International Journal of Tropical Medicine

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 4
Page No. 91 - 96

The Antioxidant Activity of Lycopene and β-Carotene of Tomato Fruit (Licopersicum Pyriform) as Anti-Aging in Rats

Authors : Poncojari Wahyono

Abstract: Photo aging is caused by a lack of collagen and skin elastin fibers due to external factors such as solar UV which may give negative effects on skin, for examples, wrinkled, pigmentation spotted, low elasticity and hard textures. The process of such an early aging may be blocked or prevented by avoiding factors that may accelerate it. However, so far no explanation has suggested that the effect of lycopene or β-carotene may give effects on ROS activity, AP-1 expression, MMP-1 activity and collagen in rats’ skin radiated by UV-B with a dosage of 150 mJ cm–2. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect β-caroten and lycopene on the prevention of collagen damage due to the irradiation of UV-B light. This current research used 24 rats divided into 4 groups consisting of 6 rats each. The control group was not irradiated by UV-B or not given tomato juice (P0). The experimental group was given the following treatments: exposure to UV-B light of 150 mJ cm–2 (P1), exposure to UV-B light of 150 mJ cm–2 +β-caroten (P2) and exposure to UV-B irradiation with the dosage of 150 mJ cm–2+lycopene (P3). Treatments were given to each group for 6 weeks. An experimental design using a cluster random with 4 treatments and 6 repetitions was employed. AP-1 and MMP-activity were measured by immunohistochemistry and the MDA content was measured by means of NWLSS MDA Assay technique. The data were analyzed using a variance analysis and then followed by LSD test. It can be concluded that the application of lycopen and β-carotene may prevent the aging by preventing the increase in MDA levels (as an indicator of ROS activity) and the expression of AP-1, also by a decrease in MMP-1 activity in the irradiated skin by UV-B rays of 150 mJ cm–2. However, it also found that the application β-carotene has shown no significant difference compared to the application of lycopene.

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Poncojari Wahyono , 2020. The Antioxidant Activity of Lycopene and β-Carotene of Tomato Fruit (Licopersicum Pyriform) as Anti-Aging in Rats. International Journal of Tropical Medicine, 15: 91-96.

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