when a question about flexible time and location and the quality of the infrastructure provided, it fails to satisfy these needs that users want. To all these problems, renting a laptop can stand as a solution but an integrated platform needs to be present to make the task done. The basic idea is to create an android application platform to rent and let people lend the laptops on demand online which is available 24/7. The users on entering the app, can check the features they want and search for the laptops and their availability. The app provides an easy way to any user to upload the information of their devices to rent if they want. The most significant feature for renters is that the user can even get a laptop with customized features and pre installed software such as java, python, etc. The user can request for specific software installation saving a great amount of time to him. If the laptop is available, he goes ahead and gives his details and address and automatically a rent requested is formatted to the lender’s mail. The lender if unable to lend the laptop can chose not to approve of the rent request. On successful approval, with in a promised time, the lender reaches out to the agreed net center and delivers the laptop. A lender can lend more than one device. To ensure the security, partial responsibility is send to the net centers where they make sure to take the biometrics of the renter to ensure the safety of the laptop.

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Lahari Bitra, Jashuva Chukka, Katyayani Bellamkonda, Chandra Sekhar Genji and K. Srnivas, 2021. Efficient Laptop Rental System (Mobile Application for Laptop Rental). Asian Journal of Information Technology, 20: 14-19.

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